Modern Curved Kitchen Cabinetry with Island BLCC22300

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Kitchen Cabinetry with Wood Curved Island

It is a bold modern red kitchen cabinetry design with a wood slat curved island. The high cabinets and the countertop are curved in design, lovely, and full of interest. These kitchen units and the island create a young, fashionable complete kitchen in popular white and lotus red tunes. The kitchen layout is parallel. The designer combines the bar counter with the countertop’s washing and cooking areas to make the kitchen look more casual and layered.

Kitchen Cabinetry with Wood Slat Curved Island

Built-in refrigerators, steam ovens, and other electrical appliances are integrated into the high cabinets, making the kitchen look more modern and orderly. The kitchen is not only beautiful but also very functional. It can be an open kitchen as a leisure and social place.

Curve Fluted Kitchen Island

The fluted kitchen island is a curved design, looks beautiful, and adds softness to the sleek modern kitchen. The curved island design not only adds warmth, coziness, and texture to a contemporary kitchen but also brings more visual interest. Since the kitchen space is often limited, a rounded corner design island can facilitate movement around the kitchen and be safer for families with kids.


Modern Curved Kitchen Cabinetry with Island
Small Round Dining Table On The Island

There is an extended small round dining table on the island. Under the table, there are two stools for seating. Here you can enjoy wine and informal meals in comfort.

Modern Curved Kitchen Cabinetry with Island

White and Red Kitchen

Red is full of personality and attractive. The kitchen is in a two-tone design. It features a bold red and soft white tone combination and is full of personality and appeal. The red tone adds passion and warmth to the cooking space, while the white tone adds a pure and clean feel to the design. In color psychology, red is a color that can stimulate hunger. So it suits to use in a cooking and dining space. Cooking will be fun, and having meals here will be happy here.


Red, White




Galley, With Island






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