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We could spend all day looking at modern kitchen designs since there’s something so appealing about a modern kitchen.

Contemporary kitchens are popular as homeowners want stylish, clutter-free, and easy-to-clean interiors with modern kitchen cabinets, unique lighting, smooth surfaces, and hidden utilities. Cooking programs have made many of us want the type of work-focused chef’s kitchen where we may test out new dishes and congregate during gatherings.

Do you like modern kitchens? Scroll through to explore contemporary kitchen cabinet ideas that combine aesthetic and function for a cutting-edge but pleasant area.

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 What Are Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets?

Contemporary red kitchen cabinets

Contemporary cabinets typically feature a sleeker, more angular style with less adornment. They are simple and effective. Furthermore, modern kitchen cabinets are well-known for their usefulness.

Shaker and flat-front cabinet doors are the most common styles of cabinet doors seen in modern kitchens. Both have clean lines. Shaker cabinets feature a frame made up of five flat panels. Shaker cabinets in modern kitchens are made of hickory, maple, or oak wood.

Flat-front doors, also known as slab doors, are solid and unframed and are an additional alternative for this kitchen layout. They are constructed from a single piece of wood that has been painted or coated with wood veneer. These cabinets’ simple appearance complements the modern design.

The style of contemporary kitchen cabinets emphasizes linear harmony. The arrangement of the kitchen cabinets, the backsplash and tile accents, the alignment of the kitchen cabinet hardware, and the graining pattern of the kitchen cabinet finishing material all emphasize horizontal lines.

Cabinet colors that contrast with backsplashes, countertops, and flooring create an eye-catching kitchen. In the modern kitchen, opposites are frequently employed, such as white base cabinets and gray wall cabinets.

Difference Between Contemporary Style Cabinets and Modern Cabinets

Modern black kitchen design

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are a style of cabinet that is current while taking design concepts from its predecessor. This design is utilitarian and occasionally creative in character, with dark wood or black cabinets, fresh white surfaces, and sleek stainless steel appliances. The modern aesthetic values bold, brilliant, and surprising color and material combinations.

Sleek and aggressive kitchen cabinet hardware is used in contemporary kitchen cabinets. Cabinet knobs’ pulls, and handles are typically designed with clean and dramatic lines that fit the streamlined shape of modern kitchen cabinet design.

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are made from a combination of synthetic and natural materials, including wood with glass or metal accents, medium density laminates, fiberboard, and real wood veneers.

Modern refers to a certain design trend that emerged in the early twentieth century and adheres to stricter criteria; contemporary, on the other hand, is more flexible and tolerates some rule-breaking. For a streamlined yet living atmosphere, modern cabinets frequently include historic elements as well.

Modern kitchen cabinets are often basic and devoid of superfluous adornment. They also have simple finishes and neutral hues, allowing the attention to remain on design and function.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Designs

1. Contemporary White Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary White Kitchen Cabinets

Nothing screams contemporary style like white kitchen decor. This striking design is simple but functional, and it makes a powerful design statement.

Because of its sleek white cabinetry and granite waterfall kitchen island, this white kitchen design feels utterly modern. The handleless cabinets are simple and playful making the space to look sleek while still remaining useful. The cabinets provide for maximum storage; tall structures; and the appearance of more room.

White, which is known for optimizing light and making a space appear larger, is a standard in modern kitchen designs because it allows homeowners to experiment with pattern and texture in other surfaces, such as worktops and flooring.’

Fine oak wood across the kitchen island and black low-back bar stools is all that is needed to bring interest to this modern kitchen design.

2. Contemporary Shaker Kitchen

Contemporary shaker kitchen

Shaker kitchens have undoubtedly withstood the test of time, making them an excellent choice for designing a contemporary kitchen with some permanence.

This traditional cabinetry style stands out in contemporary kitchen designs when combined with an on-trend noirish decor scheme. In this particular design, we have paired the white shaker cabinets with black knobs, a white island with faded maroon bar stools. Ornamental pendant lighting hovers over the island to center the whole mood.

This design allows for many cabinets hence a lot of storage space. The cabinets under the countertop also offer additional storage to avoid any clutter in this small space.

Although it is a five-piece set, it may be applied to framed or frameless structure handles, giving you the option of a sleek and flush design or a traditional old-world feel.

3. Contemporary Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary wood kitchen cabinets

Wood, whether coupled with or without beautiful poured concrete, adds warmth to a modern kitchen.

Consider black or fuchsia woods to lend depth to your area, or keep things brighter, lighter and more Scandi-inspired with birch and other light-colored woods like natural oak wood.

This space features floating handleless cabinets. The cabinets are made of different colored wood and also incorporate open shelving both on the wall and under the countertop. The mix of black and brown tones on the wood make the space appear stylish and well coordinated.

The centerpiece island with a waterfall countertop also houses white painted cabinets. The blend of black white and brown on the island is undeniably outstanding. The cabinets below the sink provide additional spaces. The open shelving also under the sink provides a striking space for display of ornamental pieces in your kitchen.

4. Contemporary Black Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary black kitchen cabinets

We adore how these dark cabinets appear without any hardware – and how the worktops complement the inky black.

Black kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly fashionable. Black kitchen cabinets are stylish, classy, and appealing. Combination of matte black and natural wood embellishments. This modern black open concept kitchen has a noble and welcoming appearance.

Light strips are hidden within the natural wood cabinets stacked. The warm yellow light makes the complete kitchen cabinet set look more inviting and appealing. The black counter, sink, and faucet elevate the overall appearance of the kitchen.

5. Contemporary Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary grey kitchen cabinets

Grey kitchen ideas are timeless – sleek and classy, it’s no wonder it’s the most popular kitchen hue. If an all-white, ultra-modern kitchen design is just too much for you, consider cabinets in a trendy grey tone instead.

Grey tones are perfect for a modern kitchen, but they also have timeless appeal and have a somewhat warmer, more domestic feel to them.

Grey kitchen cabinets have grown in popularity in recent years. Combine with black features, such as that kitchen faucet, for an extra dose of sophisticated elegance. This grey kitchen features light grey matte lacquer finish cabinet doors and a white countertop, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant kitchen.

The cabinets are also handleless, stand tall and also house some in-built appliances. The tall cabinets provide for functionality in all angles whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing. The color coordination in this open kitchen concept is undeniably appealing.

6. Two Tone Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone contemporary kitchen

Surfaces that are sleek and sumptuous in appearance are essential in contemporary kitchens. This includes kitchen cabinets, which, if they compliment the other surfaces, may work as part of a color-coordinated kitchen design.The kitchen cabinet’s storage and display portions are well-designed, functional, and consistent with operating routines.

This modern open concept kitchen design incorporates high gloss UV lacquer finishes and grey glossy cabinet door panels to create a dramatic visual and tactile impact. They are different but complementary, resulting in a modern urban-style kitchen design.

The two-tone color scheme and a mix of high gloss and matte finishes throughout, including the cabinets and kitchen island drawers, enhance this elegant, minimalist kitchen.


These contemporary kitchen ideas offer a subtle beauty that will never go out of style, consider in investing any that suits your style.

Contact us now to schedule a consultation with one of our kitchen design consultants to learn more about contemporary kitchen designs and ideas. Our team can assist you in selecting cabinetry, hardware, and a color scheme to create a kitchen that you will enjoy for years to come.

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