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What Is a Wet and Dry Kitchen?

A traditional kitchen plan is no longer attractive.

Nowadays, an increasing number of homeowners choose to divide their kitchen into two distinct zones: the wet kitchen, where all intense cooking takes place, and the dry kitchen, which is normally kept for lighter duties like slicing vegetables and preparing bread.

This layout not only helps to maximize the utility of the space, but it is also great for individuals who prefer to entertain and convene friends at home. And with the proper amount of planning and organization, your next kitchen remodel will be a breeze. Let's discover more about them and what they have to offer.

If you're wondering how to split this elegantly, these examples from Oppolia might help.

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What Is Wet Kitchen and Dry Kitchen?

contemporary kitchen

The wet kitchen is so called because it is where much of the culinary and ‘messy' prep work takes place. Slaughtering and cleaning non-vegetarian foods such as fish and meat, as well as deep-frying or preparing things with strong odors, are often done in the wet kitchen. This is where the faucet and dishwasher, as well as culinary appliances like the gas stove, are located.

The wet kitchen takes more work to clean and maintain than the dry kitchen considering the nature of the activities here. Therefore, in the wet kitchen install easy-to-clean backsplash tiles made of ceramic or porcelain, and choose matte finish laminates for the cabinets.

The "lite" kitchen is the dry kitchen. It has worktops and sinks like any other kitchen, but it serves a more communal role. Most dry kitchens include more bar area for chairs or stools, smaller sinks, and smaller total sizes. The flooring may also be more ornamental, such as wood or carpet, rather than the functional tiles of the wet kitchen.

The dry kitchen on the other hand is solely used for making light breakfast, snacking, chopping fruits, and heating meals, the dry kitchen requires less cleaning than a wet kitchen. As a result, the dry kitchen may be built with high-end materials such as solid surface and quartz for the worktop and acrylic finish for the cabinetry.

Because dry and wet kitchens are parallel kitchens, they should be close to one another so that there is no transit time between these two regions. Both of these kitchens should have convenient access to shared appliances such as the blender, microwave, grill, and toaster that are utilized on a regular basis.

Why Do People Choose to Have a Wet and Dry Kitchen?

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

A growing number of homeowners are dividing their kitchen into two different zones: the wet kitchen and the dry kitchen. This is done primarily to increase the kitchen's functionality. It allows for meal preparation as well as a relaxed gathering of friends and family.

Most people perceive the wet kitchen to be quite unclean, which causes a lot of wetness, greasiness, and an untidy sense to the modular kitchen. This notion has led to the creation of customized modular kitchens in such a way that the wet kitchen is isolated from the dry kitchen if space allows.

Design Tips for a Wet Kitchen

Matte grey wet kitchen

As previously said, the wet kitchen is often used for heavy-duty cooking. When designing a wet kitchen, use surfaces that are simple to clean because this area will be soiled with oil and filth after cooking. This will keep your damp kitchen in great shape. Tiling your walls and ceiling, adding a kitchen hood to reduce strong odors and enhance air circulation, and elevating kitchen cabinets will all assist greatly.

You may also choose an industrial kitchen design since it makes extensive use of stainless steel surfaces, which are considerably simpler to clean than other materials.

The wet kitchen should be divided from the dry kitchen by a wall made of materials such as concrete, plywood, or toughened glass. Furthermore, the wet kitchen should be accessible by a hinged or sliding door made of wood or glass. This conceals the filthy utensils and cooking clutter.

Dry kitchen ideas

Contemporary White Dry Kitchen

Contemporary white dry kitchen

Everything about this white kitchen makes it appear ultra-polished. Adding visual depth with patterns and textures is one approach to achieving the monochromatic style.

The use of white, dramatic wall panels in the dry kitchen makes a significant effect. A white kitchen island with a white quartz stone countertop that continues down the end panels sits in the center. The kitchen has plenty of drawers for storage.

Even though the backsplash appears plain, the concealed LED lighting brightens it and combines well with the other pieces. This dry kitchen is every homeowner's dream come true!

Luxury Dry Kitchen

Luxury Dry Kitchen

Some people believe that a kitchen should be vibrant and colorful (but not too colorful!). and here is a brilliant example of a kitchen that doesn't go crazy with rainbow colors.

The clean color of the kitchen cabinets and countertops links all the colors together smoothly, despite the use of three primary colors — red, white, and green — to create outstanding components.

The dry kitchen is located in the center of the kitchen and is adorned with white high-back seats on one side of the island to provide additional sitting and dining space. Full-height cabinets are used to store serving ware.

Of course, you may choose different colors to make your dry kitchen stand out, such as pastels or navy blue!

Matte Black Dry Kitchen

Matte black dry kitchen

This dry kitchen feels and looks like it belongs in a movie, with its sleek and harmonious blend of black and oak. The bar counter is constructed with varied segments so that you may stand and prep meals on one end while dining on the other.

Even though the backsplash appears dark and brooding, the concealed LED lighting brightens it and combines well with the other pieces. This kitchen uses black tiles for a clean and timeless aesthetic in the dry kitchen.

Wet kitchen ideas

All-White Wet Kitchen

All-White wet Kitchen

The use of black ornaments in an all-white kitchen creates a simple yet modern kitchen interior design.  The use of an all-white color palette in both zones creates a smooth and homogeneous appearance.

As for the wet kitchen, we have a sink and plenty of countertop space for easy meal preps. To maintain uniformity in this little kitchen, the countertop also has white quartz stone. Since it is non-porous and stains resistant you don't have to worry about the white countertop being difficult to maintain or clean; all you need is a clean cloth dampened with water to wipe it clean.

High Gloss White Wet Kitchen

High gloss white wet kitchen

Don't be fooled by the seeming minimalism of this wet kitchen; every aspect has been precisely planned and constructed, even down to the millimeter. Not only to beautify the area but also to make it more practical.

For example, the seamless integration of the oven into the kitchen cupboards, as well as the one-of-a-kind double cooker that is as functional as it is fashionable: that's one way to make a small kitchen stand out!

Aside from the intricate decorating, this kitchen has a one-wall plan that is ideal for flats, hotel kitchens, and office kitchens. If extra room is available, the kitchen may be converted to a U shape.

Wood Tune Modular Wet Kitchen

Wood tune modular kitchen

This modular kitchen design features a one-of-a-kind wood grain kitchen countertop. It has a modular design that is both useful and visually appealing. This is a fantastic complement for both traditional and modern styling since it combines wood grain with a metal structure.

This feasible alternative puts everything in the wet kitchen within arm's reach, with kitchen cabinets done in an artistic black and white. This open area wet kitchen's usability is enhanced with an in-built oven and microwave, as well as additional cabinets.


Ultimately, whether you choose to have a dry and wet kitchen or have them separated will entirely depend on your lifestyle demands. If you eat out frequently, a wet kitchen is definitely unnecessary.

For more wet and dry kitchen inspo and advice, contact us, at Oppolia.

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Walk in Closet Design

Beautiful Walk in Closet Designs

Many homeowners nowadays consider a well-equipped walk-in closet to be indispensable. These storage compartments have evolved into distinct spaces with functions other than clothing storage. Both men and women want their bespoke closets to be as stunning as the rest of their houses. The walk-in closet or closets in the master bedroom create a unique aesthetic statement, typically displaying one's apparel in the arrangement of a tiny yet fashionable store.

This collection of bespoke walk-in closet ideas demonstrates how opulent these hidden places may be made to look and feel.  Beautiful finishes, stunning accent pieces, both spectacular and functional lighting setups, and detailed closet organization ideas are shown in our handpicked portfolio of designs. Find suggestions to maximize the possibilities of little tucked-away bedroom closets with aesthetics, color schemes, and budgets in mind.

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What Is Walk-in Closet?

wood walk-in closet

A walk-in closet, dressing room, or walk-in wardrobe, is a big closet, wardrobe, or room that is mainly used for storing clothing, footwear, and other personal items and serving as a changing room. Walk-in closets, as the name implies, are closets large enough to walk into and peruse through the contents. It is frequently a tiny chamber with a wall-mounted cabinet, shelves, and drawers, which might have or not have doors.

Modern walk-in closets are frequently more than just "closets," with some being turned into a personal hideaway for meditation or space to rest and unwind apart from other close relatives. Washers and dryers with laundry stations, mini-refrigerators with wine bar, countertops with espresso machines, charging stations and small workstations, and lounge places are some of the unusual elements that people tend to include.

Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Wardrobe

This type of wardrobe has a lot of advantages, including:

  • Excellent for Organization: Walk-in closets eliminate the need to play Jenga with your clothing; no more fretting that the entire closet will fall out when you yank on a jacket. A walk-in store also spreads out its merchandise, making it easier to peruse.
  • Great for Privacy: Some homeowners may choose to keep jewels in walk-in closets, which are far safer than wardrobes. A walk-in is massive enough for safe boxes if necessary; at the very least, valuables are easier to conceal in a big room than in a wardrobe.
  • Maximize Available Space: If you have a room with an unusual design, the little recesses can be used as a walk-in closet. You may "square off" the niches with a walk-in, or even make triangle walk-ins. Both are more practical than just covering up the gaps with extra décor.

Some of the cons of a walk-in closet include:

  • Prone to Misplacement: A poorly organized walk-in closet might be worse than an overflowing closet. A walk-in has many nooks and crannies, making it simpler for things to get lost.
  • Pay More For Lighting & Carpentry: Lighting seems to be a popular issue in most walk-in closets since they are dark. Be prepared to pay a little more for proper lighting. Task and accent lighting are required, which means more wiring and a higher power bill. Additionally, walk-ins need a considerable volume of carpentry. Because the furnishings of a walk-in are unique to its shape, plenty of the shelves, cupboards, and so on.

Walk in Closet Designs

Master Bedroom Closet

White PVC U-shaped Walk in Closet

If your bedroom is quite large, try constructing a partial partition to provide room for a changing room or walk-in closet.

This bedroom is connected to the U-shaped walk-in closet. It is a self-contained area with plenty of storage and changing space. This walk-in closet's primary color is refreshing white, with serene gray tones to create a balanced look and make the closet more simple and intriguing.

Made-to-measure storage gives room for the construction of compartments to meet any storage requirement. This closet has a fitted wardrobe with a predetermined quantity of hanging space and drawers. Stack your stuff all the way to the rafters. If you have high ceilings, make the most of your extra height. The upper parts can be utilized to store out-of-season clothing, special event attire, or just bedding.

Small Walk-in Closet

Small L Shaped Walk-in Closet

A walk-in closet with a single row of open wardrobes may be made on a reasonably compact floor footprint if you are planning tiny bedroom ideas. The closet, built into the walls, makes maximum use of the restricted space in an L-form.

Add dressers and shoe racks to your area for a quick but effective solution. Remember to look up – additional baggage and bags may be readily put on high shelves to save space. Install a modular closet system to construct a bespoke configuration of rails and shelves to meet your individual requirements.

The melamine finish wardrobe closet is a cost-effective alternative for those on a tight budget. It is also scratch-resistant, moisture-proof, and long-lasting.

White Walk-in Closet

White Walk-in Closet

This closet design is basic but attractive, with a clean white lacquer finish. Because white is high-contrast and brilliant, it creates a bright and spacious sensation; it also provides a wonderful view from the bedroom and allows light to flow through the rooms.

This walk-in closet is L-shaped and features an island. There is plenty of space to store your coats, hats, gowns, bags, shoes, and accessories. The central island serves as a storage area for minor goods such as accessories and undergarments. On one side of the island, there are leather chairs for individuals to relax; you can sit here and wear shoes.

The appropriate lighting is crucial. The modest white and gold chandelier not only looks elegant, but it will also provide you with a well-lit closet, which is essential for getting ready in the morning.

Modern Walk in Robe

Modern Walk in Robe

The neutral tone of this closet conveys refinement. If neutrals are more your comfort and leisure zone, then stick to homogeneous soft grey units. This large transitional closet in Italy features grey cabinets with lots of storage space.

The secret cloakroom is the focal point of this wardrobe's design. Creating a little magical chamber with sliding doors. The construction is quite unique, yet it is also highly useful. This walk-in closet will give your home a sleek, high-end look.

L Shaped Closet

Melamine Walk In Closet

This modular wooden walk-in closet is a must-have bespoke item for the entire home. This walk-in closet has a minimalist wood-tone color with a blend of white.

The drawers are slim and sleek to accommodate plenty of jewelry and small clothing such as undies. The wide space is ideal for hanging dresses, jackets, and shirts. This wardrobe style also has drawers and movable doors. They are ideal for managing folded garments and minor items stored in drawers.

The low stool in the middle is also fitted with a drawer for additional space while also providing support and a seating area while wearing shoes.

The wardrobe carcass is made of particleboard, and the doors have a natural finish wood grain finish with dovetail edges.

Pink Closet

Pink walk-in closet

Do you want a walk-in closet that is as adventurous as your fashion sense? Paint a mild blast of color behind the rails and island and be creative with personal touches, such as the one-of-a-kind hidden flash of LED lighting on crevices. This wardrobe is both stylish and attractive. It looks lovely and charming with white as the main hue and romantic rose pink accents.

The walk-in closet is bright, basic, and well-organized. The one-door-to-top wardrobe closet is made up of visible and hidden pieces, making it not only easy to access but also elegantly store. The built-in lighting and glass doors make the wardrobe appear warm and inviting. Glass doors may also efficiently deflect dust and keep the entire room clean and bright.

The closet also features a multi-purpose dressing table. Painted in rose pink just like the rest of the room to maintain elegance but its functionality cannot go unmentioned. The table can be used for folding clothes, ironing as well as placing make-up products during prepping.


Walk-in closets are unquestionably worthwhile investments. The popularity of this architectural feature has grown substantially over the years, and walk-in closets are a major bedroom trend. If you're ready to take the plunge, contact our experts at Oppolia for a custom quote based on your specifications.

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modern cabinets

How to Become a Cabinet Dealer

Every homeowner or cabinet consumer wants to avoid superfluous intermediaries and Cabinet search hustle. The reality is that for most consumers and interior designers, selecting the proper cabinetry and seamlessly integrating it into your kitchen renovation project is already a daunting process. This is because it is frequently difficult to locate a dealer who not only supplies excellent wood species and cabinet lines but also understands and meets the needs of consumers. As a result, the most suitable option to do is to become a cabinet dealer yourself.

The simplest approach to overcome these obstacles is to form direct cooperation with a reputable cabinet supplier. You are not only saving money on cabinets and receiving the quality or bespoke specifications you want, but you are also establishing your own cabinet dealer enterprise.

Nonetheless, most clients, designers, and constructors who are interested in cabinets dealership are sometimes perplexed as to how to go. If you want to become a dealer, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

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Steps on How to Become a Cabinet Dealer

dark cabinet

Becoming a successful cabinet dealer is not a walk in the park. It requires calculated steps just like any other business to succeed. To get you on the right path we have discussed the necessary steps to follow in detail down below.

  1. Developing a business plan
  2. Locating manufacturers
  3. establishing a showroom
  4. Marketing your company
  5. Joining organizations
  6. and much more

Develop a Business Plan

Every new firm, including the kitchen and bath cabinet selling industry, needs a reliable business strategy. You need a clear plan to fall back on during the early stages of operation so you don't lose sight of your eventual aim. Below are some key points to note:

Identifying the Target Market

The first thing you should do in your business strategy is define your target market. You can't establish a firm if you don't know who you're going to sell to. Will you be targeting interior designers? Will you be selling to contractors? Will you be making sales to the public at large? Maybe all of the above?

Defining your ideal customer is critical to your business plan, and even if you think you know who your perfect client is, conduct some research regardless. Examine their purchasing patterns, income level, gender, age, and so on. This will benefit you in the long term, particularly when it comes to marketing your firm, as we shall cover later.

Setting Attainable Objectives

Every company wishes to be successful and profitable. This is a common aim shared by all business owners. However, when making objectives, you must also be realistic. You must accept that success will not come easily. Starting and growing a business requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and patience.

You may begin by defining achievable weekly, monthly, and annual objectives for yourself. Make your objectives explicit and quantifiable so you know whether or not you've met them. You must also ensure that you have the necessary time and resources to reach your objectives; otherwise, you are wasting resources.

Managing Funds

Without a financial component, no company strategy is complete. Even before you spend money in your firm, you must first ensure that you have the resources to meet the expenses. In any case, if you want to apply for a loan, the bank will want to examine your financial plan to ensure that you will be able to repay them ultimately.

Estimates and predictions are included in a financial plan. You must develop realistic sales and profits predictions, as well as a cash-flow statement, spending budget,  and income projections. Don't overestimate your estimates: your creditor will most likely see right through them and will be less inclined to grant your loan.

Marketing Strategy

Your company plan should also include a marketing component. You should begin with a respectable website that advertises your products and services and work your way up from there.

Marketing is inextricably linked to the research you'll have done on your target market. All of your marketing efforts will be aimed towards your ideal clientele, and the better your promotional strategies are, the more clients you will receive.

Find the Best Cabinet Supplier

white shaker cabinets

When you eventually decide to become a cabinet dealer, the most critical step is to work with a reputable provider of cabinets and cabinetry solutions. This could include cabinet makers or top dealers who sell to both wholesalers and retailers.

Any organization with whom you ultimately select to collaborate should be able to satisfy the following requirements:

Request for Referrals

If you truly want to connect with the proper cabinetry dealer, the first step is to contact your friends or relatives for references. Better still, seek the advice of industry pros such as contemporary house builders, interior designers, or other local merchants who sell in your area.

These individuals are in a better position to direct you to a distributor or supplier who is interested in creating partnerships with a feasible dealer as well as making sales.

Examine Their Credentials

When you have a few recommendations, the following step is to run a quick background check on each of them to determine their qualifications.

The expertise of the cabinets dealer will help you realize how dependable they are in providing great service and how far they will go to assist you in meeting your company objectives.

Before contacting any cabinet company for cooperation, make sure the firm has all of the appropriate permits from local, state, and regional jurisdictions. Look for any awards or nominations from approved professional groups.

It is also critical to choose a dealer that has invested significantly in training both consumers, clients, and future dealers, as well as passing specific examinations to validate whatever certification they have.

This will ensure that you are not only dealing with a sales business with a large showroom, but with an industry professional who can offer you the greatest resources and tools to become a renowned dealer yourself.

Find Out if They Sell at a Reasonable Price.

Becoming a cabinet dealer entails more than just joining up on a website. You must understand the sales and business elements. In such cases, the first thing to evaluate is the price at which they sell to their customers. As a retail cabinetry dealer, you are better suited to collaborating with a competitively priced wholesale provider.

Make Contact With the Provider.

After you've completed all of the essential inspections and obtained vital sales and service information, the following step is to contact the dealer with whom you plan to collaborate.

You may contact them by phone, email, or by visiting the company's website and filling out the dealership form. However, one of the simplest, if not the most basic, ways to contact your desired cabinet supplier or dealer is to visit one of their sites, where you will not only meet them in person but will also learn about the many types and quality of cabinets they provide. Of course, this is only feasible since most reputable cabinet suppliers have a display where their items are shown. As a result, visiting their sales site gives you direct knowledge of the quality of their service and products.

Establishing a Showroom

grey kitchen cabinets

Opening a showroom for your cabinet dealership is a huge step, but it could be worthwhile in order to stay competitive in today's market. However, you are not need to operate a regular business in order to reap those benefits. In reality, a showroom may be more successful for brand marketing and providing excellent customer service.

A showroom, as opposed to a shop, allows you to sell the concept of the product rather than the object itself.

Physical Showroom

Being able to show your clients all of the goods you offer is beneficial since it allows them to come to your showroom, look over all of their options, and inspect the quality of the cabinets real close.

Nonetheless, opening a showroom is a difficult task. You must rent or acquire a place, style it to appeal to your potential clients, and ensure that it is user friendly.

Here are some showroom design ideas to consider:

  • Staff with expertise
  • Good lighting and comfy chairs
  • Kitchen and bath displays based on need
  • Design software for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Interactive visual boards
  • VR goggles for 360-degree renderings
  • Diverse pricing points
  • Complimentary refreshments (optional)

Virtual Showrooms


Digital showrooms, also known as virtual showrooms, are a revolutionary solution that allows companies and retail buyers to interact and sell items via a digital platform.

It eliminates the requirement for a real venue and tangible samples to present new collections by replacing physical showrooms and trade events. With the press of a button, you can share your designs with retail buyers, set up virtual fitting rooms, and book virtual appointments. You can share 3D product videos and photos, as well as accept purchase requisition, all within the same platform, depending on the software.

If you want to establish a virtual showroom, you'll need smart kitchen and bathroom design software that includes catalogs from your suppliers. As a result, you may construct virtual rooms and generate stunning drawings and 360-degree panoramic views of your concepts.

Market Your Company

You must promote your brand if you want to grab people's attention and reach out to your customers.  Marketing includes branding, promotions, goods, pricing, media, blogging, advertising, research analytics, and social media.

Here are some basic ways to assist you to advertise your small business:

Create a website: In today's technologically advanced environment, the first thing a prospective consumer or employee does is Google your company. You need a website to establish your authenticity and to give information about your firm to potential customers. Ensure that the site is a smartphone and that (SEO) search engine optimization is requested.

Social media Let's face it: everybody is on social media today, and Facebook still receives the vast bulk of traffic. Create a Business page if you do not already have one. If you do not, you are passing up a chance. There has been a shift in the last few years, with an increasing number of retirees embracing the social media realm. I think they recognize that if they want to stay up with their children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbors, they need to get with the program.

SEO and blogging: No website is complete unless it is search engine optimized. (SEO)  Search engine optimization is employing the right keywords throughout your website, URLs, titles, and so on, so that your website appears at the top of search engines like Google and Bing. A blog is a terrific approach to improve your website since you can utilize a ton of specialized keywords that will generate a lot of traffic to your website. And with a lot of traffic comes clients.

Industry Organizations

transitional kitchen cabinets

Joining a respectable association may help you build credibility as a cabinet dealer firm, interact with colleagues, and keep on top of industry developments and advances. You'll also receive access to educational seminars for professional development, special resources for members, and you'll be included in a directory so more consumers can find you.

The Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association (CKCA), Cabinet Makers Association (CMA), and Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association (KCMA): are a few examples.


We hope that this post has been insightful for current and potential cabinet dealers.

Oppolia is the leading provider of all wood cabinets with unique features and significant discounts. Our retail and dealer partners are vital to bringing the Oppolia experience to customers all around the world.

If you want to become an Oppolia dealer, please click here and fill in the necessary information; one of our staff will gladly contact you within two business days.

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dirty kitchen design

Why Dirty Kitchens Are In Need

How great could it be if we could cook freely and quickly in the kitchen and still don't have to worry about losing a clean space? If you have a dirty kitchen as well as a clean kitchen, it will come true.

These dirty kitchens are extra rooms either next to the large kitchen front or not in the same place. So you can do all the main cooking instructions in the dirty kitchen, like vegetables and meat cutting, baking, cooking, etc.

Having a dirty kitchen will certainly keep your home looking tidy and ordered and leave your visited friends awe-struck.

Next, we will talk about more reasons you require to build a dirty kitchen in your home.

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What Is a Dirty Kitchen?

A tiny kitchen area constructed outdoors or linked to a large main kitchen area where all the food preparation is liked to be done considered a 'Dirty Kitchen area'. People in Middle Eastern countries and South Asia like to have it at home.

a modern dirty kitchen

Dirty Kitchens, also called wet kitchens, are used to maintain the food preparation mess, charcoal dirt, smoke, oil, and scent grime out of the main living area. Without a dirty kitchen, your house may be smoky when cooking, which will not be a pleasant experience for the visitors.

In modern kitchen designs, a dirty kitchen is one of the most important parts. More and more people will keep the dirty and clean kitchens separated to have a tidy home.

Advantages of Having Dirty Kitchens

There are many advantages that dirty kitchens can bring home. Let's have a look.

Easy Cooking Area Maintaining

The smaller the cooking area is, the less area to clean. So the dirty kitchen is usually fitted in a smaller size. It takes less effort to maintain.

Cleansing up the kitchen after preparing meals can be a difficult challenge. With a modern design dirty kitchen, it is much easier.

Keep the Main Kitchen Clean and Long Service Life

Nowadays, there will be a clean kitchen in a modern home, which is usually more significant with a luxurious look. If it is used for daily cooking, it may be harmed by the cutting and stove fire. And frequent use and injury may fade the door colours more quickly.

For this specific factor, dirty kitchens have shown to be very deliberate. Utilizing your dirty kitchen to keep the main kitchen clean and always ready to present to visitors and parties.

Permits Stress-Free Food Preparation

When we are cooking, we all will try to make less mess. We can think about later cleaning work, specifically when a visitor is coming, which can be real trouble.

If you choose to do all the food preparation work in a dirty kitchen, the cleaning work is no longer a worry before the guests arrive. Because all guests will be gathered in the clean kitchen and will not pay attention to the small dirty kitchen, you can clean the dirty kitchen after the guests leave.

Offers a Fashionable Look to Your House

You can easily customize the dirty and clean kitchen according to the dimensions and functions you need. And the designer will offer you lots of modern designs to choose from. It will surely bring your house a refreshed and stylish look.

3 Dirty Kitchen Ideas You May Like

Minimalist White Kitchen

Minimalist White Kitchen

Minimalist kitchens are less likely to be outdated in many years. This white simple kitchen design will offer the cleanliness, organization and functionality that a dirty kitchen needs. The glossy white door is suited for dirty kitchens because the door's surface is easy to clean. You will effortlessly own a clutter-free and sleek kitchen.

Wood One Wall Kitchen

Wood One Wall Kitchen

Do you love one all kitchen? It will be perfect for apartments which have limited space for kitchen cabinets. This single-wall kitchen is a colour combination design. This dirty kitchen is simple and cosy, with wall cabinets in white and base cabinets in wood. It has a beautiful sleek black countertop and opens metal shelves against a black backsplash, creating a modern and understated style.

L-shaped Small Kitchen

L-shaped Small Kitchen

L-shaped kitchen designs are among one the most functional and also useful choices you can choose. It is completely developed with usefulness and also adaptability. And it enables space-saving storage space options and uses every edge of the cooking area. This simple white and light wood tone kitchen is in L shaped layout with functional kitchen appliances and accessories. It will help to improve cooking efficiency and save your time.


Overall, having a dirty and clean kitchen is a rising trend in many countries. It can effectively separate the kitchen dirt and clutter from the daily use and entertaining places. If you also need a customized kitchen, check OPPOLIA Kitchens for more designs.

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full house cabinets

Why You need Full House Custom Cabinets?

Furnishing a house can be tiring and bothering sometimes because so many furniture to choose and buy. Every furniture will make difference to the looking and feeling of the rooms. So how to choose well matched furniture in consistent style is also a big problem. But now, with full house customization - all built in cabinets one stop solution, you can at least relieved in most of the house furniture choosing, including kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities and other custom built-ins.

cabinets catalogue download

What is full house built in cabinets?

built ins one stop solution

As the name says, full house built in cabinets are a wide range of custom-made cabinets used in any room in the house like living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, etc. Usually you can get all these cabinets designed, made, and installed from one cabinets maker. And there are many benefits of having full house custom cabinets, you will never want to miss it!

Advantages of having full house built in cabinets

In recent years, more and more people choose to have whole house furniture customization. It cannot be denied that the customization of whole-house furniture really has many advantages, otherwise how can it capture the hearts of so many consumers? If you are still hesitating whether to have full house custom cabinets, please read the following content.

Fully meet needs and level up house style and personality

White and Wood Duplex Apartment Furniture

Everyone has long been numb to the outdated and same style furniture. The unique advantage of cabinet customization is can fully meet daily needs of the home owners. In the process of cabinets design, customers are in the first position. Designers will communicate in-depth with customers to know their family needs and styles they like, so as to create products that fully conforms to home owner’s personal style and life style.

Consistent interior style

Modern Luxury House

There are also many styles to choose when have a full house customization, like modern, contemporary, minimalist, rustic, traditional styles, etc. And the designer will pay attention to the consistency of the overall design of the house when designing. So it will results in a coordinated and unified interior style. With the service of one-stop solution, you will not need to rush to various different home furnishing markets to buy furniture. What’s more, you don't need to think too much about how to match and choose. It saves your time and get you away from trouble and worry.

Reduce unnecessary expenses

Traditional PVC Shaker Cabinets Home Furniture

It is an effective way to control the cost of full house furnishing to buy custom built-ins from one supplier. If you had ever furnished a house by yourself, you would know that there will be some unexpected expenses during the furnishing, which will cause the final cost to exceed the budget. Full house customization can effectively avoid that problem. The designer will provide a complete design plan and a detailed quotation list after we confirm the furniture style. Usually there are two main ways to calculate the price of custom cabinets. One is to calculate the projected area, that is, the length multiplied by the height of the customized cabinets and then multiplied by the price. The other way is to calculate the expanded area of ​​the cabinet, the total price comes from each panel’s cost added. It is recommended that you check every detail of the quotation with the designer when receiving a quote, and confirm whether each piece of cabinets needs to be designed and installed, so as to avoid the situation of exceeding the home furnishing budget.

High space utilization

Kitchen Cabinets and Dining Room

We all paid much to have a house, and we hope that every inch the house can be used efficiently. Not like ready-made furniture, which is made in advance, the size often cannot be well matched with the space of the house, the custom cabinets are designed according to the actual size of install space in advance. And the designers will strive to make full use of every inch of space, effectively improving the storage capacity of the home space.


In general, full house customization can not only create a home furnishing style that meets your personality, but also reduce unnecessary expenses and make full use of space. If you plan to furnish your home, consider get a full house design and customization service from OPPOLIA now.

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Amazing Kitchens with Waterfall Edge Countertop

Amazing Kitchens with Waterfall Edge Countertop

There are several ways to change your favorite cooking area into a properly planned room suitable for much more than regular dinners. The waterfall countertop is a design feature that is both trendy and opulent. The popularity of waterfall edge quartz countertops has grown in recent years. As more people learn about the benefits of quartz, they're starting to recognize the use of this specific edge design.

If you want to modernize the design of your kitchen, try waterfall countertops, which may totally transform the aesthetic of your kitchen space. It's all about the appearance, a means to showcase a spectacular material—usually natural stone—and, as you might think, it's expensive! So keep reading to learn more about all of your alternatives and decide if this splurge is worth it for your project.

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What Are Waterfall Edge Countertops?

All-White waterfall kitchen with quartz countertop

A waterfall edge is a design concept that produces a 90-degree bend at the end of a countertop. A waterfall edge flows down straight all the way to the floor, rather than halting at the edge of an island or cabinet. It has a major impact on the space and provides a constant flow of countertop material.

The term comes from the look of the countertop "pouring" over the side like water over a precipice. A waterfall edge may be made from any slab material technically, but quartz is the most preferred option for generating this distinctive statement.

It differs from the expected horizontal countertop. The waterfall panel brings the cabinets, countertop, and flooring together.

Waterfall edges, also referred to as waterfall end panels or risers, combine modern and traditional styles to create a streamlined look.

The waterfall end panels are useful for disguising appliances at countertop edges.

The most frequent materials used to build a waterfall edge are granite, marble, and quartzite.

Is Waterfall Edge Countertop a Trendy Design?

White parallel waterfall kitchen with open shelving

The popularity of waterfall edge quartz countertops has grown in recent years. The waterfall edge on countertops is a timeless style that will never go out of style. This appearance complements any style, whether classic or contemporary. These kinds of edges become a centerpiece in the space and become works of art. These are not only eye-catching but also quite functional.

Waterfall countertops are deemed a more contemporary design. I believe it is more likely to remain fashionable if it is based on a nice, clean design. It's almost a theatrical manner of showing a lovely tabletop. So, be careful in your countertop material selection.

Pros and Cons of Waterfall Bench Tops

black kitchen with waterfall bench top

Below are some of the pros of waterfall benchtops:

  • Aesthetic: Aesthetically, waterfall borders are a beautiful complement to any kitchen. They look great on an island countertop and give a sense of class and sophistication.

The design may increase the value of your property while also changing the overall appearance.

These waterfall edge countertops add a lot to the table in terms of aesthetics. It helps to break the monotony of a kitchen worktop, which some people find unappealing.

  • Easy to Clean: Because waterfall edge countertops are made from a variety of materials, cleaning is simple.

It is recommended, however, that you wipe waterfall edge countertops using a slightly moist cloth or soft-bristled.

In this manner, the cracks and grooves created by the countertop material's structure will be less prone to filth and grime development.

  • Variety of materials: Waterfall edge countertops are available in a range of materials, including quartz, granite, and composite materials.
  • Functionality: Corners of most kitchens are prone to be punctured by children, dogs, and adults in your home.

Because waterfall edges are made of strong material that covers the corners, you'll avoid unattractive scratches and scuffs.

  • Contemporary and modern style: They are a one-of-a-kind way to depart from the normal hard-edge design by delivering something that fits a current and contemporary style.

Below are some of the Cons of waterfall benchtops;

  • Costs more than normal countertops: Waterfall worktops are more pricey. Since they have a greater standard of luxury allure, the fabricator will demand more resources and will charge for more labor. They usually have high costs due to the extra items necessary.
  • Construction: Additional pieces have to be constructed alongside waterfall countertops. Since culinary items can’t be stored on the countertop additional pieces like cabinets and shelves will have to be included for storage purposes after use.

Kitchen Designs With Waterfall Countertop

Waterfall Quartz Countertop

Grey kitchen cabinets with waterfall quartz countertop

There's a reason professional kitchens have quartz countertops. The material is very unbreakable and depending on where you reside, it may be significantly less expensive if you buy in bulk. A quartz waterfall countertop paired with matching equipment emphasizes the kitchen's clean modern appearance in this elegant cooking environment.

Waterfall edges don't have to be limited to kitchen counters; take a hint from this modern kitchen and include a separate eating area in the space. The designers created a dining space with a curved round black table placed on the countertop to complement the kitchen decor and functionality. The solid, block-like table construction, along with the curved black seats, adds character to the modern area.

Quartz Waterfall Kitchen Island

Modern quartz waterfall kitchen island

The quartz waterfall island stands out for its design in an all-white kitchen with light grey floors, yet it doesn't overrun the space. The basic wood and metal bar stools seamlessly connect the kitchen and eating area.

Glossy surfaces, pendant lighting, flat-front handleless cabinets, and quartz waterfall edge counters on the main base storage and kitchen island are the ingredients for a stunning modern kitchen. Add a few aesthetically appealing elements to the mix, such as wood-tone bar stools on the kitchen island that contrast with the white quartz providing a sense of warmth to the area.

Waterfall Granite Countertop

Dark-tone Waterfall granite island

If you enjoy the aesthetic of black modular kitchen designs, take inspiration from this one, where the cabinetry and worktops are all perfectly matched. The waterfall edge kitchen island is made of granite, which adds to the dark elegance of the room, and contributes to the smooth flow from one surface to the next. Each of the cabinetry matte finish surfaces has a bit of visual texture. The stylish wood-tone open shelving on the island provides a touch of warmth as well as tons of usefulness to the room.

Double Waterfall Island

Floating double waterfall island

The waterfall edge countertop in this kitchen appears to wrap almost completely around this block. On two falling surfaces, the countertop material is expanded. The island is extended and serves several functions, including extra storage and also serves a seating area. The aesthetic is completed with grey cabinetry and recessed lighting.

Half Waterfall Island

Modern luxurious kitchen

The waterfall edge countertop in this kitchen extends downwards but only partially covers the sides and is complemented by the wood-tone cabinets and open shelving. The waterfall edge countertop on the island perfectly matches the warmth of the wood chosen for both the island and the cabinets. The veins on the countertop and the grain of the wood stand out without overwhelming the décor and add just enough visual texture to the area. The matching of the veins of the countertop from the vertical to the horizontal surface is a vital design feature with this waterfall edge.

Waterfall Island With Seating

Modern waterfall kitchen island with a seating area

You can make the most of your modern kitchen by improving the functionality of your kitchen island by adding a tiny breakfast nook. Finish the counter with a waterfall edge to give this area a sleek, modern look, as seen in the image. Make sure there is adequate space in the area for easy movement. The white waterfall edge counter pops out for its aesthetic in an modern kitchen with black cabinets, yet it doesn't overrun the space. The industrial and metal bar stools seamlessly connect the kitchen and eating area.


A waterfall edge is gorgeous, sturdy, and low-maintenance, and it will improve your kitchen in several ways.  It is possible to build a waterfall edge using any hue and material that appeals to you. Invest in a kitchen with waterfall edge countertop from Oppolia today to get these perks for your kitchen.

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Eat-in Kitchen Ideas

Eat-in Kitchen Ideas

Dine-in kitchens are not a new phenomenon; for millennia, people have flocked to the kitchen due to the fireplace and the social requirement to eat at a table. The widespread open plan kitchen with a huge kitchen island with seats for every one that exists today is merely the most recent incarnation of the eat-in kitchen.

Kitchen islands with breakfast bars are becoming essential components for dining, mingling, and hanging out in modern kitchen designs. Unlike these multi-focal kitchen diners, which may include a breakfast bar, an island, and even a living room, eat-in kitchens center on the dining table. This most basic of kitchen layout ideas harkens back to the image of the entire family eating around a table, which was most likely also utilized for most of the preparatory work.

Here are some creative eat-in kitchens for every style and budget. Given that the ever-popular kitchen plan isn't going away anytime soon, we've gathered a few of our favorite eat-in kitchen concepts. Continue reading for inspired creative dining room ideas.

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What Is an Eat-in Kitchen?

white kitchen with an Eat-in Island

An eat-in kitchen is a room in an apartment or house that includes an eating area in conjunction with a kitchenette. An eat-in kitchen is ideal for on-the-go dinners, quick snacks,  or relaxed family meals. There are several options to incorporate an eating area into your kitchen, including breakfast nooks, banquettes,  and islands.

While less formal than a dedicated dining room, an eat-in kitchen compensates for it by enabling gatherings around the table with family and friends, which may help explain why the classic kitchen plan is presently having a moment.

They allow families to spend quality time together while cooking meals and completing homework, and they urge us to sit and eat rather than take out. They also provide a place for visitors to congregate when we host, as everyone typically ends up in the kitchen.

Reasons for Owning an Eat-in Kitchen

Small kitchen with Eat-in peninsula
  1. Ideal for visitors. Every excellent party, you guessed it right, ends in the kitchen. It would be ideal if visitors could also sit there. Are you anticipating guests for whom you wish to cook? The children are playing in the lounge room, and you want to talk to a friend quietly. The eat-in kitchen is designed for personal interactions with your guests.
  1. Another Retreat Location: As an alternative lounge in the flat, a combined kitchen is excellent. Even if you are not cooking, you may lock the door behind you and calmly pursue an activity that requires a table, such as reading. Do you want to read, work, do some crafts, or make a phone call without disturbing anyone? Even a tiny eat-in kitchen entices you to stay a while.
  1. Improves functionality of the kitchen: Designed to Meet Your Specific Requirements. An eat-in kitchen, whether bright or dark, basic or whimsical, provides unlimited opportunity for ideas, irrespective of the size or the design of your kitchen furnishings. Small spaces, in particular, are quite adaptable and visibly expand with the correct interior design.
  1. Creates the illusion of a bigger space:  Nothing prevents the installation of a cooking island in any kitchen bigger than 20 square meters - on average, the more room surrounding the island, the better it appears.  A huge integrated kitchen with a cooking island offers the illusion of an open-plan living-dining room, making it appear especially spacious and elegant.
  1. Available in any size. Whether you want to remodel an existing kitchen into an eat-in kitchen or buy an altogether new kitchen, modern design is possible in every area. Consider an extended countertop to be a counter to sit at. Alternatively, skip half of the countertop and cook your dinner at the dining table, which offers greater room. If you would like to get the most out of your kitchen, you must hire a skilled kitchen consultant. Keeping track of everything is also easier with a kitchen wish list.

Eat-in Kitchen Ideas

Large Kitchen Island With Seatings

Scandi Style

White Scandinavian kitchen with Eat-in Island

Even without seeing the Scandinavian kitchen design, you may envision it to be minimalistic and with clean lines. As for this Scandi kitchen, it has light wood tones and light white and a handleless cabinet design, providing a clean, minimalist, and pleasant appeal.

Our main focus is on the Eat-in space, this kitchen keeps everything simple and elegant. The incorporation of the black bar stools on the kitchen island improves the functionality of the kitchen, enabling one to sit and chat with friends while preparing meals.

Why does a Scandinavian kitchen have to be this way? Because winter in Scandinavia is dreary, a light color kitchen will maximize reflected light to make the area brighter. This elegant and functional design would be ideal if you like contemporary white kitchen cabinetry that is flat-faced and streamlined.

Modern Style

Modern kitchen with Eat-in area

This modern big kitchen has a galley kitchen and high cupboards with plenty of storage space for users. Over one side of the island, there is a long bar. You may have a good lunch, tea, or read there. This is an example of a well-designed modern gray kitchen with functional features.

Modern gray kitchens have become popular in recent years. Gray kitchens seem to be soothing, refined, and sumptuous. This gray kitchen design features medium gray matte lacquer finish cabinet doors coupled with white countertops, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant kitchen.

Small Kitchen Island With Seatings

peninsula kitchen with an Eat-in Space

This design features a small kitchen island with seatings. The peninsula is made of a wood-tone and black waterproof countertop around the sink area and also accommodates a seating space on the opposite side of the peninsula. The seats are slightly elevated bar stools with cushions to cater for comfort even when used for long periods of time. The faded maroon color on the seats also adds a pop of color to the rustic kitchen design.

If you have very little space, an eat-in kitchen is the perfect space saving design to achieve the appearance and feel of a regular dining room. Rustic timbers, a rustic medieval island with modern seats on one side characterize this traditional eat-in country kitchen. As shown in this design, this is a brilliant and space-saving design idea, complete with attractive and comfy bar stools.

Curved Kitchen Island With Seatings

Shaker kitchen with kitchen island seating
kitchen island with seating

This curved kitchen island design features a white countertop and grey-blue lacquered shaker cabinets. Right next to it is a round dining table made of oak wood with two high-back chairs. The blend between the white, gray-blue, and oakwood is seamless and serves to give the kitchen a classic look.

This design demonstrates that having an eat-in kitchen does not necessitate giving up your kitchen island. A small island lies in the center of the kitchen, with a circular dining table off to the side. The kitchen island in this room substituted bar stools for a built-in seat, making it suitable for both informal and formal eating.

Two Level Kitchen Island or Countertop

Grey and green kitchen with two level island

This kitchen design features a floating island with two-layer countertops. It appears to have two layers because of the one surrounding the slightly elevated sink, and another continuous running across the entire worktop surface. One chair has been put on one end of the open island to cater to seating space. The dining table is integrated into the fitted kitchen and may be utilized not only as a temporary eating area but also as a communication space for friends and family.

An intricate modern lighting fixture anchors a long peninsula that also serves as a dining table with a modern chair in this beautiful eat-in kitchen, establishing a centerpiece for the dining area and distinguishing the eat-in section of the kitchen.

In this tiny eat-in kitchen, a U-shaped prep and cooking space is coordinated with green and grey hues on the island and seats to create a seamless and consistent aesthetic. An upholstered banquette linked to the rear of the kitchen peninsula makes this modern eat-in kitchen particularly comfy and welcoming.

Large wood kitchen island with seating

In this kitchen design, the island countertop is also made of two layers. On one end of the countertop is a wood butcher’s block while the other is a black scratch-resistant waterfall worktop. The wood worktop accommodates a seating space on one side of the island, featuring a high raised metal frame bar stool.

The open design and huge kitchen island provide a contemporary touch to the kitchen. Tall cabinets and glass cabinets give a lot of storage space while still being quite functional as high-end kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Island or Countertop With Table Attached

Curved kitchen cabinetry with island

While it may appear that you must pick between a kitchen island and a dining table, this space demonstrates that this is not always the case. The island in the middle of the room houses three quarters of cabinets and extra storage, while the other quarter is designed to support the dining table. The dining table is paired with black upholster plastic chairs. The end result? The greatest of both worlds brought together.

These kitchen pieces and island in trendy tunes-white and red-create a fresh and contemporary full kitchen. The kitchen has a parallel arrangement. To make the kitchen appear more relaxed and layered, the designer blends the bar counter with the easy to clean  countertops.

Grey kitchen with white countertops

The cabinet arrangement is in the shape of a T, which connects the washing area and the cooking area in a logical manner. The waterfall kitchen countertop is made of white quartz. A tiny circular dining table is attached to the end of the countertop to offer users a more relaxed setting.

Whereas the kitchen island is the centerpiece of the space, the countertop has a slight overhang that may be used as a temporary table.

Open Kitchen With Dining Table

Simple monochrome kitchen with an Eat-in Space

The kitchen is T-shaped, with the bar counter and the washing area making a seamless triangle moving line around the three storage, cooking, and washing spaces. A dining table and chairs are right in the middle of the open-plan layout. How convenient is this? This allows for ease of movement and transfer of food from the preparation space to the dining area. It also creates extra room to accommodate more people in the kitchen. This layout is convenient for hosting a party in a small space, this way you can have everyone congregate in the kitchen for drinks and food without running out of seating space.


Many people like the ease of this style of kitchen. People no longer need to bring food to the table, risking spillage and cold food, because the eating and cooking spaces are merged. When no one is dining, the table may be utilized as a kitchen prep space, and concentrating all culinary operations in one area of the house can make cleaning much easier. Visit our kitchen collection for more inspiring solutions for eat-in kitchens.

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Floating Kitchen Island

Floating Kitchen Island Ideas

Floating kitchen islands are an excellent method to increase the amount of space in your kitchen. Most modern kitchens have islands as additional workstations, making them the hub of activity in the kitchen. Floating kitchen islands make your island appear to be floating above the floor, displaying a unique stunning look and positioning your island as the primary attraction of your kitchen. They may offer the illusion of additional counter space when put below eye level, making your kitchen look larger.

Here's everything that you need to know before installing a floating kitchen island. In this post, we will discuss floating kitchen island designs, including what they are, the many varieties, the distinguishing features that make them stand out, and ideas you can apply.

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What Are Floating Kitchen Islands?

kitchen cabinets with a golden island

The Floating Kitchen Island is a contemporary trend in kitchen island concepts. These are island counters that appear to float without reinforcement.

Floating kitchen islands don't actually defy gravity; they only appear to. If you have limited storage space and a tiny kitchen, these island units offer more working space than a kitchen bar counter.

There are many different varieties of kitchen islands available. However, home planners regard a floating island to be "floating" if the countertops extend over the base seating for chairs or bar stools. To create a floating illusion, some cabinet manufacturers contrast the finishing of the pedestal part. With this technique, you won't be able to see where the island's bottom meets the floor—it will appear to be hanging in mid-air.

Pros of a Floating Kitchen Island

wooden kitchen with a floating island

A floating kitchen island impresses guests with its useful but stylish appearance. The floating kitchen island, which appears to come straight out of a home design show, offers three major advantages.

Here are some advantages of having a floating kitchen island:

  • Style: Floating kitchen islands are fashionable and will wow your guests. They're an eye-catching decorative element in the kitchen. Floating kitchen islands are also ideal for entertaining family members and friends since they provide additional areas for parties.
  • Storage Area: Floating kitchen islands offer a lot of storage and counter space. They provide tabletop, drawer, storage, and cabinet space to your kitchen. You can then keep all of your spices, culinary equipment, gadgets, and other items.
  • Cooking Capability: Because it serves as an entertainment and serving area as well as a workstation, the island doubles in functionality. Floating kitchen islands can include sinks for food preparation or tiny appliances, as well as ovens or grilling stations. You can even get the impression that you're presenting your own culinary program.

Types of Floating Kitchen Islands

Floating Kitchen Island With Seating

White Scandinavian kitchen with a floating island

Mounting your countertop atop a mirrored kitchen cabinet is an ingenious approach to creating the appearance of a floating kitchen island. A contrasting material, such as a wood tone counter floating above natural wood floors, supported by while walls might also work. This location would still be a convenient spot for casual dining, but with more flair and trendiness.

This kitchen island is ideal for contemporary settings. If you just have enough space for a kitchen island, this is a terrific way to include a floating counter. To provide an overhang for the counter seats, a solid wood tone countertop block is added.

For a cleaner aesthetic, the entire kitchen countertop is made of one piece of wood tone block. The cantilever also allows you to store your counter stools while not in use.

Floating Kitchen Island Table

Modern kitchen design with a floating island

The dining room is one of the most commonly sacrificed places in tiny flats, but this design is a fantastic option if you live in a tiny apartment.

A (peninsula) floating kitchen island table with an open base provides an eating area as well as extra prep space for the kitchen in a relatively small footprint.

The marble like quartz countertop in this kitchen is anchored by a cabinetry column and a perpendicular tabletop, allowing for a broad open base. The use of veining white quartz in this design lends a great emphasis to the kitchen's dark grey color scheme.

If you find bar stools or counter stools excessively uncomfortable, you may add a cantilever dining height top to your current kitchen counter. Alternatively, you can invest in elevated cushioned upholstery chairs for your dining space.

Floating Kitchen Island With Storage

Galley kitchen cabinets anchoring a floating island

Choose an island with cabinets, shelves, or drawers at the base to make the most of your space. Consider installing a pot rack above the island if it will be a permanent fixture in the room (and clear up the cabinets/drawers for other items).

This is a fantastic example of a freestanding kitchen island. The design includes a dark-toned wooden block top and sturdy wood and grey block stands for support. This not only offers storage space but also serves as a stylish method to adorn the room.

Two-thirds of the counter's length is dedicated to a storage drawer and a flared shelf, while the remainder has an open base that lends the counter a light aspect.


We hope with the above information you are better positioned to make informed decisions about floating kitchen islands. In case you require to consult further about kitchen designs get in touch with our team at Oppolia for expert advice.

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Kitchen Island With Stools

10 Kitchen Island With Stools Ideas

It really doesn't have to be a party for people to congregate in the kitchen. It's generally where the host or the refreshments and food are, so whether it's a buddy coming in for a coffee, or relatives lingering for dinner, the kitchenette is always an attraction. And, with the correct kitchen island seating ideas, you can design a friendly environment that works for you while also being welcoming to others.

These gorgeous kitchens with stools might serve as inspiration for your next renovation project. Whether you want a place for evening homework, gourmet dinners, or morning coffee, a functional and elegant island will be the most used location in the house. Let's explore your options!

cabinets catalogue download

Introduce an Industrial Look

modular kitchen with industrial stools

Tolix bar stools and their appearance are a prominent industrial classic design. They're also lightweight making this sort of bar stool ideal for a breakfast bar because they're easy to stow if you need to create some additional room for entertaining.

A breakfast bar is a flexible element that is ideal for a multipurpose kitchen. With the correct seating, it may function as a dining room for a light meal or informal dinners with friends and family, as well as a cocktail and buffet area for serving beverages and canapés when throwing a party.

This all-white is regarded as having warm undertones that infuse it with peaceful comfort, making it the ideal kitchen color scheme to mix with wooden bar stools for an outdoor/indoor cozy atmosphere.

Invest in Adjustable Swivel Seats

Modern kitchen island with seats

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to kitchen island seating ideas. You are free to recreate them as long or as broad as you like. It may function as a centralized washing-up or cooking area for some, but can also double up as a study area and an improvised office in recent years.

Nonetheless, while choosing kitchen island seats, keep in mind the height of the tall and short persons that utilize this space. Instead of buying two different types of seats, an adjustable stool is a multifunctional seat that can fit everyone.

Consider cushioned chairs for extra comfort and footrests for extra support and to keep children from slipping. They are ideal for modern areas and will also fit beneath the counter. These chairs are easy to clean and rotate a complete 360 degrees, eliminating the need to physically rotate to watch TV or develop a neck discomfort from chatting with others.

Use Spicy Colors to Add Some Zing

Elegant Maroon kitchen island stools

It's one thing to prepare a tasty meal, but if you want your kitchen area to be unique, consider a kitchen island with a vibrant kitchen island seating option.

It's a smart idea to add splashes of color to a neutral kitchen with wood-tone cabinetry, walls, and brown floors. With its clean lines and absence of fussy detail, this duo of zesty maroon bar stools is a pleasant touch that strikes the appropriate balance under this woody island. Combine maroon with other citrus colors in window treatments and accessories, such as this cheerful striped wood tone, for added zing.

Use a Dark Accent Color

Dark tone seats around a modern kitchen island

It's wise to bring in a deeper accent tone through kitchen island seating in an all-white kitchen. The charcoal color of these chic bar stools anchors the lighter colors of the cabinets, carpeting, and worktops.

When contemplating your seating configuration and kitchen island illumination ideas, symmetry is also vital. The kitchen will feel calmer if bar stools and pendant lights are appropriately spaced above or around the island.

Give Your Seats a Clever Twist

Upholster kitchen island seats

It's tempting to use informal bar stools around an island, but if you have the room, try a more formal elevated, upholstered design. Barstools don't have a good reputation for being particularly pleasant for your bottom or posture, but that doesn't mean you should settle with shoddy kitchen island seats that hamper your back or causes your back to go numb.

Whether you're entertaining friends or enjoying a more casual supper with the family, adding a few bar stools to the ends of your kitchen island provides valuable extra seating. When it comes to the ideal seating type, high backs provide both comfort and style, allowing you and your visitors to sit back and relax late into the evening.

Choose Circular Forms for a More Homey Vibe

Modern kitchen with curved accessories

Curved breakfast bars have greater seating space than straight-lined breakfast bars. The distinctive design of this island allows for seats on two sides, while the space along the wall is left open for food preparation. Curved edges are more comfortable than sharp corners, as seen in this beautiful modern kitchen.

The extension on the island counter has been extended to form a breakfast bar design, and it adds to the kitchen's inviting, homey vibe by rounding off its edges and pairing them with classic round plastic raised bar stools. The round design of these plastic bar stools complements the round shapes and curved edges everywhere, while the deep black seat color pops against the soft brownish grey cabinetry.

Cushioned Seats for Cozy Comfort

Cozy, cushioned kitchen seats

These exquisite yet modern Scandinavian kitchen island stools are clean and timeless, finished in pale maroon cotton, and look so chic in an all-white kitchen.

Unfortunately, inexpensive seating may be unpleasant, so you can soften your seats for a few dollars by utilizing fabrics from a craft store and a little sewing talent. The cushioned seat features a low-rise backrest for convenience and comfort, and the solid black metal frame of the chair has a relaxed wash finish to suit the white kitchen island.

This cushion cover is elegant enough to dazzle friends and family, and no one will suspect your frugal efforts... Unless, of course, you gloat about it!

Heighten Space With Floating Effects

Raised kitchen bar stools

Clever design elements may lift low-cost cabinets to designer quality. In this case, barely-there chrome legs provide the illusion of a modern cantilevered eating room - without the pricey structural engineering of the actual thing.

This is entirely dependent on the height of your kitchen, but you should leave around 30 cm between the actual seat and the surface (for the averagely sized adult). For instance, the typical height of kitchen storage drawers in the UK is about 90cm, so you'll need a stool that's about 60cm tall. This just guarantees that you are sitting at a reasonable height for all reasons.

Include a French-Style Glam

Modern kitchen with grey kitchen chairs

Since the kitchen is a utilitarian room, not everything in it needs to appear useful as well. You may lighten the utilitarian effect of a basic kitchen with ornamental furniture, such as these French-style elevated stools. This way, it will feel less like a kitchen zone and more like a comfortable area to spend quality time.

Choose lighting in a comparable design to complement the aesthetic - and an elegant chandelier works wonderfully.

Place a Quadra in the Center

white kitchen cabinets island with stools

When researching breakfast bar designs, the most practical choice is to tuck the seats away from the kitchen area. Whatever layout you pick, make sure that there's an island seat for every member of your family and that the seat is easily accessible by persons entering the kitchen.

When designing your kitchen island, keep utility in mind.  Will there be incorporated appliances, a coffee bar, or many work levels? The space surrounding the kitchen island should be easily accessible and secure. The clearing zone is defined as a distance of one meter. This area is ideal for allowing safe and easy mobility around the countertop and kitchen.


With any of our above-mentioned solutions, we hope you are now able to create a kitchen island with seating that allows members of the family and visitors to pull up a stool and have a conversation while you're cooking. If you are unsure about your kitchen arrangement and furnishings, please contact our experts at Oppolia. We would be pleased to assist you.

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Italian Kitchen Cabinets

Top 10 Italian Kitchen Cabinets Makers

The kitchen is regarded as the heart of the house since it is where we spend the majority of our time cooking, tidying, and interacting with our family and friends. A kitchen must be both useful and visually appealing.

If you want the finest kitchen, you'll need to know which Italian kitchen furniture manufacturers are reliable and available. To help you with your research, we've compiled a list of the best 10 Italian kitchen cabinet makers for you to pick from. Let's get started.

1.  Oppolia

oppolia kitchen

  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter.
  • Year of Establishment: 1994
  • Headquarters: Guangzhou, China

Oppolia is a reliable custom brand focused on making useful and modern simple custom home furnishings. Oppolia with over 28 years of experience supplying high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets all over the world, they have steadily become a renowned supplier to the European market. Oppolia is a world-class kitchen cabinet manufacturer with a focus on longevity, innovation, and elegance, as well as attention to detail.

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2.  Arclinea

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1925
  • Location: Italy, Southern Europe

Among the top Italian kitchen, companies is Arclinea, a historic firm formed in 1925 as a modest carpentry factory that has expanded through time to become one of the world's leading Italian brands.

Arclinea is well-known for producing high-quality raw materials and finished goods. Arclinea’s cabinet style mixes both traditional and modern touches. Arclinea kitchen cabinets are designed to suit the demands of both creativity and functionality.

3.  Valcucine

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1980
  • Location: Pordenone, Italy

Valcucine was established in Pordenone, a northern Italian city in 1980. Valcucine is regarded as a pioneer in the field of Italian kitchen cabinets, and they are well known for the dedication in providing high-quality cabinets.

This company is well-known for developing the first recyclable kitchen cabinet made completely of aluminum and glass. Their cabinetry is classified as cutting-edge, eye-catching, long-lasting, and utilitarian.

4.  Schiffini

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1920
  • Location: Linguria, Italy

Schiffini is an high-end Italian kitchen company founded in the 1920s, originally supplying equipment to the Italian military. It wasn't until the 1950s that they began to focus on kitchen designs. Schiffini manufactures modular style Italian kitchen cabinets, including the renowned Cinqueterre design, which is entirely made of aluminum.

5.  Snaidero

  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year of Establishment: 1946
  • Location: Udine, Italy

The first shop opened in 1946, and the brand has been at the frontline of changing kitchen ideas ever since. Their designs have been regarded as unique, with gently updated dynamics that include ergonomic, elegant, sleek, and modern features. Snaidero's most recent collection offers a custom-made kitchen at an accessible price and is touted as having "affordable quality."

6.  Pedini

  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year of Establishment: 1957
  • Location: Lucrezia di Cartoceto, Italy

Pedini, which was founded in 1957, is widely regarded as the industry pioneer in curved kitchen designs. Their headquarters are in Lucrezia di Cartoceto, Italy, and their slogan is "beauty is a goal." This Italian company specializes in curvy and minimalist kitchens made from ecologically safe components and materials.

7.  Poliform

  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year of Establishment: 1942
  • Location: Via Monte Santo, Italy

Poliform is an Italian furniture and design firm that experiments with various aesthetic and arrangement alternatives. Poliform's designs are defined as practical, modern, stylish, and modular, and the business concentrates on matching its designs with these characteristics. Their designs use a variety of materials, and the treatments and finishings result in high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets.

8.  Aran Cucine Inc

Aran Cucine
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1962
  • Location: Italy, Southern Europe

Aran Cucine is a  reputable manufacturer of kitchen furniture. It is constantly concerned with the design, is always exploring material quality, and explores the utility and reliability of each model.

9.  Poggenpohl

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1892
  • Location: German.

Poggenpohl is one of the largest kitchen companies and top kitchen cabinet makers in the world. Every Poggenpohl kitchen cabinet is a unique work of art, built and designed to meet the unique needs and tastes of each customer.

10.  Boffi S.P.A

Boffi S.P.A
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: Italy.

Boffi is a worldwide recognized brand associated with the arena of designing bathroom and kitchen cabinets, with collections that have a distinct style to complement different homeowners' personalities.


Whatever your style is, one of these brands will offer something for you. Contact Oppolia for a free quote, to make an order, or for bespoke kitchen cabinet assistance.

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