Aluminium Joinery Double Glazed Glass Window COW75D

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Aluminium Double Glazed Glass Window

A double-glazed window can save on your energy bills. It will make the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter. And it can also reduce the noise outside and enhance UV protection. Last but not least, it will add safety to your home!

Aluminium Joinery Double Glazed Glass Window

Applicable scene: all kinds of middle and low floor balcony windows, bedroom windows, living room windows, etc.

Aluminium Window Features:

Narrow Frame

With a narrow frame design, the shading surface of the window is small. The window is more transparent, and the overall design is minimalist and beautiful.

Ultra-wide Thermal Insulation Strip

Equipped with an imported ultra-wide 35.3mm multi-cavity thermal insulation strip, the window has better thermal insulation, better thermal insulation performance, and high dimensional accuracy.

Window Screen
With window screen equiped, the mosquito repellent effect is good.

Aluminium Window Configuration:

  • Main wall thickness: 1.6+mm
  • Insulation strip: import 35.3+35.3mm
  • Standard hardware: inside opening hardware (imported brand), outside opening hardware(Chinese brand)
  • Standard glass: 5+12Ar+5+12Ar+5




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