Home Renovation for Olympic champion Zhang Jike

OPPOLIA had completed a home renovation for Zhang Jike – Olympic Champion in Table Tennis. Zhang commented, “I think design from OPPOLIA is indeed User-centered and beautiful.” Let’s see how OPPOLIA provided design and renovation service for Zhang Jike’s home.

Before Renovation

OPPOLIA’s designer communicated deeply with Zhang Jike’s family to know their needs. Zhang’s father wanted to make a better kitchen exhaust system, and there were too many large items in the room.

And Zhang’s mother was worried about the renovation of the entertainment area, which should serve as a display space for the father’s collection and satisfy his need to drink tea.

Visit OPPOLIA Showroom

After knowing about the family’s needs, the OPPOLIA designer showed Zhang Jike around the new showroom to choose his preferred designs. The beautiful and trendy designs satisfied him. And he chose a minimalist white style for this renovation.

What Zhang Said After Renovation

OPPOLIA designer tried to retain the original traditional style while updating it with trendy entry-luxury touches that meet Zhang’s generation’s demands.

Zhang’s thoughts about the new home:

Entrance Cabinets

When I first glanced at the new house, I thought that you must entrust those professional works to a professional team. When I entered the room for the first time, I noticed that it had become much larger than before. Significantly, the entrance which transforms into a completely different space. It’s not about changing furniture, but about the strong visual impact, it creates. I have never seen a design like that in the place where my mom keeps shoes. The design from OPPOLIA is user-centered and pleasing to the eye.

Living Room Cabinets

I also like the large living room with so many storage spaces, which is very easy to use. As I mentioned earlier, the pictures on the wall look much better now. It seems like the entire layout has become more reasonable using user-centered design details. It appears the items we store are valued up.

Kitchen Cabinets

The utility space in the kitchen is much larger than before. And the kitchen layout is flexible and efficient. There are details like the drawers for dishes, the dishwasher, and those pull-down baskets in the wall cabinets. Where it is hardly used can easily be accessed by pulling it down. Even for that corner, I ignored it. OPPOLIA team perfected it with a user-centered design. Such as the top storage where I might need to step on a stool to access before. So I told my renovation team and my parents that a new kitchen would force me to clean it up after cooking. And it is also effortless to maintain tidiness.

Walk in Closets

I love the walk-in closet so much. It is a dream. Whenever I walk into the room, the closet cheers me up like walking into a shopping mall. It makes me feel so good. Also, I like the sofa as I often sit on those sofas when shopping at the mall. The closet is much easier to use. I can find what I’m looking for quickly. And we can now display those items we had trouble storing before in the new closet. That way, I can easily find the suit in the closet when I need to dress up and go out. The built-in mirror is an excellent addition as well.

Entertainment Room

As soon as I entered entertainment room, I felt something special. I play table tennis for a living and taste tea for pleasure. I enjoy it. However, at the former home, there was no room for a tea tasting or having some private conversations with my parents. Sometimes, I’d like my parents to drink some nice tea, but that requires a pleasant environment where we can appreciate the quality of tea. Sitting in this room and drinking a decent cup of tea collected by my dad is incredibly peaceful and healing.


In my opinion, this renovation has met its goal. My motivation for renovating the house was to make our home a better place for them to live. That’s the goal, and we made it.

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