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About Products

OPPOLIA can design and make custom kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, bathroom vanities, interior doors, aluminum doors and windows and other home furniture. We can also offer full house solution.

OPPOLIA use plywood, MDF and particle board as based material for cabinet doors and carcase. And we have solid wood, wood veneer, metal foil, lacquer, PVC, acrylic, laminated, melamine for door finishes.For countertops, we have quality quartz stone and sintered stone for your options. See more information in material page.

OPPOLIA can provide complete cabinets and other products including accessories and appliances. For hardware, we use world famous brands like Blum, Hettich and SUSPA, and we also have Chinese brand DTC hardware for economical option. See more information in hardware page.

It depends on what product it is and its material. Please check detailed information here: production time.

We supply 5-year warranty for wood products and 1-year warranty for electrical appliance.

Please fill in the contact form and submit it, then you can read it online or download the catalogs yourself.

How to Buy

1. Client sends detailed floor plan drawing/layout to OPPOLIA
2. OPPOLIA prepares quotation in 7-14 days.
3. Client accepts budget and signature on PI and arrange 10% deposit payment.
4. Clients confirms all details and 3D & 2D drawings.
5. Client arranges payment for 40% production deposit.
6. Production
7. Client arranges 50% balance payment.
8. Shipping and installation

If you lack experience arranging international shipments, we can assist you. Please do not worry. We will recommend a professional forwarder to help you arrange shipment. For more details, don’t hesitate to contact our expert for direct communication.

OPPOLIA goods package is strong enough for sea shipping. We can provide both pre-assembled cabinets and flat pack cabinets.

We can send installers to help by charge. So if your order is retail, we suggest asking a local installer to help, and we will send the guidance for assistance. It is not that difficult.

The price is a quote according to the layout, size, and materials. Our prices are competitive in European quality cabinetry.

Usually, our quote is already competitive, and we will tell you if we have any promotional prices. And we can offer a higher discount if it is a repeat business, such as for cooperated builders, designers, and contractors. For further info, feel free to contact us.

It is great that you want to get a sample to check the quality. We can provide samples for customers. More details please contact us for direct communication.


You need to find clients, recommend them to OPPOLIA HQ, persuade purchase, and provide some local services to the clients. OPPOLIA HQ provides design, quotation, products and service to the clients. After products delivered, you will get commission.

Direct factory and partner price, subsidy for annual sales and samples, free training for sales/design/intelligent tools

All prospective applicants for partnership will need to submit a OPPOLIA PARTNERSHIP APPLICATION FORM. More detailed information would be more helpful for OPPOLIA to review the qualification.

Production Time

Kitchen Cabinets

Material Type Days
Solid wood finish 52-55 days
Wood veneer finish 58-63 days
Lacquer finish 28-33 days
Laminated finish 18-21 days
PVC finish 23-25 days
Acrylic finish 18-22 days
Melamine finish 18-22 days
Quartz Countertop 23-25 days


Solid wood finish 33-38 days
Lacquer finish 33-38 days
Laminated finish 19-21 days
PVC finish 32-34 days
Glass series 19-33 days
Melamine finish 14-27 days
Leather finish 19-33 days

Bathroom Vanities

Solid wood finish 35-40 days
Lacquer finish 23-35 days
Laminated finish 17-18 days
PVC finish 21-26 days
Acrylic finish 18-20 days
Melamine Finish 17-27 days
Quartz Countertop 23-25 days

Wooden Doors

Solid wood finish 54-56 days
Lacquer finish 41-43 days
Melamine finish 31-33 days
Wood Veneer finish 41-43days


  • Kitchen Cabinets Wardrobes Bathroom Vanities Interior Doors Aluminum Doors and Windows Whole House Solution
  • Kindly share your floor plan and house picture to get a quick quotation.
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