Aluminium Double Glazed Sliding Door ESD175M

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Aluminium Sliding Door

The aluminium sliding door is double-glazed. The glass sliding door creates not only effortless transitions between the interior area and outdoors but also brings much fresh air and natural light into the indoor room. It will help a lot to create a cosy and healthy living space. The narrow profile design fits with most interior styles.

Aluminium Double Glazed Sliding Door

Applicable scenarios: villas, houses, high-end real estate, hotels, etc.

Aluminium Sliding Door Features:

  • Aluminum double glazed balcony sliding door with narrow frame design, beautiful and simple.
  • Hidden multi-channel drainage design, fast drainage, and beautiful appearance.
  • Equipped with an anti-balance wheel, it can reduce the door leaf’s shaking and improve the product’s running stability.
  • It can be installed as floor rails, hanging rails, and automatic doors to meet the needs of different scenarios.

Aluminium Sliding Door Configuration:

  • Main wall thickness: two-track frame 1.4mm, three-track frame 2.0mm, fan 2.0mm
  • Insulation strip: import brand 24+24mm
  • Standard hardware: imported brand
  • Standard glass: 5+20Ar+5
  • Standard fly screen: 0.7*12-304


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