Aluminum Casement Window With Screen EOW128C

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Aluminum Casement Window

Casement windows are among the most popular window styles now. With an aluminum frame and tempered glass, the casement window has great heat, wind, water, and UV insulation and is very safe.

Aluminum Casement Window With Screen

Applicable scenarios: balconies on all floors, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

Aluminum Casement Window Features:

  • The aluminum frame is designed to be flush inside and outside, and the window has no protrusion when closed, which is beautiful and safer.
  • The outer opening window is equipped with a lock to open the guardrail, which can be opened in emergencies and is more secure.
  • The window is designed with a slim frame, letting more sunshine in and creating a simple and sleek outlook.
  • OPPOLIA can make the window into an inner opening, outer opening, double inner opening, and other functions to meet the needs of different customers.

Aluminum Casement Window Configuration:

  • Main wall thickness: inward opening (1.6mm), outward opening (1.6+mm)
  • Insulation strip: inward opening (imported brand 24mm), outward opening (imported brand 24mm + variety)
  • Standard hardware: imported brands (HOPPE, ROTO, GU, HOPO, CMECH)
  • Standard glass: 5+20Ar+5
  • Standard screens: inner opening (micron mesh), outer opening (0.7*12-304)


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