Floating Kitchen Island Ideas

Floating Kitchen Island

Floating kitchen islands are an excellent method to increase the amount of space in your kitchen. Most modern kitchens have islands as additional workstations, making them the hub of activity in the kitchen. Floating kitchen islands make your island appear to be floating above the floor, displaying a unique stunning look and positioning your island as the primary attraction of your kitchen. They may offer the illusion of additional counter space when put below eye level, making your kitchen look larger.

Here’s everything that you need to know before installing a floating kitchen island. In this post, we will discuss floating kitchen island designs, including what they are, the many varieties, the distinguishing features that make them stand out, and ideas you can apply.

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What Are Floating Kitchen Islands?

kitchen cabinets with a golden island

The Floating Kitchen Island is a contemporary trend in kitchen island concepts. These are island counters that appear to float without reinforcement.

Floating kitchen islands don’t actually defy gravity; they only appear to. If you have limited storage space and a tiny kitchen, these island units offer more working space than a kitchen bar counter.

There are many different varieties of kitchen islands available. However, home planners regard a floating island to be “floating” if the countertops extend over the base seating for chairs or bar stools. To create a floating illusion, some cabinet manufacturers contrast the finishing of the pedestal part. With this technique, you won’t be able to see where the island’s bottom meets the floor—it will appear to be hanging in mid-air.

Pros of a Floating Kitchen Island

wooden kitchen with a floating island

A floating kitchen island impresses guests with its useful but stylish appearance. The floating kitchen island, which appears to come straight out of a home design show, offers three major advantages.

Here are some advantages of having a floating kitchen island:

  • Style: Floating kitchen islands are fashionable and will wow your guests. They’re an eye-catching decorative element in the kitchen. Floating kitchen islands are also ideal for entertaining family members and friends since they provide additional areas for parties.
  • Storage Area: Floating kitchen islands offer a lot of storage and counter space. They provide tabletop, drawer, storage, and cabinet space to your kitchen. You can then keep all of your spices, culinary equipment, gadgets, and other items.
  • Cooking Capability: Because it serves as an entertainment and serving area as well as a workstation, the island doubles in functionality. Floating kitchen islands can include sinks for food preparation or tiny appliances, as well as ovens or grilling stations. You can even get the impression that you’re presenting your own culinary program.

Types of Floating Kitchen Islands

Floating Kitchen Island With Seating

White Scandinavian kitchen with a floating island

Mounting your countertop atop a mirrored kitchen cabinet is an ingenious approach to creating the appearance of a floating kitchen island. A contrasting material, such as a wood tone counter floating above natural wood floors, supported by while walls might also work. This location would still be a convenient spot for casual dining, but with more flair and trendiness.

This kitchen island is ideal for contemporary settings. If you just have enough space for a kitchen island, this is a terrific way to include a floating counter. To provide an overhang for the counter seats, a solid wood tone countertop block is added.

For a cleaner aesthetic, the entire kitchen countertop is made of one piece of wood tone block. The cantilever also allows you to store your counter stools while not in use.

Floating Kitchen Island Table

Modern kitchen design with a floating island

The dining room is one of the most commonly sacrificed places in tiny flats, but this design is a fantastic option if you live in a tiny apartment.

A (peninsula) floating kitchen island table with an open base provides an eating area as well as extra prep space for the kitchen in a relatively small footprint.

The marble like quartz countertop in this kitchen is anchored by a cabinetry column and a perpendicular tabletop, allowing for a broad open base. The use of veining white quartz in this design lends a great emphasis to the kitchen’s dark grey color scheme.

If you find bar stools or counter stools excessively uncomfortable, you may add a cantilever dining height top to your current kitchen counter. Alternatively, you can invest in elevated cushioned upholstery chairs for your dining space.

Floating Kitchen Island With Storage

Galley kitchen cabinets anchoring a floating island

Choose an island with cabinets, shelves, or drawers at the base to make the most of your space. Consider installing a pot rack above the island if it will be a permanent fixture in the room (and clear up the cabinets/drawers for other items).

This is a fantastic example of a freestanding kitchen island. The design includes a dark-toned wooden block top and sturdy wood and grey block stands for support. This not only offers storage space but also serves as a stylish method to adorn the room.

Two-thirds of the counter’s length is dedicated to a storage drawer and a flared shelf, while the remainder has an open base that lends the counter a light aspect.


We hope with the above information you are better positioned to make informed decisions about floating kitchen islands. In case you require to consult further about kitchen designs get in touch with our team at Oppolia for expert advice.

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