All White Kitchen Cabinets for Apartment Project in Australia

Supplied Product: All White Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanity, Closet

Project Name: Burwood Grand

Location: 47 Belmore St, Burwood NSW 2134

Quantity: 498 Units

Imagine stepping into a dream kitchen that embodies the essence of modern elegance and pure simplicity. This modern kitchen features a one-wall layout complemented by a stunning standalone island. The kitchen cabinets, characterized by a minimalist handleless design, are finished in a matte white lacquer, creating a seamless and sleek appearance. These cabinets offer a timeless aesthetic, embodying the very essence of chic functionality.
The statement-piece kitchen island is topped with a white quartz countertop. The waterfall edge design of the countertop cascades down the sides of the island, creating a fluid and continuous aesthetic that exudes sophistication. This design feature not only enhances the overall look of the island but also adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen setup.

All White Kitchen for Apartment Project in Australia
The all-white kitchen design is punctuated using advanced appliances integrated into the cabinetry, providing an uninterrupted, clean look. The matte white finish absorbs and reflects light, adding a sense of spaciousness and depth. This clean palette allows for a free play of contrasting elements in colorful dishes, stainless steel appliances, or the occasional green from indoor plants.
Thanks to its well-designed, practical island, the kitchen is not just a place for meal preparation but also an inviting space for casual dining or a quick cup of coffee. The white quartz countertop is durable and stain-resistant and adds a sleek, polished look that pairs beautifully with the matte white cabinets.
This modern all-white kitchen, with its matte white lacquer finish cabinets and waterfall edge island, offers a bright, clean, inviting space that marries functionality with high design. It’s a space that inspires culinary creativity while serving as the heart and soul of the home.

All White Bathroom for Apartment Project in Australia

Burwood Grand is a landmark mixed-use development that combines high-quality residential spaces with superior access to amenities. The building project comprises three towers with an 11-floor, a 24-floor, and a 19-floor tower, consisting of 498 apartments with premium finishes, 16 retail outlets, 4036 square meters of council chambers, and 4 levels of basement parking.

Oppolia is committed to ensuring that the custom kitchen cabinets in every apartment project comply with the original design provided by the client. With meticulous attention to detail, we strive to bring the interior designers’ vision to life.

Modern Apartment Project in Australia

From the initial consultation to completion, our skilled professionals worked closely with the designer to understand their unique requirements and preferences. We took precise measurements, carefully selected materials, and employed advanced manufacturing techniques to create white kitchen cabinets that perfectly matched the original design. Our team understood the importance of maintaining design integrity and ensured that every aspect of the kitchen cabinets, from the layout to the finishes, was executed flawlessly.

Modern Apartment Project in Australia

We always work closely with our clients during consultation at every stage to ensure that the final result surpasses their expectations. Our unwavering commitment to quality and client satisfaction has made Oppolia Home a reliable name for customized cabinetry and joinery.

If you are interested in our services and products, please feel free to get in touch, and one of our CS professionals will contact you within 48 hours. We look forward to working with you and making your property a local landmark with high-value interiors.