8 Stunning and Functional Open Plan Kitchen Ideas

kitchen dining room

Open plan kitchen ideas make space integration plans for both large and tiny homes. This solution provides an entertaining area, a cooking space, and a place to gather for precious family time. Usually, this open kitchen design integrates different home spaces, such as the living room and dining room. It takes skill to mix these rooms into a harmonious one. Well-designed kitchen plans will double the room, making the room versatile and efficient. We have collected 8 gorgeous open kitchen designs for inspiration. After seeing these stylish solutions, you may get an idea for your home. Sit back and enjoy a gallery of beauty!

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1.  Add a Glass Door to Make it Airy

modern open kitchen with glass door

In a large room with an open design, you can separate different zones with a glass door. The transparent partition adds an airy and clean feel to the room while maintaining its overall feel. Open-concept kitchen-dining room incorporate minimalist designs and wood-colored furniture to create a simple but pleasing combination.

2.  Keep a Great View for Outdoor Scene

open plan off white and green kitchen

We already wanted something functional and open, so why not make the outside view just a few steps from the open kitchen? The open-plan kitchen could be converted into an outdoor-indoor serving bar which is convenient and creative. Imagine having a lovely afternoon with your friends and family, having all the snacks prepared right in this gorgeous open kitchen.

3.  Classic and Elegant Combination

black and white open plan kitchen design

The white and black color scheme sets a clean and simple beauty of the open floor plan kitchen. A classic shaker-style kitchen cabinet creates an elegant design that lasts for years to come. The central island is beautifully illuminated by stylish pendant lights, making it the perfect bar counter to enjoy a glass of wine after a long day’s work.

4.  Eat-in Kitchen with Open Layout

eat-in kitchen with open layout

The eat-in kitchen is a perfect combination of cooking and dining areas. There may not be enough space in a small apartment for a dedicated dining area. In this case, you can take advantage of the open-plan eat-in kitchen to explore the room as much as possible. This open-layout kitchen is versatile and practical, featuring a U shape and various storage solutions to maximize room utility.

5.  Enjoy the Wood-tone Aesthetics

wood open kitchen design

Natural wood color is never the wrong choice for kitchen designs. Finish the cabinets in this brown and fresh color to echo the wooden floor and enhance the natural aesthetic of the entire room. With a table attached to the island, this open kitchen concept will be a versatile addition to your home space.

6.  Finish the Cabinets in Bold Black

open concept black kitchen design

Some people may feel that the normal colors don’t accurately reflect their personalities. Don’t be afraid to be wild when designing your open-concept kitchen. Most of the custom cabinets in this open kitchen design are finished in black lacquer, with some accents in the natural wood tone, bringing out a unique and eye-catching beauty to people who walk into the room.

7.  Open-concept Kitchen Living Room

kitchen living room design

When the living room and kitchen are combined, it will be much easier to converse with guests while cooking. As we mentioned before, open kitchen ideas should serve both socializing and cooking functions. With a streamlined design, this open kitchen layout integrates cooking, dining, and living spaces seamlessly.

8.  Let it be a Bright and Sleek Open Plan Kitchen

modern matte white large kitchen design

Enough illumination and natural lighting will magnificently benefit your open-concept kitchen design. In this modern open kitchen, stylish pendant lighting and small fixtures offer sufficient brightness. Also, adjacent to a large window, the rest of the room will become bright and airy on sunny days. Remember don’t block the sunlight and make the entire open kitchen bright and sleek.

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