Modern Kitchen Cabinets with Sintered Stone OBK22-010

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Modern Kitchen Cabinets

The design highlight of this modern kitchen is the sintered stone material. The sintered stone panels have clean outlines, noticeable sand grain texture, and more toughness, deeply loved by young elites. The natural texture of light-colored marble blends with dark gray, creating a comfortable and natural atmosphere. The door handle is an integrated design, which adds to the overall luxury style. The tall cabinets lined up along the wall are in marble effect finish, bringing an elegant and classy visual. The kitchen island integrates powerful functions. It is not only a cooking operation space, a parent-child interaction area, but also a new social space.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets with Sintered Stone

White Cabinets with Dark Grey Countertop

It is a large open-concept kitchen designed for larger kitchens. It will be the best option if you want a spacious, modern, and practical kitchen. The cabinets and island are in white finish with grey veins. And the countertop surface is in a dark grey stone hue. The white and dark color combination design is classical and graceful. White is elegant and refreshing. It reflects more light to keep the room bright and look clean. And the dark sintered stone countertop adds depth and noble to the design. The color contrast strengthens the effects of two colors in harmony.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets with Sintered Stone

Cabinets with C and L Integrated Profile Handles

These years, handless cabinets are more and more popular. Because they can provide a sleek, minimalist, and streamlined outlook to a kitchen and are safer than pulls and knobs in traditional kitchens. The cabinets are equipped with integrated profile handles.

The handles are concealed in design and make the cabinets look handleless. The designer uses light gold aluminum C, and L profile handles to pair with white and dark grey cabinets, creating a luxurious and modern look. The metal color light up the grey and white kitchen design, adding more visual interest.

Modern Kitchen Cabinets with Sintered Stone

Modern Kitchen Cabinets with Sintered Stone



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