Global Cabinets Dealers Recruiting

OPPOLIA showroom

With the continuous expansion of the home improvement market and the upgrading of the consumption structure, the new generation of main consumers, born in the 1985s and 1990s, are paying more attention to the quality of home life. The home furnishing industry is meeting a new stage of development.
In order to allow these consumers to enjoy high-quality home life, OPPOLIA – a customized home furnishing brand dedicated to creating an exclusive full-room space for the Me generation, is carrying out worldwide cabinets dealer recruiting. Relying on OPPOLIA’s brand strength, production capacity, and full-house customization service, OPPOLIA has won more than 500 franchisees in just half a year, and the sales of representative stores in Nanjing, Chengdu, and other cities have achieved double-digit growth.

OPPOLIA showroom

Comprehensive Supports for Dealers

Since the home furnishing market’s development, the industry’s competition has become more and more fierce. For dealers, efficient and useful supports are key to success in this industry. By cooperating with Oppolia, we will provide you with a series of business support to help you through every stage of your franchising journey.

About Subsidy

Dealers will get direct factory prices for all products. And OPPOLIA will provide an annual sales rebate and showroom sample subsidy.

About Training

Dealers will get free and complete training from OPPOLIA, including sales, design, store management, and after-sales.

About Marketing

OPPOLIA will support dealers in trendy product selection, promotional materials preparation, and local advertisement.

About Tools

With intelligent design tools – 3D Home, CAXA, dealers can make a 3D model in 1 hour and offer a quotation list in 3 minutes.

Global Partnership is a cooperation between OPPOLIA and local companies (construction, building, interior design). It is a more flexible and affordable investment than franchising. Come to contact us and expand your business or start a new one with us.