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Welcome to the Thriving Business — Custom Home Furnishings

value of furniture market

Since 2000, the furniture market has grown rapidly, with a value of 530.1 billion USD by 2021. Home furnishings are a must for home sellers and residents. As people desire uniqueness these days, custom-made furniture is definitely a big hit. It is the best time to start and grow your business!

OPPOLIA – The Master of Custom Furnishings

Top Brand of Cabinetry

-The world's leading manufacturer of custom interiors
-27 years experience in custom cabinet industry

Production Capacity

- 5 factories covering 2,000,000 ㎡ of area
- 2020 annual production reached 4,000,000 sets of cabinets

Design & Technology

- Italian design team leading the trend
- Maximize efficiency with professional tools (CAXA, 3D Home)

OPPOLIA Global Partnership — Easy to Succeed in Business

Global Partnership refers to the cooperation between OPPOLIA and local companies(construction, building, interior design). We offer more flexible and affordable solutions than franchising. Come and expand your business or start a new one with us.

Low Investment

No showroom & stockpile needed
Flexible to run the business

High Profit

Direct factory purchases, more profit
Pricing depends on your local market

Business Development

A wide range of products for full house
Expand your business with OPPOLIA

How OPPOLIA Global Partner Works?

As an angent between OPPOLIA and individual customers, no matter you are construction company, trade company, interior designer, contractor,  you can do it.

How Does OPPOLIA Support Your Business?

3D Home, CAXA, and other software, 1hr to make a 3D model, 3mins to offer quotation list; To improve your efficiency of design and sales.
Free & complete training including sales, design, store management, and after-sales training; Help you to build a strong and successful team step by step.
A direct factory price for purchasing; A rebate based on your annual sales; A subsidy for the showroom samples; To reduce your costs and help you earn more profit.
Offering you the best samples of trendy products (while offering a discount); Providing essential promotional materials to boost your sales.

How Can You Become A Global Partner?

Make Inquiry & Pass Evaluation of OPPOLIA

Sign Contract & Get the Dealership

Improve Your Team by OPPOLIA Support

Initial Requirements For Dealership Applications:

-Ability of sales and interior design
-Experience in interior design/construction/home decoration/cabinets retail industry ≥1 year
-Brand dealer fee:3,000 USD

OPPOLIA Worldwide Service Centers

OPPOLIA has 2,500+ service centers in mainland China and 20+ service centers overseas, and the number continues to increase.

OPPOLIA service center

What Do the OPPOLIA Partners Say?

"There were several investment opportunities that caught my attention, but Oppolia really stood out. The global partner is an extraordinary way to cooperate. Definitely, we're going to get along!"
Mr. G
"The work-life balance was essential to me because I was looking for a way to have flexibility with my young family and to leave the corporate world. The Oppolia partner really caught my attention. A great way to earn money while still having a life."
Mr. C
"Great work and impressive professionals! It is truly a worthwhile way to expand our business. Hopefully, we will succeed together!"
Mr. K
Design Studio Owner

OPPOLIA Project Gallery

Here are several accomplished projects for your reference. Check OPPOLIA one-stop solution for whole-house furnishing.

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