Dark Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Finding the correct dark kitchen cabinet ideas is critical to creating a fascinating and exciting kitchen.

Whether you like a traditional appearance with plenty of details or something more contemporary, like plain doors, these dark kitchen cabinet designs will give you the creativity you need to design a plan that matches the period of your house, your decorating taste, and the dimensions of the space.

If you want to experiment with a fresh appearance for your kitchen, the dark side appeals. Today, I’ll walk you through some of the finest dark cabinet kitchen designs to inspire you if you’re seeking additional kitchen color ideas for your kitchen.

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What Are Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

Dark grey and green kitchen

Dark cabinets are cabinets that offer depth, richness, and a sense of luxury to a kitchen through a range of hues and finishes. Dark cabinets, as opposed to white cabinets, may provide a more personal environment and formal grandeur in the kitchen.

Dark cabinets are available in a variety of colors, including black, blue, grey, purple, red, green, and dark brown. When it comes to dark paint and stain hues, the sky is the limit.

A bold option will quickly make any place feel more classy, ranging from rich, natural wood finishes to striking paint hues. In the case of a country or industrial kitchen, cabinets in a deep tone will bring a little something more to the décor concept.

Black cabinets are ultra-luxurious and look equally good in an open kitchen concept as they do in a secluded cottage. Cabinets in blue or purple, on the other hand, may lend surprising depth to a basic kitchen renovation.

Black kitchen with gold island

For the past few years, dark kitchen cabinetry in deep, rich colours has gained appeal on the kitchen fashion trend, with hues ranging from deep brown to black. Their acceptability has evolved into a movement with elegance in the kitchen, which has played an important role as homeowners continue to embrace extending kitchens into entertainment rooms.

As per the National Association of Realtors, kitchens are turning dark. Darker cabinets stand out brilliantly when utilized in contrast to light paint, a lighter worktop, and a lighter backsplash. This distinction is not only visible; it also helps you to create a pleasant and friendly ambiance without using a white or pastel color scheme.

Black, grey, or mocha are common kitchen cabinet colors in contemporary kitchen homes. With their rich tones, they may bring the area together and give it a powerful presence, while also allowing you to be creative when selecting kitchen decorations and accent colors.

While choosing dark hues may appear to contradict the widely held belief that a kitchen should be cheerful and warm, you may be astonished at how well it fits in most kitchens.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Dark Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Dark grey kitchen cabinets

Gray cabinets, as is white, are a common cabinetry color. Gray is a unique hue in that it is both neutral and warm, which is an ideal mix for a kitchen.

Handleless flat paneled doors and floor-to-ceiling cabinets characterize the dark grey kitchen cabinetry. The dark grey cabinets stand out against the lighter kitchen design, which includes white marble elements on the island, backsplash tiles, countertop, walls, and floor. As a result, the kitchen will not feel gloomy and dirty. The light-colored floor nicely elevates the entire design, allowing you to pick any number of kitchen items that would readily complement.

The floor-to-ceiling cabinet provides ample storage and eliminates the simple job of the peak of the higher cabinets, resulting in a solid, deep, relaxing, and attractive appearance.

This slate grey theme will work best in bigger kitchens with a lot of natural light flowing in, but there’s nothing stopping you from taking some inspiration from the design regardless of kitchen size. Adequate artificial lighting can also do the trick.

Dark Green Kitchen Cabinets

Dark green kitchen cabinets

Sure, magnificent matte grey counters look excellent regardless of the color of the cabinets. However, there’s something about a luscious shade of forest green that really brings texture to your kitchen. The matte grey island and floor compliment the dark green’s almost natural appearance.

The storage and display areas of the kitchen cabinet are suitably designed, quite useful, and in line with operational routines. This grey kitchen has cabinet doors with a grey glossy lacquer finish and a dark green matte cabinet finish, resulting in a smart and attractive kitchen.

The matte grey countertops complement both green and grey handleless cabinet handles, creating an appearance that isn’t too dark while yet allowing you to make the most of a kitchen design with dark cabinets.

Tall cabinets give practicality from every angle while staying visually beautiful. This open kitchen concept’s color scheme is definitely intriguing.

Dark Blue Kitchen Cabinets

 Dark blue kitchen cabinets

Blue may appear to be an unusual color for a kitchen, but as this boho kitchen design shows, it works wonderfully. Blue cabinets are a popular hue on the dark scheme of the paint pallet.

Depending on your goals, your kitchen can have a peaceful Southwestern, French, or coastal atmosphere while avoiding the nautical mania of the past.

This trendy lacquer kitchen cabinet contrasts low-brightness blue-purple and white. The green backsplash tile lends an additional depth to this color. The small cabinets under the sink provide additional storage. The blend of this blue-purple with white on the upper cabinetry also adds a striking blend to the kitchen decor.

The kitchen design is urban, maturely gorgeous, and capable of calming an agitated atmosphere. This is a terrific illustration of how, with the appropriate style selections, blue can be the ideal color scheme for a kitchen.

Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Dark brown kitchen cabinets

If you’re looking for dark cabinet kitchen ideas, you might also explore a more natural style. These dark brown cabinets are reminiscent of a contemporary kitchen.

If your ideal kitchen is sleek and sophisticated, a smooth warm coffee color is an excellent alternative. The kitchen cabinet doors are finished with UV Lacquer in an imitation veneer hue, which is as attractive as wood veneer but less expensive. The door knobs have an integrated design in a cappuccino copper metal hue that is both fashionable and sumptuous.

The dark worktop complements the kitchen’s big and modern appearance. Don’t worry if your kitchen is a bit smaller, because this design may also function in smaller areas.

Dark Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Dark wood kitchen cabinet

Combining black and oak may not be your first option when considering colors for kitchens with dark cabinets, yet as you can see, it actually works.

The combination of dark wood cabinets and exposed wood shelves avoids the cooking area from looking too top-heavy. The dark wood cabinets are wall-mounted and cleverly engineered to “pull the ceiling down,” giving a cozier feeling to the cooking space.

Rich wood cabinets, such as those in this kitchen, exude a warm and classic atmosphere. However, combining them with a similar black backsplash and white floor tile elevates the effect. It demonstrates that dark wood and black are an inexhaustible combination.

Modern Black Kitchen Cabinets

Modern black kitchen cabinets

Black kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly fashionable.Black cabinets are a wonderful alternative if you want to go big with your dark kitchen decor.

Minimalist kitchen designs are an excellent method to create a contemporary kitchen with dark cabinetry.   Black kitchen cabinets are stylish, classy, and appealing. Combination of matte black and natural wood embellishments. A black waterfall countertop completes the look of these sleek black cabinets.

This design allows the overall black motif to shine through without producing a too gloomy kitchen. The light colored floor nicely elevates the entire design, allowing you to pick any number of kitchen items that would readily complement.


With dozens of dark hues to choose from, you’re bound to find one you like. While gray, black, and wood cabinets are what most people think of when they think of dark cabinets, the range of dark hues available is far greater.

That being said, we understand that finding the correct dark shades may be a difficult challenge. If you’re having difficulties deciding on the right colors, turn to our Oppolia team for assistance.

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