Kitchen Ideas With Calacatta Quartz Countertops

Kitchen Ideas With Calacatta Quartz Countertops

Calacatta quartz worktops are stunning, one-of-a-kind slabs of stone that will transform any kitchen, lavatory, or bar. Calacatta features a bright white background with prominent veining. It enhances the visual appeal of the kitchen counters. Overall, it gives an elegant appearance and works well with practically any kitchen motif.

When you pick calacatta quartz countertops, you don’t have to compromise between aesthetics, elegance, and sustainability. You can have it all while also making a terrific long-term investment. With all of the advantages of quartz, the most difficult decision you’ll have to make is which design countertop to go with.

We’ll show you the most preferred calacatta quartz countertop styles and patterns in this post so you can select one that suits your taste. Let’s get this ball rolling.

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What Is Calacatta Quartz?

White kitchen with quartz island

Calacatta Quartz is very long-lasting quartz. These quartz stones are thick, natural, and make a bold statement. Calacatta Quartz is often utilized because of its stain and scratch resistance. Quartz possesses these characteristics since it is exceedingly hard and durable, as well as simple to maintain and care for. This allows you to utilize this material in a variety of settings, such as restrooms, kitchens, and dining areas.

Calacatta quartz features characteristic veining, making it a one-of-a-kind and functional item. Calacatta is a white chunk of quartz with blue-gray veining. Some varieties feature different white colors and tints, and also more brown-gray veining against the cooler, conventional blue-gray veining.

The vein patterns differ from type to type, and even from item to item because they are all utilized to make distinct pieces of quartz. These characteristics frequently imitate the look of pricey marble, yet they are still made of quartz.

Modern white and wood-tone kitchen

Calacatta quartz is equated to timeless elegance and class, making it one of the most desired countertops on the market today. Quartz, being a manmade stone, has durability, temperature resistance, and stain resistance. As a result, it can withstand regular wear and tear effectively. Calacatta quartz can also be tailored to complement the existing kitchen motif. As a result of its unrivaled strength, practical usefulness, and attractive variety, it is an excellent choice for kitchen counters.

If you choose Calacatta countertops with exquisite designs, your kitchen will never go overlooked. It gives a classy touch to your kitchen and adjacent spaces. Besides that, with Calacatta quartz, you may enjoy the look and feel of marble countertops without the drawbacks.

Calacatta quartz texture may offer you the same aesthetic as marble at a considerably cheaper price range, with the bonus of strength and longevity. Because of its nonporous structure, quartz is chemical and scratch-resistant.  Unlike traditional granite or marble, it does not need to be sealed, making it simple to care for.

Calacatta Quartz worktops in the kitchen are the most practical option since they are simple to clean and maintain. As a result, just choose the best quartz countertops supplier in terms of price, quality, and customer happiness to improve the mood of your kitchen. Furthermore, its stunning colors and patterns make it an excellent choice for adorning your kitchen.

Kitchen Designs With Calacatta Quartz Countertops

Modern High Gloss Kitchen With Island

Modern high gloss kitchen with Island

This is a set of contemporary kitchen cabinets. The cabinet doors are lacquered in a high gloss white finish. Gloss-coated doors with embedded handles offer a modern appearance. White kitchen cabinets have long been popular because they provide a simple and high-end sense to your house. The benchtop is made of white quartz stone, which includes 90% quartz stone and is quite durable.

This modern kitchen exudes comfort and relaxation while being functional — the essence of what we require in our homes. Depending on your own preferences, this style integrates an attractive kitchen design layout and might lean toward a more modern aesthetic.

The Calacatta quartz countertop is sleek and futuristic, and it appears to be a unique work of art. The warm white background is grounding and soothing, while the brown floor shimmers. If you’re looking for kitchen countertops that will impress your guests and appear to be custom-designed for you, this is the one.

Wood Kitchen With Calacatta Quartz Countertop

Wood Kitchen With Calacatta Quartz Countertop

This is a trending luxurious modern kitchen design. The kitchen features an elegant island with a calacatta quartz countertop and wood-tone handleless kitchen cabinets. Striking and elegant lighting in an open space layout to cater to functionality and convenience.

The all-white kitchen style of the 2010s is on its way out. Natural woods and elegant cabinets, particularly quartz countertops, have taken their place. Calacatta quartz cabinets and countertops are popular because they have a dramatic, rich look that complements wood tones and the colors of the season.

The kitchen cabinet drawers have a gorgeous handleless construction with a 45-degree tilt technique, and all kitchen appliances are built-in, resulting in a trendy and contemporary kitchen.

Every cabinet maker will offer this as one of their top suggestions for functional yet controllable bathroom and kitchen vanity tops. You may also purchase this ready-to-install countertop from our inventory for your next remodeling job.

Grey Kitchen With Calacatta Quartz Countertop

Grey Kitchen With Calacatta Quartz Countertop

Modern grey kitchen cabinets have become popular in recent years. Grey kitchens appear to be relaxing, sophisticated, and opulent. This grey kitchen design features medium grey matte lacquered finish cabinet doors coupled with white countertops, resulting in a sophisticated and elegant kitchen.

The big kitchen has a galley kitchen and high cupboards with plenty of storage capacity for users. On one side of the island, there is a long bar. You may have a good lunch, tea, or study here. It’s an elegant design modern grey kitchen with functional features.

Would you like your countertops to dazzle? If you answered yes, you should look into this design. The eye-catching quartz veining shines out spectacularly against the gray backdrop. This countertop is designed for the ultimate opulent kitchen, but as previously said, you don’t have to compromise sturdiness to get this stunning aesthetic.

Modern White Kitchen With a Peninsula

Modern white kitchen with a peninsula

This is a huge, classic parallel white kitchen with glossy white high cabinets. The parallel kitchen arrangement and handleless cabinet design make the kitchen elegant and light. The glossy white and calacatta quartz countertop accents provide warmth to the home interior, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The countertop is calacatta white quartz, which provides an exquisite yet easy-to-maintain aesthetic.

The use of space is an important consideration in kitchen interior design. This kitchen design maximizes the kitchen area to give adequate storage and circulation room.

This design is perfect for you if you’re looking for quartz countertop hues and patterns that will bring drama to your kitchen. This stunning manufactured quartz leaves a gentle trail of deep grey veining on a glossy white backdrop. Despite the fact that the veining adds drama, the hues are simple enough to go with any kitchen decor.

Shaker White Kitchen Design

Shaker white kitchen design

This design features the pure white cabinet doors and built-in kitchen appliances and the prolonged table surrounding the calacatta white quartz countertop. The use of white shaker doors and kitchen island provides a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere in the area. The calacatta quartz countertop and all-black kitchen hardware contribute to the kitchen’s noble and luxurious look.

With this design, you may create a room that expresses your bold individuality. This stone is one-of-a-kind due to its blinding white base with well-defined faint grey veins. It has a creamy white backdrop with subtle-grey appealing veins. No kitchen designer would deny the stunning beauty of its surface. So, bear in mind that you cannot go wrong with this stone while redesigning your kitchen.


Finding a sophisticated, long-lasting, and high-quality Calacatta quartz is today easier than it was a few years ago. Our calibrated collection of excellent quartz stones will leave you speechless and will always allow you to win the hearts of your visitors.

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