OPPOLIA, a high-end custom brand of OPPEIN HOME GROUP, is committed to providing minimalist custom home furnishing products that are highly functional and modern. With the mission of “fulfilling people’s aspiration for a better home “, it serves successful people and elites and high grade families worldwide. OPPOLIA aims to promote customization solutions for whole house spaces including kitchen, bedroom, entrance, living room, dining room, children’s room, functional room, balcony, bathroom etc., by offering a wide range of home decor products such as custom cabinetry, finished furniture, interior doors, wall boards, soft furnishings, electrical appliances, etc.. 

It strives to provide one-stop solutions and turnkey furnishing solutions of whole house customization for clients.

Designed by top international designers, it creates an amazing living experience and lifestyle. OPPOLIA designs feature minimalism and Italian aesthetics, presenting itself in a cozy and luxurious style and being a real model of luxurious custom cabinetry manufacture. 

OPPOLIA leads the world in furniture quality and offering a safe living environment. With a strict selection of imported materials, minimalist design and responsible management, it produces furnishing products that are in strict accordance with International standards and European quality systems. This not only helps secure its global market, but also makes it the leader in the high-end home customization industry.


OPPEIN has brought changes in living life for the last 28 years in Asia.

year 2014 – 2021
● 2021
The total market value of OPPEIN exceeded USD 15.3 billion in March 2021. Get Reddot award 2021 winner.
-Chengdu factory has completed its first phase of construction and starts to run. -Awarded with “Top 20 Best-Performing Public Company” in China -Has 7,000+ showrooms worldwide
This year, OPPEIN has finished 750,000+ sets of kitchens and 1,050,000+ home furniture.
We exported and recognized by 150 countries and has 6,000+ showrooms worldwide.
● 2017
Go public on Shanghai Stock Exchange on Mar 28th.
● 2015
Global showrooms surpass 4,200.
Launch secondary brand “OPPOLIA”.
Expand product lines and starts Full House Solution.
OPPEIN sets up overseas offices in Kenya, India, Australia, and Malaysia.
year 2009 – 2013
Work with Italian designers and studios.
Set up an office in Milan to promote cooperation.
6,000 square meters showroom is completed.
The 500,000 square meter Tianjin, China plant is constructed.
Change the company name from Guangzhou Optima Enterprise Co., Ltd to OPPEIN Home Group Inc.
● 2009
Become the largest production center in Asia.
year 2003 – 2007
● 2007
Named “China’s Top Brand” by the General Administration.
The first in the industry to be certified by the CCEL.
(China Certification for Environmental Labelling Products).
Setting up the first overseas office in the USA.
Selected by the Ministry of Construction to the drafting team of Residential Kitchen Standards.
year 1994 – 2001
Become the largest cabinetry manufacturer in China.
Complete the construction of the 15,000 square meter Owell Stone plant.
● 1994
Founded in 1994, OPPEIN was China’s pioneer in modern industrial kitchen manufacturing.
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