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Modern Kitchens: Buying Guide

What is a modern kitchen

A modern kitchen is sleek and streamlined. It consists of minimalist, space-saving cabinets and functional appliances in a simple color palette. A contemporary style kitchen reflects the current trend. It is trendy, high-tech, and eco-friendly in a clean style. Contemporary kitchens resemble modern ones, having minimalist, sleek, and wood-accented outlooks. A modern and contemporary kitchen will become an open and clutter-free space in your home to relax and entertain.

Modern cabinets door style

A slab and frameless cabinet door style are one of the distinctions of modern kitchen designs. A modern slab door is smooth without panels, frame, or other decors, creating a sleek and streamlined look.

Popular modern kitchen colors

White modern kitchen

White kitchen cabinets are visually pleasing and can brighten up a kitchen. They can be less expensive to replace than other kitchen cabinet colors. White glossy cabinets are easier to clean thanks to the smooth surface.

Grey modern kitchen

Grey modern kitchens can improve the overall look of a home. You can combine the grey colors with other colors to create a unique and more contemporary look kitchen. And they can be used to match other kitchen accessories and are easy to clean.

Black modern kitchen

Black kitchen color can add a touch of luxury to any kitchen and make it look more modern and sleek. Black cabinets complement some unique and eye-catching elements in the kitchen. They can help to improve the overall outlook of the kitchen.

Wood tone kitchen

Wood accent cabinets are a natural and sustainable option that can provide a warm, inviting feel to a kitchen. They are in a timeless look that you can update easily. They are easy to pair with other solid colors to add warmth to the cozy kitchen.

Modern kitchen finishes

Lacquer kitchen

Lacquer is a type of varnish used to protect the wood from moisture and other damage. And it is also used as a decorative coating on wood. The lacquer kitchen is beautiful and durable, with a high-quality and modern look. The lacquer cabinet door is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

Laminate kitchen

Laminate finish kitchens are easy to clean and maintain, saving you time and hassle. Laminate surfaces are scratch-resistant, which can help protect your cabinets from damage. And you can feel free to use them in any climate, making them a valuable option for kitchens in warmer climates. Laminate finishes are affordable and have a variety of attractive finishes that can match any décor.

Thermofoil kitchen

Thermofoil is a type of finish that is heat-treated and then applied to the surface of a cabinet. This finish is very durable and does not require any special care. It is a very attractive finish that can enhance the look of any cabinet. The thermofoil finish cabinet is available in a variety of colors and patterns. It is a good choice for a kitchen or bathroom because it is easy to clean and has a modern look.

Melamine kitchen

Melamine is a synthetic resin. It is often used in wooden furniture and other products because it is a durable and affordable material. It is resistant to staining and fading, and it is also easy to clean. Melamine cabinets are a good choice for kitchens and other home areas where durability and easy cleanup are important.

Modern kitchen designs

There are many different and popular kitchen designs in modern styles, such as modern Scandinavian kitchens, modern industrial kitchens, modern shaker kitchens, modern farmhouse kitchens, modern Italian kitchens, and modern minimalist kitchens, etc. Their core design concept is to integrate simplicity, contemporary aesthetics, and practicality in the kitchen designs while maintaining the original characteristic style.

Advantages of modern kitchen

  • Modern kitchens are incredibly efficient and practical. They’re designed to be efficient and easy to use, which enables simpler cooking and cleaning.
  • They’re also very stylish and modern, giving your kitchen a modern look.
  • They’re often much larger than traditional kitchens, meaning the kitchen can be a place for cooking and having meals, entertaining, working, and studying. And you can cook more food at the same time.
  • They often have more storage space, so you can easily store your food and kitchen supplies.
  • They often come with various cooking tools, making cooking easier and more fun. And the reasonable kitchen layout and design will help you establish a more efficient workflow.
  • They’re often cheaper than traditional kitchens, so you can afford to buy a nicer one.
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