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5 Manufacturing Centers

OPPOLIA has 5 manufacturing plants located in Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Tianjin, Wuxi, Chengdu, which covers south, north, east and west of China, with a total area of over 2.78 million square meters to date, laying the foundation for us to offer the largest output in Asia.


Oppolia daily production capacity more than 3,500 sets of kitchen cabinets, 4,500 wardrobes, 1,800 bathroom cabinets and 2,400 interior doors.


With Germany Machinery and production software by HOMAG and using only the highest quality materials and matching that with intelligent, OPPOLIA’s products maintain European style and quality standard while the price is strongly competitive.

European Manufacturing System

Characterized by its automated production and integrated manufacturing Informationization, OPPOLIA’s manufacturing system is capable of handling mass-customization more precisely and efficiently, thus responding to diversified needs more quickly and flexibly.

Automated Production, More Precisely

-95% of OPPOLIA machinery coming from Germany and Italy
-Manufacturing process & technology planned and calibrated by Schuler Consultancy

Integrated Manufacturing Informationization, More Efficiently

The integrated manufacturing informationization, running through the whole process from product design, order sorting, production planning and control, to logistic and after-sales service, greatly enhances the data processing efficiency.

Global Supply Chain

OPPOLIA has developed a well-coordinated global supply chain. 95% of our strategic suppliers are world well known. In partnering with world class suppliers, OPPOLIA is looking to secure excellent quality, delivery and services that support our growth and innovation ambitions.

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