European Kitchen and Bath Project in Australia

Project Name: Frankie Apartment European Kitchen and Bath Project

Location: 125 Francis Street, Yarraville, Victoria 3013

Supplied Product: Kitchen Cabinet, Bathroom Vanity, Laundry Cabinet

Quantity: 131 Units

This new residential development is located in the heart of Yarraville Village and features spacious 1, 2, & 3-bedroom apartments with modern European interiors. Designed by PEDDLE THORP and built by HAMILTONMARINO BUILDERS, these apartments represent an innovative lifestyle in the area. The residents will enjoy the most precious living experience with convenient amenities and an open city view.

European Kitchen and Bath Project in AustraliaSupplying the exact cabinets that correspond to the original design, our company made the interior in a stunning performance for amazing potential clients. Our team is committed to delivering the finest results to our partners by making every design a reality. And for this apartment project, we supplied kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and laundry cabinets.

The kitchen cabinets are in pure white to present a delightful texture of a modern simple aesthetic. The open-plan kitchen becomes both functional and attractive by adding an exquisite wooden table extension. With an exceptional customisation service, we have given each apartment the perfect interior, as the design goes beyond standard cabinets.

European Kitchen and Bath Project in Australia

European Kitchen and Bath Project in AustraliaCustomisation is one of our prides, and streamlined service is one of our priorities. Offering the products efficiently is our commitment to every client.

Thanks to our AI manufacturing system, procedures at all stages of the project management are inspected and efficient. Our company provides a one-stop solution for furnishing projects, from design transformation to product installation. With more than 20 years of experience in the Australian market, our dedicated Australian business team has earned the trust of leading developers and constructors. Oppolia Home could always be the best choice for top-notch furnishings supply.

If you are interested in our European kitchen and bath cabinets, please feel free to send an inquiry, and one of our CS professionals will contact you within 48 hours. We look forward to working with you and making your property a local landmark with high-value interiors.