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Transitional Kitchen Design

Choosing the right kitchen design for your needs and decor preferences is not always a clear-cut decision. The homely charm of a traditional style kitchen, for instance, can be just as alluring as your desire for a minimalistic no-clutter kitchen space. It is the true definition of a Mexican stand-off, the kitchen edition. 

Fortunately, many have been in this dilemma before and it led to the creation of a great compromise: a transitional kitchen design. It is, in essence, a kitchen style where you can blend traditional and modern design aspects to your liking.  

The name of the design is based on the fact that kitchen designs, like most decor concepts, are defined by timelines. So, calling it a ‘transition’ is an apt description of the creative middle ground between a traditional kitchen design (inspired by heritage) and a contemporary kitchen design (inspired by modern living).

The Benefits of a Transitional Kitchen Design

Working with a transitional kitchen design offers a variety of benefits such as:


Some aspects of a kitchen theme may appeal to you while others may not.

The cabinetry in a traditional kitchen, for example, is great for storage but it can also make a kitchen feel crowded, especially if it is small. The well-defined lines of a modern kitchen, on the other hand, can feel neat and minimalist but also a bit cold and unwelcoming.

Creatively merging these styles into a transitional kitchen design allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Transitional kitchen designs are achieved by blending different kitchen decor styles. The upside to this is that few designers or even individual homeowners are likely to end up choosing similar features or blending them the same way.

So, if you prefer a unique kitchen that your guests will write home about, this style is a pretty good bet.

Manageable Costs

The ornate features in a traditional kitchen are quite impressive and welcoming but they do not come cheap. Plus, it is worth considering that you will have to bear both the cost of installation and future maintenance.

In contrast, a transitional design is more budget-friendly because it allows a mix-and-match approach. You can include your must-have features and exclude or substitute what may be beyond your budget with more affordable modern alternatives.


Transitional kitchen design ideas are highly customizable. It is thus possible to implement them in a wider variety of homes as you alter the design to suit the dimensions of the available space. The trendy architecture also makes it easier to renovate.

The Key Elements of  Transitional Kitchen Design

Elegant Cabinets

Traditional kitchen designs are synonymous with detailed cabinets with decorative features like carved handles.

Transitional kitchen cabinets, in comparison, have a more modern feel. They have no arches, elaborate framing, or antique-style handles; just simple, elegant cabinets that make the kitchen feel airy and inviting.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors like whites and greys are a common pick for transitional kitchens. They help make the cabinetry appear welcoming yet less imposing than it would look in woody palettes. This, in turn, makes it easy to incorporate modern decorative touches.

Minimalist Architecture

The architecture of transitional kitchen designs takes a more trendy approach.

For instance, instead of the exposed beams or brick that you may find in a traditional design, a transitional kitchen design may feature accents with different textures.

The upside is that the minimalist architectural approach still delivers the feel of a traditional kitchen but with a fresh modern twist.

Simple Decorative Touches

Transitional kitchen designs are generally more clutter-free. They thus include simple decorative aspects like:

  • Contrasting colors to achieve vibrance
  • Statement light fixtures with simple designs
  • Modern furniture and sleek appliances to balance out the traditional aspects

Countertops and Backsplashes

Granite, marble, limestone, and quartz countertops are favorites in transitional kitchens. The key difference, however, is that they do not have any sophisticated embellishments like corbels and curvature.

Backsplashes offer a great way to add contrast to a transitional kitchen design. You can also explore a ton of backsplash material options from tile, textured paint, and mosaics, among many others.

Earth-tone Flooring

The neutrality of earth-tone flooring tends to tie up a transitional kitchen design quite well. Nevertheless, the key element here is the color. You have the freedom to decide whether you prefer hardwood, tile, parquet, or other materials within your budget.

How to Choose the Right Transitional Kitchen Design

Transitional kitchen designs are based on the same concept but they are not identical. It is thus best to compare different options and identify a specific design that suits your needs. Here are some factors that could help you make the right pick. 

The Architecture

Consider architectural details in your home like space, the layout of your kitchen space, the flow of light, as well as the location of plumbing and power outlets.

What kind of transitional kitchen design can they accommodate? Are there changes that you would need to make to the design or your architecture to make them more suited to each other?

Decor Preferences

Aim for a transitional kitchen design that:

  • Suits your preferred style of decor and creates an ambiance that you would enjoy.
  • Comprises decor accents that complement the decor style in the rest of your home.

Lifestyle Needs

How do you envision using your transitional kitchen? Do you plan to host often? Will it be a central point where your loved ones share meals and spend time together?

Your answers to these questions will give you design clues such as:

  • How much storage (cabinets) you need
  • An ideal layout for your transitional kitchen
  • How much and what kind of seating you require
  • The kind of decorative touches that you need to create the ambiance you want

Why Oppolia?

Nothing beats the flexibility and freedom that comes with a transitional kitchen design. This is why we develop designs that cater to a broad variety of decor preferences. We also have the production resources and expertise to fulfill any custom transitional kitchen features you require. Contact us and let’s get your kitchen project done right.

Fitted kitchens have taken the home improvement industry by storm, and have been hailed as the best choice for homeowners everywhere. They come in all shapes and sizes, with some designed with the overall aesthetic of your home in mind and more focused on functionality.

Whether you want to achieve an industrial look or you prefer something more modern or classical custom kitchen cabinets, there are fitted kitchens that will meet your needs and budget. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for your new fitted and complete kitchen.

To achieve a sleek bespoke kitchen, consider installing all of your kitchen units from one company. This will lead to uniformity that can’t be achieved by mixing products from different manufacturers. But, in reality, many consumers want as much variety as possible, so during kitchen drawing, measure carefully and then make a kitchen floor plan that you can refer back to before buying any cabinets.

Make sure each piece fits within your designated space. Sometimes these pieces are engineered so they can be trimmed if needed. No matter what kitchen cabinets you need, it is necessary to measure kitchen walls and heights so you know how much room there is for the cabinets. Then create a diagram that clearly indicates what goes where. Don’t forget to leave some aisles. You’ll need sufficient room to walk around comfortably while working in your kitchen.

A fully fitted kitchen means that every piece of your kitchen is included in one package. This can be great, as it means you don’t have to shop around for individual pieces or worry about coordinating your new cabinets with appliances you already own.

The advantages of a custom-fitted kitchen are becoming increasingly popular. Your kitchen will be a room that everyone wants to enjoy and spend time in because of their combination of style and originality. Fitted kitchens are fantastic because they can als fit into any area, no matter how tiny or huge it is. If you plan on selling or moving in the future, having a fitted kitchen can help increase the value of your home.

But how much will such a kitchen cost you? A well-equipped kitchen does not always need to be expensive. At OPPOLIA, we can offer a fully fitted kitchen a makeover or even install a completely new fully equipped kitchen including equipment using variable materials depending on your preference. You can opt for luxury kitchen cabinets, affordable kitchen cabinets, or even modular kitchen cabinets all at reasonable prices.

First, you need to decide what style of kitchen will work best for your home.

Modern kitchens typically use white modern kitchen cabinets with glossy finishes, stainless steel appliances, and some combination of quartz, dark wood or metal counters.

Transitional kitchen cabinets have a similar outlook like shaker cabinets. They are classic, simple and sophisticated. Traditional kitchen cabinets are ideal if you want your kitchen to feel luxurious. They often include high end real wood material like oak, cherry wood, mahogany, etc.

Quartz stone and slate countertops are especially popular in modern kitchens because they’re durable and easy to clean.

Regardless of whether you choose white, wood tone, grey or black, other kitchen color ideas for your cabinets, consider two-tone kitchen cabinets in order to add visual interest. A good rule of thumb is that light-colored cabinets of contemporary kitchens work best with neutral-colored appliances, while dark cabinets look best with stainless steel or brass.

Deciding on a shade for your kitchen cabinets also influences how other elements should be chosen. If you pick out high gloss white kitchen cabinets, tops and hardware fittings such as handles may clash when used with pine wooden furniture. With the rise of the all-black kitchen trend, matte grey cabinets became trendy.

Matte black is one of the greatest options due to its adaptability, which helps to create a modern and minimalistic look. It also conveys refinement and high-end design. The key is to understand how to work with this color. Matte black is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets since it complements both conventional and rustic designs. Black is a striking color that commands attention.

Many interiors also benefit from matte grey’s gentle appeal. The transformation of kitchens remains its one secret strength. Its capacity to make a kitchen look fresh and contemporary works wonderfully for a variety of house types while being frequently overlooked in favor of warmer wooden tones.

Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, having the right layout can be extremely beneficial when it comes to cooking, food preparation and even cleaning up after a long day of work. Different kitchen layouts create different cooking experiences. If you need help picking out your kitchen layout, ask yourself how you most often cook and what appliances or tools you use on a regular basis. The most common layouts are U-shaped, one-wall, galley or parallel, L-shaped, or island kitchen layouts.

In case you frequently host large dinner parties where food is prepared in advance then an island kitchen layout would be ideal. It can serve as both a place to prepare food and serve it once done. Also, any kitchen cabinet set you pick should complement your lifestyle and aesthetic taste. Let us briefly discuss different layouts.


In a U-shaped kitchen, there is one main work surface running along an L-shaped wall with additional workspace along shorter walls for food preparation. This layout works well in small kitchens and can be more cost-effective because it uses space more efficiently. It also maximizes natural light and makes it easier to keep an eye on children or pets playing in other parts of your home.


The L-shaped kitchen is one that juts out from a wall at an angle. It’s also sometimes referred to as a U-shaped or open-plan kitchen. L-shaped kitchens are great for small spaces but can be awkward to navigate if you have lots of stuff stored in them. They are perfect for couples and families with 2 children.


If you want to avoid walls altogether, consider a one-wall kitchen layout. With such an arrangement, there’s just one wall separating your workspace from your dining area or living room. The setup frees up space and adds light to the room, while still offering easy access to other parts of your home. It also limits clutter because there are fewer nooks and crannies in which objects can collect.

Galley or parallel

In galley kitchens, food preparation takes place along a wall with a bank of cabinets and appliances opposite. If your space is limited, galley kitchens make great use of minimal square footage. However, they are less conducive to traffic flow than U-shaped layouts. Galley kitchens, despite their diminutive size, are surprisingly efficient in terms of design and excellent for cooking. This is because the fridge, cooktop, and sink are often precisely positioned.  Many professional kitchens use a galley design.


Your kitchen is probably where you spend a lot of your time cooking, so it only makes sense to have a great workspace for preparing meals. Kitchens with an island provide additional space for food prep, making them ideal for entertaining. If you’re tight on space or looking to give up some counter space, consider putting your refrigerator on one side and sink on another. This way you can still use both while sitting on your island.

Flat panel doors are one of today’s most popular kitchen cabinet door styles. They offer clean lines, simple construction, and a modern look. Flat-panel cabinets can be crafted in multiple ways: shaker kitchen cabinets which is an overall flat style, frameless kitchen cabinets which is a flat panel with frame-like elements around them, or slab cabinet doors with no frames at all.

Keep in mind that while they come standard with crisp, modern lines, flat panel doors can also be painted to match your kitchen’s decor. There are many factors to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets door shape; you want both quality and affordability, so it’s important to understand what goes into each type of product before making a purchase.

When shopping for kitchen units, you will notice that they are available in all kinds of finishes. The most common are lacquer, laminate, wood veneer, thermofoil, melamine, acrylic, and solid wood; however, it can be difficult to choose between them. For example, laminate is less expensive than solid wood and easier to maintain. Painting kitchens can have many color options for a personal kitchen.

If you want to be economical, melamine may be your best option. It comes in many different colors and patterns and will be durable for many years. On the other hand, wood veneer is high-end looking, an excellent choice if you want your kitchen cabinets to match your floors or countertops but harder to maintain. Wood veneer cabinets also cost more than laminate cabinets but they are still worth the price.

Thermofoil cabinets are good at resisting dents and scratches. Solid wood will last longer than its counterparts, though you should take into account how much maintenance it requires in terms of both time and money. Lacquer is one of the toughest coatings available on today’s market. It has a hard surface with an extremely smooth feel; it’s almost like painting with glass. Thermofoil is also known as plastic laminate, thermofoil is basically plastic coated with paper on both sides.

No matter high gloss kitchen cabinets or matte kitchen cabinets, OPPOLIA offers a warranty against defects and damage and will have quality inspection for accessories, joints, and surfaces to insure best quality.

Before you start shopping, you should know what kind of countertop you’re looking for. The four most common materials are quartz, granite, marble, and laminated surfaces. Quartz countertops have grown significantly in popularity over recent years because they are hard and durable. And they are more environmentally friendly than other options and they are less costly than a granite, marble or slate countertop.

Quartz countertops come in a range of styles, allowing you to find one that best suits your design tastes and budget. Many people opt for something understated that will continue to look great as it ages. If granite countertops are more your style, remember that there are more than 120 different types of granite on offer from which to choose; some are very heavy and have been known to crack under extreme weather conditions such as hail or hail showers.

Marble countertops are also another beautiful option with distinctive looks that could work well with any decorating scheme. Laminate is another good option if you’re going for an upscale look without breaking the bank. Unlike its name suggests, laminate countertops do not use actual wood veneer but rather utilize advanced polymer technology to create realistic textures.

This type of surface also comes in many different colors and patterns, some even mimic stone, giving you plenty of flexibility when designing your kitchen. Stainless steel countertop is another great choice if you want something easy-to-clean with an elegant look.

Everyone wants to buy a fitted kitchen but the majority have no idea where to begin. There are a good number of factors to consider before buying one. We have done the leg work for you by discussing these factors so it is upon you to go for the best kitchen cabinet manufacturer. If you are seeking the best quality and affordable kitchen cabinets, OPPOLIA, with a certified kitchen factory will serve you a wide variety. Our best kitchen designer will advise you accordingly and in case you want to remodel your kitchen contact us.