2023 Kitchen Design Trend: 6 Design Ideas to Inspire Your Next Look

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The incoming design trends pervade all aspects of interior design, including kitchens! This means that future kitchens will be filled with excitement as well!

There are many on-trend styles and state-of-the-art appliances to choose from, with interesting new kitchen brands sprouting up and loads of novel design concepts and ingenious twists on existing appliance designs on exhibit in kitchen showrooms around the country. This can make it hard for new homeowners to decide what to incorporate in their kitchens and what not to.

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Here are the 6 kitchen designs and concepts that are expected to be quite popular among homeowners in 2023.

Ecocentric Design

Eco-friendly kitchen

The last several years have been all about integrating nature into the household, and this trend isn’t set to slow down in 2023. Granite countertops, eco-friendly and organic materials, wooden cabinetry and shelving, and metal accents, to mention a few, will continue to find their way into kitchens.

Natural, eco-friendly green design will gain popularity. Because of greater attention to environmental effect of design, the green movement concept is here to stay. To jump on board, use materials that are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

Smart Storage

Smart storage solution kitchen

Kitchen trends in 2023 will make the most of small spaces. Space-saving and inventive solutions are always in demand in densely crowded cities. As a corollary, stowaway kitchens have grown in popularity in small places. This means that a space can serve more than one purpose.

This kitchen is fitted with a modern colorful island that is designed to operate as both a gorgeous countertop, storage, and a useful room divider, effectively bridging the sensation of warmth and openness inside the modern open-plan living area.

Social Kitchen Islands

social kitchen island

These wall high cabinet designs are so elegant and basic that they may be housed in a normal built-in cabinet. So, if you want to renovate, think about one of the new space-saving options.

Kitchen islands are among the interior design components that might help you sell your home, and they are regarded as an excellent investment for any kitchen, so they are always in style. However, by 2023, kitchen islands will have evolved into becoming more of a focal point as they grow more socially orientated.

These kitchen island design will contain extra seating to ensure that the room is entirely inclusive, when cooking, socializing, or simply sitting with the family.

The kitchen island, whatever its size or form, is a centered element, as the name implies. By centralizing culinary or preparation spaces, the kitchen becomes considerably more convivial, allowing the chef to converse with others while preparing supper rather than standing with their back to the wall.

Full of Personality

Grey and red kitchen

Kitchen design and worktop trends for 2023 offer for greater customization than ever before. Surfaces, rather than cabinetry or wall color, may bring individuality to an environment. Despite the fact that there are new options every year, it appears that the design world is moving toward neutral, calming designs with a pop of interest here and there. In 2023, a highly veined countertop may be exactly what your room need.

While white will remain a popular kitchen color in 2023, we could perhaps expect to have more colorful kitchens in the coming year. Relatively warm tones and bold pops of color will be particularly popular among homeowners, as opposed to Scandinavian-style minimalism, monochromatic, or white and gray farmhouse-style kitchens.

Advanced Technology

Smart kitchen

The modern house is smarter than ever, as technology advances to help us in our daily lives. The kitchen is no different. from smart lighting to the most up-to-date culinary devices, kitchen design in 2023 guarantees that technology is effortlessly incorporated.

Simple additions like LED lights to accent display shelves may assist create an eye-catching highlight or have a more functional application like lighting up the dark recesses of a closet when placed with a sensor on the cabinet door.

The wine aficionados in the home may want to invest in temperature-controlled wine fridges to preserve your evening sip at the ideal drinking temperature. How you utilize it is a personal choice, but embracing technology may enhance all kitchens, large and small.

Mixed Mettalics

Mettalic kitchen design

Minimalist yet welcome mixed metallic kitchen cabinets are among the year’s most appealing ideas. Furthermore, not just the surface but the entire kitchen may be fully metalized. However, there is a catch. Brushed, laser-printed, mirrored, and matte finishes will provide variation and complement a number of decor designs.

Metals with comparable tones provide a consistent look, such as gold and copper which complement each other nicely owing to their subtle highlights, or cooler metals like chrome and nickel, which complement lighter hues and modern kitchen designs. Applying too much of the same metal might make it appear one-dimensional, so make sure the finish you pick is appropriate for its location in the kitchen.


With 2023 only a few weeks away, homeowners are already preparing for the trends that will emerge in the New Year. We hope that this list has been off help.

Our expert designers at Oppolia can assist you in finding the appropriate blend of what’s modern and what’s classic for a beautiful and timeless decor. To get started, book a complimentary interior design consultation today!

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