Minimalist Kitchen Designs

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The ideal trinity of the kitchen is cleanliness, organization, and functionality, making minimalism the ideal design trend for this space. A minimalist kitchen can improve the appearance and functionality of a tiny kitchen. It enables the use of materials with streamlined designs and uncluttered, clean surfaces.

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When designing a minimalist kitchen, you consider aspects such as the shape, the materials, the color combination, and the general aesthetics of the space. The space can be created and utilized creating a warm ambiance that makes people want to linger. Lets learn more about minimalist kitchen designs.

What is a Minimalist Kitchen Design?

Modern minimalist kitchen

The ‘less is more’ tenets apply when it comes to minimalist kitchen interior design. However, even with capitalizing on less, the proper approach will allow minimalist kitchens to retain their personality and sense of design. Keeping things simple gives a feeling of tranquility, sophistication, and expanse and can be applied to both small and large spaces.

A minimalist kitchen is basically when one used the available space in a more sensible way by putting into consideration things such as organization, decluttering, use of more stylish material, and getting rid of things that create a dull mood in the room.

Characteristics of a Minimalist Kitchen

 Dark grey minimalist kitchen

A minimalist kitchen values elegance, utilizing fine materials to ensure simplicity. This design offers a sophisticated appeal owing to the sharp contrast between the warm materials and cutting-edge fixtures and fittings.

  • This design is often customized to suit the owner’s taste and preferences. The minimalist kitchen is often designed to accommodate one’s liking and what they consider classy and convenient for them.
  • When designing a minimalist kitchen, safety is very important. The arrangement of kitchen appliances, the counter shape, and placement, cutlery, and décor, all are strategically placed to ensure safety in the kitchen.
  • The materials used in designing a minimalist kitchen are easy to install and workaround. A minimalist kitchen uses material that is easy to entangle and assemble so as to ensure ease of operations within the kitchen.
  • Due to its simplicity attribute, a minimalist kitchen is usually appealing with all items being placed in the right spot for an intended purpose.
  • A minimalist kitchen prioritizes only essential kitchen items. This way one is able to save a lot of money by only procuring what is ultimately necessary.

Tips for Creating a Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist kitchen idea
  • Play with color combinations

The use of neutral colors can help accentuate the look and mood of the room. White is often a strong and vibrant color; it helps make the space look big as well as make the different components of the room stand out. Sometimes using solid colors can help the room look larger and more lively.

  • Utilize combined storage spaces

When designing a minimalist kitchen, use storage spaces that allow the pairing of kitchen items so as to save on space. By placing things in combined space one is able to create space for other things or just for room aesthetics.

  • Declutter the room

If you have a small kitchen consider decluttering the space by getting rid of unnecessary items. You can consider removing items that you do not often use or those which do not necessarily have to be placed in the kitchen.

  • Organize the space for flexibility

When placing items, they should be strategically placed for convenience of movement within the room. For instance, the knife set should be placed close to the chopping board and counter space for an easy flow of operation in the kitchen.

Some Minimalist Kitchen Designs

White minimalist kitchen

White minimalist kitchen

Minimalist design and white kitchen ideas complement each other, so keep your color palette basic, subtle, and fuss-free.

The white minimalist kitchen emphasizes on white color on the waterfall island, which helps keep the room sparkling and bright while the material used provides a strong base for durability.

Black minimalist kitchen

Black minimalist kitchen

Black minimalist kitchen offers a strong theme, one that has become popular. This contemporary black kitchen design offers a regal and inviting appearance.

Scandinavian Minimalist Kitchen

Scandinavian Minimalist Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen design stands out for numerous reasons: pared-back, basic, clean areas – and a successful balance of form and function produce aesthetically beautiful, yet functional kitchens.

Small Minimalist Kitchen

Small Minimalist Kitchen

This modest eat-in kitchen combines gentle silver with a woodtone touch and midcentury contemporary details. The use of open shelves in this kitchen design ensures that items are visible and accessible. It also allows exhibition of lovely décor pieces.

Japanese Minimalist Kitchen

Japanese minimalist Kitchen

This kitchen has an overall modern look, one that encompasses the diversity functionality of a kitchen space. The Japanese minimalist kitchen’s overall design is more elegant and grand.


Minimalist kitchen designs have become the go to in this era due to their simplicity and convenience. The design will keep your kitchen space beautiful, organized and lively. Looking to design a minimalist kitchen for your next house project, We got you covered. Get in touch with our Oppolia team.

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