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High Quality Aluminum Frame Structure

Aluminum Frame Structure

- 6063-T5 Aluminum Profile: Good corrosion resistance & Almost no anti-rust treatment
- Technoform heat insulation strips: Great durability & thermal insulation
- Using composite EPDM rubber gaskets, meeting DIN7863 standard
- Configured with premium hardware from world-leading brands, such as HOPPE and ROTO
- Combined with a multi-point locking system and quality rubber seal strips to ensure the solidity and smoother operation of doors and windows

Aluminium Doors and Windows With Great Performances

Heat Insulation

Heat Insulation
Reduce the heat by 13 degrees

- Argon gas-filled glass to minimize heat transfer
- Built-in heat-insulating strips
The aluminum window uses the world-famous brand - German Technoform precision extruded heat insulation strip, which is a combination of C+I shape PA66GF25 non-recycled nylon new material and glass fiber heat insulation strip and can prevent 80% of the heat transfer of the aluminum material. So the window's thermal insulation, safety, water resistance, and aesthetics are superior.

Wind Resistance

Wind Resistance
Withstand 3 - 5 KPa wind pressure

- Aluminum frame with bridge cut-off structure
- Hidden drainage system to cope with heavy rain
- Profiles: use raw aluminum ingots and rods and never use recycled aluminum. Follow European standards, and strictly control the ratio of elements such as magnesium, silicon, iron, etc., to ensure the mechanical strength of aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy profiles.
- Glass: From famous glass suppliers CSG and XYG, passed the ISO2000 quality system certification. High safety performance, using first-class tempered glass, high toughness, strong bearing capacity, impact strength, and bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of the same ordinary glass.

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction
Effectively reduces noise by 35 decibels

- Tempered glass to efficiently block out noise
- Sealing stripes and glue enhance the insulation
The double-glazed glass has a spacer layer of 12A+, filled with inert argon gas. And we also offer an upgrade option of 13 layers of triple-silver LOW-E coating warm-edge central control or double insulating glass. The double-glazed glass has outstanding sound insulation and heat insulation effect and prevents condensation and fogging. It can bear a temperature difference three times as ordinary glass.

Great Durability

Great Durability

The beauty stays for years
- High precision aluminum alloy frame for anti-corrosion
- 45° joint cutting & assembly with good sealing
- Double or triple-glazed windows & doors (Glass pane thickness from 5mm to 10mm)


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