Balcony Glass Railing in Frameless Design EGB70

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Balcony Glass Railing

Frameless glass railings look clean and elegant. The large area of transparent glass can maximize the view outside the balcony. The glass railings are made of thick tempered glass. It is unlikely to crack or break during daily use.

Balcony Glass Railing in Frameless Design

Applicable scenarios: high-end real estate, villas, hotel balconies, etc.

Glass Railing Features:

  • Various installation methods are available to meet the needs of different usage scenarios.
  • Optional handrails, end caps, and glass clips to meet different customer needs.
  • The internal pressure block of the glass clip is pressed tightly, and there is no glass frame on the upper part, so the vision is wider.
  • Optional LED light strip to increase the effect of light and shadow atmosphere.

Glass Railing Configuration:

  • Main wall thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Insulation strip: inward opening (18+24mm imported brands), outward opening (18+10mm Chinese brands)
  • Standard hardware: Chinese brand
  • Standard glass: optional


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