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Modern Grey Cabinets

Grey is one of the best kitchen cabinet colors that work well in various settings. Practically any type of kitchen can benefit from gray cabinets. They are the ideal choice for either contemporary or traditional kitchens because of their sleek appearance and cozy feel. Gray has the advantage of not giving your room a heavy or overly gloomy feeling.

There are numerous gray shades, and each one has a unique impact on the overall look of the kitchen. Depending on the shade of gray you select, the cabinets can be paired with either white or beige. Here is everything you need to know about gray kitchen cabinets.

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What is a Gray Cabinet?

Gray Kitchen Cabinet

A gray kitchen cabinet has either gray paint or gray stain. Cabinets that are stained have a translucent finish that lets some of the wood grain show through whereas cabinets that are painted are covered in an opaque gray tone. There are numerous shades of light and dark stains, much like paint hues. The ideal gray color for your kitchen cabinets will rely on your personal preferences and the features of your kitchen.

Utilizing dark gray cabinets in a kitchen that is small or has little natural light may make the room appear even darker and smaller. Remember tones that are rich and deep like dark gray absorbs light. On the other hand, light shades reflect light into the room, enhancing the brightness and making the area appear larger. When it comes to tiny spaces, light gray kitchen cabinets are preferable; larger rooms should be grounded by dark gray tones.

Types of Gray Cabinets

Gray Cabinets

There are two types of Gray cabinets, painted and stained. There is a gray paint or stain option for every type of kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at the two.

Painted Gray Cabinets

This kitchen cabinet has an opaque gray tone covering it. Painted cabinets provide a clear, even hue and are simple to clean. The grain will be hidden by the gray paint, making it invisible. The paint layer will offer some protection from dents and scratches, making gray painted cabinets more resistant to harm.

Stained Gray Cabinets

In stained gray cabinets, the wood’s natural grain is colored by the gray stain finish. Natural wood tones frequently complement stained cabinetry. The most typical colors historically are tans and browns, however, grey stains are gaining popularity. Cabinets with stains cover up damage to them more effectively.

Pros and Cons of Gray Cabinets

Like any other cabinets, gray cabinets have their pros and cons which we will look at below.

grey kitchen cabinets


  • Timelessness. The ageless appeal of gray kitchen cabinets is apparent. They can be utilized for countless different designs and styles meaning they never go out of style. Gray cabinets will fit any home because they go with any contemporary decor, regardless of whether conventional kitchens reappear in style.
  • A variety of counters can be perfectly used with gray kitchen cabinetry. They complement marble, solid surface countertops, laminate, and woodblock beautifully. Gray cabinets are a  neutral focus that unifies everything in your kitchen space. Regardless of your kitchen design concept,  they also go well with show-stopping components.
  • They create an opulent atmosphere. Gray cabinets give out a more relaxed sense of richness. Experienced modern kitchen makers produce gray cabinetry that have an upscale hotel or wealthy urban house feel to them. It creates an impression of understated richness and class. It conveys a sophisticated aesthetic without being ostentatious.
  • Creates a calm effect. If you want a calm interior in your kitchen space, gray is an excellent color. With ample natural light, grey cabinets’ relaxing impact is amplified. When you need to balance out any eye-catching color patterns that may be on the wall or floor, gray kitchen cabinets are perfect.


  • Without the appropriate complementing colors, gray kitchen cabinets can give your kitchen a dull appearance. If you choose a darker gray, for example, you can also actually be making your kitchen appear smaller and darker.

How to Style Gray Cabinets

Gray and red cabinets

Gray is a great hue for creating a combination that may give a kitchen a cohesive and unique appearance. Here are some excellent methods for styling gray kitchen cabinets.

  • Combining them with Different Colors. To make your kitchen more fascinating, mix the gray color in the cabinets with other colors. You might want to use two colors, such as gray and warm wood or white. That will provide a small complementary hue and blend the various tones to give your kitchen a more cohesive appearance.
Modern Kitchen in Grey and White
  • Choose lighter wall colors. Painting your walls with brighter hues may be a fantastic idea if you’re employing neutral gray tones. Your kitchen will appear dreary and smaller if you use dark wall paint.
open design dark grey cabinets
  • Pair your backsplash with your gray cabinets. Exploring the intriguing element of black and gray is an ongoing subject. In monochromatic, a gorgeous backsplash could be an easy way to give your kitchen more surfaces and depth.
green and grey cabinets
  • Think of including metallic details. Consider adding some metallic elements to your gray kitchen cabinets for a more dramatic appearance. It might be a stainless steel appliance, a metallic cabinet doorknob, or even a light fixture.
grey and red metallic kitchen design
  • Gray on gray. You can make your kitchen feel coherent and inviting by utilizing dark materials throughout. Using your preferred gray color for the cabinets and a different gray color for other kitchen accessories will enhance the design’s appeal. Try painting the kitchen wall in various gray tones to give your room a unique appearance.


Grey kitchen cabinets are a timeless choice. They provide a calming and elegant feel and are simple to pair with anything. To create a kitchen that is both lovely and functional, bear in mind these gray cabinet ideas. So start remodeling your gray cabinets right away. Please contact us to speak with one of our specialists or to order high-quality kitchen cabinets.

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