High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets or Matte? How to Choose?

glossy white lacquer kitchen cabinets

You are well aware that while purchasing kitchen cabinets, you must consider size, style, material, and colors. But what about the finish? Have you thought about whether you want glossy or matte cabinets?

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Both might be ideal as the lovely heart of your house, and much will rely on you and your preferences. So, in this post, we’ll look at whether a gloss kitchen or a matte kitchen is a better fit for your style and needs.

When picking between glossy and matte finish cabinets, there are various variables to consider. We’ve put up a short guide to help you choose the right finish for your kitchen cabinets. Here is an overview of the two!

What are High Gloss and Matte Kitchen Cabinets?

Matte Finish Kitchen Cabinets

matte grey and white kitchen cabinets

Matte cabinets are a home design craze that has taken the interior design industry by storm. They’ve been there for a long, but only recently have they caught the attention of homeowners. This finish is considered stylish and modern. Because glossy finishes are the most likely to show scratches and fingerprints, matte finishes are good for hiding flaws in furniture.

Matt-finish cabinets do not reflect any light and appear flatter than gloss-finish cabinets. Cabinets with a matte surface, absorb light rather than reflect it. As a result, this finish will not make your room appear larger.

High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Glossy kitchen cabinets

High-gloss cabinets have a gleaming surface that reflects light, which is one of the primary reasons gloss kitchens, particularly white gloss kitchens, are so popular. Smudges, scratches,  and fingerprints are more visible on glossy kitchen furnishings because they reflect so much light. Nonetheless, they are simple to clean, so those visible flaws may not be a major concern because you can easily eliminate them.

Glossy surfaces, however, are not for everyone. They only look perfectly fine in modern kitchen designs and not so much in classic ones.

What Are Their Advantages and Disadvantages?

High gloss white kitchen cabinets

Advantages of High Gloss Finishes

  • Perfect for small Kitchens: High gloss may make a small area appear bigger and wider than it is.
  • Reflect Light: Because the reflected light generates a dazzling surface, a high gloss finish is great for tiny and compact size kitchens, creating the sense of more open space.
  • Easy to Clean: High-gloss kitchen cabinets are simple to maintain, which homeowners will like! Clean the cabinet doors and drawer fronts using a micro-fibre (non-scratch) cloth.

Disadvantages of High Gloss Finishes

  • Dirt is more noticeable: Scratches, grime, and fingerprints stand out more on a high gloss surface than on matte finish or a semi-gloss.
  • Dark colors make flaws more noticable: Any little flaws on the surface of the cabinets such as finger prints or scratches, will be more noticeable on a dark color high gloss finish than on a lighter color high gloss surface.

Advantages of Matte Finish

  • Flaws/ dirt is less visible: Because light does not reflect, scratches, fingerprints and other marks are less visible on a matt finish.
  • An even color: The matte finish creates a constant color appearance. This is due to the fact that, in the absence of reflected light, colors in various sections of the cabinet fronts appear identical.

Disadvantages of Matte Finish

  • Doesn’t reflect light: You’ll get a more subdued effect with a matt finish. It is not the ideal choice for tiny or compact kitchen areas since the light will not reflect and the room may seem cramped.

High Gloss Kitchen Designs

White Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

White high gloss kitchen

It’s undeniable a gloss finish in an all-white kitchen is eye-catching.  Take a look at the glossy finish on this pearly white kitchen. The quartz waterfall island in the kitchen is a lovely addition to this lovely space.

Grey Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Grey high gloss kitchen

These light grey high gloss kitchen cabinets, when combined with grey or white walls, floor, and ceiling, provide the illusion of a larger area. To complement the shiny finish, we installed under-cabinet lighting.

Matte Kitchen Designs

Matte Black Kitchen

Matte black kitchen

Matte Black provides a classic modern aesthetic that is simple to produce in any kitchen. Combination of matte black and natural wood embellishments. This black kitchen design has a magnificent and welcoming appearance.

Matte Grey Handleless Kitchen

Matte grey Kitchen

Thanks to their simplistic form and super-matt surface, these grey cabinets are ideal for individuals looking to create a pared-back look.

Matte White Kitchen

Matte white kitchen

White matt kitchens have a soft, smooth texture combined with a brilliant white appearance, creating an open sense and a calming setting. Combining the matt surface’s plain design with a simple wood-tone countertop creates a pared-back aesthetic and soothing place in the kitchen.

What Are Some Factors to Consider When Choosing a High Gloss or Matte Finish?

matte green and gloss grey kitchen
  • Flooring: Is your flooring shiny or matte? You could wish to attempt contrasting finishes, i.e., matte cabinets with gloss flooring, or gloss cabinets with matte flooring.
  • Lighting: Consider a glossy finish for a dark room and a matte finish for a well-lit room because glossy surfaces reflect light.
  • Surface Characteristics: A matte surface hides stains well, whereas a glossy surface attracts fingerprints. If you are a sloppy chef or don’t have time for frequent maintenance, a matte finish is the better option.

Final Word

It is vital to choose the finish for your kitchen cabinets that best meets your family’s demands and lifestyle when embarking on a new kitchen design or kitchen remodel.

If you want to create a kitchen with glossy or matt cabinets! Get a kitchen quotation immediately, at Oppolia, we also offer bespoke cabinetry solutions.

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