Durable Cabinet material, finishes with High Quality

OPPOLIA cabinets comply with even the most stringent international standards in terms of formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds(VOCs), as well as possible radiological hazards in countertop.


7-layer Plywood

7-layer Plywood

- 7 layers solid wood sheets, dispatch the stress 40% loading capacity higher than other carcase material.
- Strong screw holding capacity to keep structure stable and long lasting service.
- 0.6mm thick laminate on both faces, heat and moisture resistant.
- Formaldehyde emission≤ 1.5mg/L, eco-friendly and complying with European class E1 standard.

Particle Board

Particle Board

- Wood chips cold pressed by 300 tons/m with superior screw holding capacity and load bearing capacity.
- Keeping stable structure and long lasting service.
- Easy to clean and protect the carcase from chemical injury.
- Formaldehyde emission≤ 1.5mg/L, eco-friendly and complying with European class E1 standard.

PVC Edging

PVC Edging

- Front edge is sealed with 1.2mm thick PVC by HOMAG edge bander with extreme accuracy and precision while other side edges are sealed with 0.5mm thick PVC.
- JOWAT eco-friendly seal adhesive to guarantee tight seal and eco-friendliness.

Glass Shelf Edging

Glass Shelf Edging

- Glass shelf edge sealed with oxidated aluminum.
- Vogue and can keep round objects from slipping off.


Solid Wood door

Solid Wood

- Genuine broadleaf wood imported from North America, with rich, natural and clear wood grain, stunning linear texture.
- 6 popular wood species optional including birch, cherrywood, alder, oak, ash and walnut.
- 8~12% moisture rate, not liable to distort or rupture
- Outstanding bending resistance; High scratch resistance and intensity.
- Good workability, sleekly section, good water resistance and adhesion performance.
- Lumber supplied by MATSON LUMBER COMPANY and GUTCHESS LUMBER, both are the world's best hardwood manufacturers in North America.

Lacquer door


- 18/21/25mm thick MDF as core Eco-friendly lacquer are supplied by PPG and DAIHO, both are paint industry leaders in the world
- Superior yellowing resistance and weatherability to avoid discolor.
- Hardness is as high as 1.8, bringing outstanding scratch resistance.
- Matt or high gloss surface optional.
- Metallic lacquer optional, which is added silver powder to get metallic shiny surface.

PVC Foil Coated Door

PVC Foil Coated

- 18/21/25mm thick MDF as core, seamless frame and core structure
- Front face coated with PVC, back face coated with white melamine
- PVC foils are supplied by RIKEN and RENOLIT, both are world-leading decor foil manufacturer
- Applying JOWAT eco-friendly glue
- Fine and beautiful wood grain
- Tough surface, superior scratch resistance

PP Foil Coated

- 21/25mm thick MDF as core
- Frame and core structure, both faces coated with PP foil
- PP foil has astonishingly excellent wood grain and texture, and it is the best alternative for solid wood
- Classical looks same as solid wood, but without high cost

acrylic door


- 18 thick MDF/particle board as core
- Front face coated with inked acrylic, back face same as front face, or laminated with ABS décor paper
- Edges sealed with same-color acrylic
- Scratch resistant and easy care
- Excellent alternative for lacquer

High Pressure Laminate door

High Pressure Laminate

- 18mm thick particle board as core
- Edges sealed with 2mm thick REHAU PVC
- The decorative paper is 0.6~0.8mm thick, outstanding scratch and heat resistance
- Scratch resistant and easy care

Melamine Door


- 18mm thick particle board as core
- Edges sealed with 2mm thick REHAU PVC
- Both faces coated with high quality German SCHATTDECOR or SPAIN LAMIGRAF impregnated décor paper
- Natural colors or monocolors optional, fine texture
- Scratch resistant and easy care


quartz stone countertop

Quartz Stone

- Color options from Caesarstone,Silestone, OPPEIN Quartz
- Outstanding scratch & impact resistance performance
- Non-porous and highly stain-resistant to stains, such as wine, vinegar oil.
- Flame retardant, heat resistance (as high as 300°)
- Superior aging resistance; Nontoxic and no radiation.
- Minimal maintenance

Sintered Surface

Sintered Surface

- Natural color and texture
- High hardness, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, UA grade acid and alkali resistance
-The porosity on the surface is close to zero, and the pollution resistance level reaches level 5
- Non-toxic, no radiation, good for health and environmental protection

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