Whole-house Customization Home Case, Toronto, Canada

Location: Toronto, Canada

Supplied Product:  Whole-house Customization Solution

As an experienced whole-house solution provider, Oppolia never disappoints our customers. In this Toronto house project, we offered a complete package of cabinets throughout the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, powder room, living room, dining room, home theater, walk-in closet, etc. Customization is always our pride. In this project, our skilled consultants and designers worked together to fully understand customer requirements, with feedback stating “excellent service and remarkable efficiency.”

TV Cabinet & Wet Bar

The symmetrical design creates a clean and modern aesthetic to this room, and the mix of open shelves and base cabinets contributes to a neat layout.

Wall-Mounted Tv Unit Design With Open Shelves With Base Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets & Pantry

High-gloss cabinets mix with the dark woodgrain island to transfer a sophisticated and harmonious modern touch. The waterfall countertop enhances the design details to complete the central hub of the space. We built every appliance integrated seamlessly with cabinets to keep a visually appealing look and convenient layout.

Modern high gloss cabinets with wood grain island countertop

Contemporary Symmetrical Kitchen Wet BarModern High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets

Walk-in Closet

No one can refuse a dedicated and exclusive walk-in closet. The open-plan design of the wardrobes provides a clear view of clothing collections, and multifunctional accessories maximize storage space.

Modern Luxury Walk In Closet Dressing Room Wardrobe

Bathroom Vanities & Laundry Cabinet

A powder room and two bathrooms are furnished with Oppolia premium vanities in fresh and soothing muted colors – blue, green, and white. Floating vanities make rooms feel bigger and help lighten the spaces. The compact laundry room makes full use of the space and puts every essential appliance seamlessly into the space. Simple and practical features are the key to a small room.

Modern Laundry & Powder Room Combo - Interior Design

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