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European Style Kitchen Cabinets

European Style Kitchen Cabinets

The European kitchen was created to accommodate the restricted domestic space available in Spain, England, and Italy. European apartments and flats were often smaller in size than the ordinary American house, necessitating the construction of a smaller kitchen to accommodate the everyday activities of its residents. European kitchens were constructed with the intention of focusing on usefulness and efficiency rather than adornment — everything was maximized yet beauty was never neglected.

Because utility was the first concern for European kitchens, every feature of the room, including the kitchen cabinets, was carefully chosen to bring the kitchen to its greatest potential. European style designers were able to create a type of kitchen cabinets that utilizes a unique cabinetry building process, finishing technique, and long-lasting material.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the essential design characteristics of European-style kitchen cabinets to help you determine whether their high practicality and ultra-sleek appearance are a good fit for your house.

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What Are European Style Kitchen Cabinets?

Black euro-style cabinets

European cabinets are defined by their sleek, frameless appearance. Because of their basic form, which fits them firmly within the cabinet framework, these cabinets frequently appear to be concealed. European cabinets, by design, prefer to avoid center stiles (the centerpiece of wood on cabinets)

European kitchen cabinets are often sleeker and more modern than their American equivalents. One distinguishing element of European kitchen cabinet design is the absence of a frame, which is common in American cabinets. This frameless design creates a “seamless” appearance by concealing the cabinet’s complete frame.

White kitchen cabinets

European cabinets are frequently frameless and have concealed hinges. Because of this design, there is more storage space within the cabinet, making it the preferred choice for tiny kitchenettes or bathrooms. Kitchen cabinets in European houses mix practicality and elegance. This design is distinguished by its complete overlay, which covers the whole cabinet front. This, along with many other qualities, has greatly contributed to the popularity of European kitchen cabinets, particularly in compact kitchens.

Though they may have emerged from Europe, European-style cabinets can now be found around the world. Consider investing in a set of these elegant cabinets if you want to give your kitchen a contemporary makeover.

Finishes for European Style Kitchen Cabinets

Lacquer/2 Pac Kitchen Cabinets

2 PAC kitchen cabinets

Lacquering is a classic finishing technique that contributes to the extremely shiny appearance of European-style cabinets. Shellac is used as a protective coating material. It comes in a variety of hues ranging from colored wood to clear. Lacquer’s primary function is to create a protective layer after treating and applying additional finishes.

If you want to keep the original look of your kitchen cabinets but add gloss, you may use lacquering. Lacquer dries to an incredibly hard and durable finish, allowing European-style kitchen cabinets to survive for years without damage or breaking. The variance between the matte or glossy appearance strongly depends on the lacquer finish used.

Laminate Cabinets

Metal laminate finished cabinets

Laminates are a cost-effective way to get a high gloss finish for cabinets. Because of its vast availability and numerous color possibilities, this is commonly used for European design kitchen cabinets, allowing for maximum customization.

Laminates are frequently put over the cabinet surface material, which is typically MDF, plywood,  or particle board, for European design kitchen cabinets. Pressure, heat, and adhesives are utilized to keep the material in place and prevent it from peeling or chipping. (HPL) High-Pressure Laminates are more widely utilized in most modular kitchen cabinet designs and produced in bespoke high gloss kitchen cabinets than normal laminates because they are more resilient, long-lasting, and resistant to damage. HPL is equivalent to sturdy countertops in terms of strength.

Acrylic Cabinets

high gloss kitchen cabinets

The acrylic finish, which is akin to the lacquer, provides a high gloss finish, a mirror-like appearance, and a completely smooth look to European design kitchen cabinets. Acrylic is a non-toxic paint made mostly of acrylic acid, and it is available in two primary forms for kitchen cabinetry finishes acrylic facing doors and solid acrylic doors.

European style cabinets finished with an acrylic high gloss surface not only add visual appeal but also provide a number of benefits. Aside from producing a warm and inviting ambiance, acrylic high gloss cabinets can withstand a lot of wear and tear from daily usage due to their resilience. Furthermore, the acrylic multi-layered finish offers an anti-scratch surface that is superior to any other material. It is also resistant to moisture, UV radiation, and scratches. Service is also the least of your concerns because cleaning is simple and simply requires light soap and water. Above everything else, acrylic kitchen cabinets keep their mirror-like look, color, and brightness for years without degrading.

Thermofoil Cabinets

Thermofoil and PVC finished cabinets

Foils, also known as Thermo foil, are a form of synthetic material made mostly of plastic covering and flexible vinyl. Heating is generally used to adhere thermofoils to cabinet materials such as engineered wood or medium-density fiberboard. This results in a highly robust, long-wearing, chip-resistant surface for kitchen cabinets.

There are several advantages to adopting Thermo foil as a finish for cabinets, but the major reason why consumers are drawn to them is that it requires no care. Unlike many other finishing materials, thermofoil may stand on its own and does not require a protective covering. Furthermore, thermofoils have high moisture resistance, allowing them to endure humidity and temperature variations.

Melamine Cabinets

Melamine cabinets

Melamine is a widely utilized polymeric substance in modern home cabinets. It is extremely durable and comes in a broad range of colors and patterns. Melamine bonded with plywood is also the most environmentally friendly alternative for cabinets. Designers make use of its constant coloring capabilities to produce modern minimalist designs at a low cost.

Melamine is available in a variety of cabinetry designs and kinds, including framed and frameless cabinet options, so you can easily select one that meets your demands and aesthetic vision.

Veneer Cabinets

Wood tone cabinets

Veneers are utilized to provide a natural aspect to European design kitchen cabinets. Veneers, like laminates, are ultralight materials consisting of thin slices of wood that are put over a substrate element to give them the appearance of true solid wood.

Veneers are ideally suited for European-style cabinets that strive to create a warm, welcoming ambiance.

Euro Style Kitchen Designs

Euro Style Modern High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

White glossy kitchen cabinets

If you want a clean, minimalist design for your modern kitchen, European-style contemporary high gloss kitchen cabinets are ideal. Modern high gloss kitchen Euro-style cabinets are simple, attractive, and offer outstanding storage. They offer aesthetics without sacrificing practicality.

Contemporary European Style Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary kitchen design

Contemporary European design kitchen cabinets have a more wood-like appearance than super high gloss solid colors, which are frequently linked with a modern style influence. Laminates with diagonal graining motifs are a popular choice for these Contemporary European kitchen cabinets.

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinets


The flat-panel kitchen cabinet type provides a clean aesthetic that is appropriate for a wide range of kitchen designs. It complements a more classic style in wood tones; painted in hues, it takes on a contemporary style.

Flat-panel cabinet doors are popular because they have a basic, streamlined appearance and are easy to clean because there are fewer features to gather dust and oil. Furthermore, flat-panel cabinets are less expensive than raised panel choices.

Minimalist Galley Kitchen Design

minimalist white galley kitchen

Unlike a one-wall kitchen, most classic galley kitchens have two walls along a short hallway on both sides that run into a separate room; others have dead ends, while others have doors that lead to breakfast nooks or even pantries. While minimalist galley kitchens are common in rental units, they can be elevated with anything from eye-catching frameless cabinets and patterned flooring to statement lighting and creative storage solutions.


Bespoke European-style kitchen cabinets allow homeowners to freely create their own kitchen cabinetry depending on their unique wants and precise space restrictions. Contact our experts at Oppolia to develop totally customized kitchen cabinets with optimal storage space and organization.

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