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Global Cabinets Dealers Recruiting

With the continuous expansion of the home improvement market and the upgrading of the consumption structure, the new generation of main consumers, born in the 1985s and 1990s, are paying more attention to the quality of home life. The home furnishing industry is meeting a new stage of development.
In order to allow these consumers to enjoy high-quality home life, OPPOLIA - a customized home furnishing brand dedicated to creating an exclusive full-room space for the Me generation, is carrying out worldwide cabinets dealer recruiting. Relying on OPPOLIA's brand strength, production capacity, and full-house customization service, OPPOLIA has won more than 500 franchisees in just half a year, and the sales of representative stores in Nanjing, Chengdu, and other cities have achieved double-digit growth.

OPPOLIA showroom

Comprehensive Supports for Dealers

Since the home furnishing market's development, the industry's competition has become more and more fierce. For dealers, efficient and useful supports are key to success in this industry. By cooperating with Oppolia, we will provide you with a series of business support to help you through every stage of your franchising journey.

About Subsidy

Dealers will get direct factory prices for all products. And OPPOLIA will provide an annual sales rebate and showroom sample subsidy.

About Training

Dealers will get free and complete training from OPPOLIA, including sales, design, store management, and after-sales.

About Marketing

OPPOLIA will support dealers in trendy product selection, promotional materials preparation, and local advertisement.

About Tools

With intelligent design tools - 3D Home, CAXA, dealers can make a 3D model in 1 hour and offer a quotation list in 3 minutes.

Global Partnership is a cooperation between OPPOLIA and local companies (construction, building, interior design). It is a more flexible and affordable investment than franchising. Come to contact us and expand your business or start a new one with us.

Home Renovation for Olympic champion Zhang Jike

OPPOLIA had completed a home renovation for Zhang Jike – Olympic Champion in Table Tennis. Zhang commented, “I think design from OPPOLIA is indeed User-centered and beautiful.” Let’s see how OPPOLIA provided design and renovation service for Zhang Jike’s home.

Before Renovation

OPPOLIA's designer communicated deeply with Zhang Jike's family to know their needs. Zhang's father wanted to make a better kitchen exhaust system, and there were too many large items in the room.

And Zhang's mother was worried about the renovation of the entertainment area, which should serve as a display space for the father's collection and satisfy his need to drink tea.

Visit OPPOLIA Showroom

After knowing about the family's needs, the OPPOLIA designer showed Zhang Jike around the new showroom to choose his preferred designs. The beautiful and trendy designs satisfied him. And he chose a minimalist white style for this renovation.

What Zhang Said After Renovation

OPPOLIA designer tried to retain the original traditional style while updating it with trendy entry-luxury touches that meet Zhang's generation's demands.

Zhang's thoughts about the new home:

Entrance Cabinets

When I first glanced at the new house, I thought that you must entrust those professional works to a professional team. When I entered the room for the first time, I noticed that it had become much larger than before. Significantly, the entrance which transforms into a completely different space. It's not about changing furniture, but about the strong visual impact, it creates. I have never seen a design like that in the place where my mom keeps shoes. The design from OPPOLIA is user-centered and pleasing to the eye.

Living Room Cabinets

I also like the large living room with so many storage spaces, which is very easy to use. As I mentioned earlier, the pictures on the wall look much better now. It seems like the entire layout has become more reasonable using user-centered design details. It appears the items we store are valued up.

Kitchen Cabinets

The utility space in the kitchen is much larger than before. And the kitchen layout is flexible and efficient. There are details like the drawers for dishes, the dishwasher, and those pull-down baskets in the wall cabinets. Where it is hardly used can easily be accessed by pulling it down. Even for that corner, I ignored it. OPPOLIA team perfected it with a user-centered design. Such as the top storage where I might need to step on a stool to access before. So I told my renovation team and my parents that a new kitchen would force me to clean it up after cooking. And it is also effortless to maintain tidiness.

Walk in Closets

I love the walk-in closet so much. It is a dream. Whenever I walk into the room, the closet cheers me up like walking into a shopping mall. It makes me feel so good. Also, I like the sofa as I often sit on those sofas when shopping at the mall. The closet is much easier to use. I can find what I'm looking for quickly. And we can now display those items we had trouble storing before in the new closet. That way, I can easily find the suit in the closet when I need to dress up and go out. The built-in mirror is an excellent addition as well.

Entertainment Room

As soon as I entered entertainment room, I felt something special. I play table tennis for a living and taste tea for pleasure. I enjoy it. However, at the former home, there was no room for a tea tasting or having some private conversations with my parents. Sometimes, I'd like my parents to drink some nice tea, but that requires a pleasant environment where we can appreciate the quality of tea. Sitting in this room and drinking a decent cup of tea collected by my dad is incredibly peaceful and healing.


In my opinion, this renovation has met its goal. My motivation for renovating the house was to make our home a better place for them to live. That's the goal, and we made it.

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OPPOLIA Wins the A’ Design Award in 2021-2022 Period

The A' Design Award & Competition announced the winners for the 2021-2022 competition recently. And two designs created by OPPOLIA have received the Bronze A' Design Award and the Silver A' Design Award respectively: "Cilan" the kitchen cabinet design and "Hella" the whole-house design.

OPPOLIA Wins the A' Design Award in 2021-2022 Period
OPPOLIA Wins the A' Design Award in 2021-2022 Period
Top 10 Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Brands
OPPOLIA Wins the A' Design Award in 2021-2022 Period

Created by our Italian design officer Marco Bortolin, this kitchen design is inspired by the universe, or more specifically, the star world. There is a rounded shape on the top of the cabinet, and the door panel is ornamented with a fluted pattern. These elements symbolize the "Moon" and "Ocean". Using a simple and modern image, "Day" is represented by the tall cabinet at the back. Two small cabinets on each side represent the stars guarding the day and the moon, balancing the universe.

OPPOLIA Wins the A' Design Award in 2021-2022 Period
OPPOLIA Wins the A' Design Award in 2021-2022 Period
OPPOLIA Wins the A' Design Award in 2021-2022 Period

Hella space utilizes simple design elements: mixing continuous geometric patterns and natural textures, using concise lines to extend the vertical vision of the space. Without complicated decorations and conscious carving, this design has a natural elegance that reflects the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.
Known as one of the top design awards in the world, A' Design Award honors the best and most innovative work from across the globe. For designers, winning an A' Award is a symbol of excellence; for companies, it is a mark of quality. As the leading company in the Asian furniture market, we consider innovative and functional design vital to our success. The A'design award is a beginning, but it is never the end. OPPOLA will strive to create better designs to serve our customers all over the world.

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  • Kitchen Cabinets Wardrobes Bathroom Vanities Interior Doors Aluminum Doors and Windows Whole House Solution
  • Kindly share your floor plan and house picture to get a quick quotation.

OPPEIN‘s market cap is now worth more than 80 billion RMB– and will continue to grow

OPPEIN is a leading cabinetry manufacturer in Asia with over 200000 users in more than 100 countries and regions. As a Chinese listed company, OPPEIN’s market value has exceeded 800 billion yuan, reflecting the success of its products, which is a milestone in the history of OPPEIN. Also, during the press, the CEO Liangsong Yao, has shared his deep insights towards the transformation of OPPEIN industry, and put forward the idea of “service transformation and upgrading”. At the beginning of 2018, a grand goal was set by Mr. Yao---to achieve a market value of 1000 billion According to 2019 Financial Statement, OPPEIN's revenue has exceeded 13.5 billion, close to the total performance of second-ranked company and third-ranked company combined, accounting for 34.24% of the total performance of custom-made home furnishing listed companies; the overall growth rate of OPPEIN is higher than the weight average growth rate of the other eight listed companies in this industry. As the data shows, not only does OPPEIN hold its leading position, but also its growing speed surpasses those competitors. The advantage of OPPEIN is being more and more obvious. This seems exceptionally prominent under the impact of the pandemic in 2020. According to the third-quarter fiscal statement of the industry which was released recently, while the main competitors’ business were stagnating with their profits experiencing a negative growth, OPPEIN has already achieved a double increase in its marketing profits in the exact same period. It even was doing much better in the third quarter, realizing a year-on-year increase of 18.40% in revenue and a year-on-year increase of 35.65% in net profit excluding extraordinary profit and loss. 01 Constant effort yields sure success. Kitchen cabinets as one of the featured products of OPPEIN, its scale and position still maintain an absolute advantage. According to 2019 financial statement, the income of the OPPEIN kitchen cabinet is almost the sum of the cabinet income of the next 6 listed companies, contributing 4.13 billion in revenue in the first three quarters of 2020. Meanwhile, OPPEIN wardrobe has become the “trump card” product. Some media who checked on the third quarter of 2020 financial results for research and judgment, has come to find that the OPPEIN wardrobe has made itself into NO.1 in the industry. 02 Service Transformation and Upgrading The reason of OPPEIN’s long-term and steady development lays in its products and services. Throughout its 26-year development and growth, it is wise and advanced of OPPEIN to take products and services as the core. Not only does OPPEIN always insist on high-quality development, but also it unceasingly makes breakthroughs in quality, cost performance, and innovation in scientific research. Since its establishment, OPPEIN has explored products with high quality, cost-effective, pre-sale, and after-sales services that improve its corporate value, and sets up the brand of OPPEIN. At the same time, OPPEIN carries with its advanced technology and environmental-friendly manufacturing idea, driving the entire industry transformation and the upgrading of consumption. Each innovation and upgrade of OPPEIN leads to the consumption upgrading of the entire industry.

How OPPEIN intelligent solution will change your life?

Whether you're building a new home, renovating, or looking for ways to improve your daily life by high-technology, we've got you covered. OPPEIN team up with HUAWEI to set up a smart home solution this year. Wanna know how magical and how “smart” the home is?  Let me show you now! Magic begins from the moment you step into the door. When you were back home, the light would be turned on automatically, and the curtains, the air humidifier would be opened slowly. Meanwhile, the security camera would be turned off automatically. Smart Curtain – Intelligent voice control Remote control Timer device     Smart home light up your life In daily life, light is an important element of indoor scenes and atmosphere. OPPEIN Smart Home can realize voice control, remote control, overload protection, and intelligent linkage of the lighting system of the whole house. It can customize different scenes modes through Huawei mobile phone/tablet voice assistant, AI speaker, smart screen, and other multi-entry devices. Select dining mode, lights in the dining room would get dim gradually, and the soft music would be played automatically, creating a romantic atmosphere for your dining time. Select move mode, the curtain will be drawn slowly. Meanwhile, the TV screen and the stereo will be turned on automatically. What you need to do is sit down and enjoy the movie time. "The ideal of life is for the ideal life." OPPEIN Smart Home, through cooperation with Huawei and the Huawei's cloud platform, connects the whole home appliances, home furnishing, and furniture equipment, and truly realizes the linkage of the whole home intelligent scene, which is the ideal smart life.
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