Contemporary Silver Metal PET Kitchen Cabinets OBK21-016

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Silver Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary Silver Metal PET Kitchen Cabinets

Contemporary Style

It is a contemporary-style kitchen cabinet set with a sleek look. The designer uses a silver-grey metal colour for the cabinet doors. The door panel finish is PET, which is mentally glossy and smooth. And the surface is very stable and easy to clean.

L-shaped Layout

The cabinets and integrated appliances are fitted along two walls, forming a right angle. It is an L-shaped kitchen, one of the most efficient layouts for modern kitchens. It provides easy access to each corner of the kitchen. Working in an L-shaped kitchen is easy and efficient. The L-shaped layout fully uses the kitchen corner and gives plenty of space for preparing and cooking.

High Cabinets

A high cabinet with a glass door and light system makes the whole kitchen look high-end and convenient for finding kitchen items.

Contemporary Silver Metal PET Kitchen Cabinets

Open Shelving

There are open wooden shelves mounted on the wall. The open shelving design makes the items visible and provides easy access. And they are also good for displaying beautiful decoration items, creating a more comfortable and inviting kitchen. Moreover, they help make the kitchen cabinets look airier and lighter.

Grey Quartz Countertop

For interior designers, builders, and individual homeowners, grey quartz countertop is one of their favourite options. It can add a unique charm to a modern contemporary kitchen. The silver-grey cabinets and splashback complement this kitchen’s dark grey quartz countertop. It is more economical in cost compared to marble or granite. But it is durable and easy to maintain with great hardness and smooth surface.

Contemporary Silver Metal PET Kitchen Cabinets
Integrated Appliances

The built-in oven, gas stove and range hood fit the cabinet width, creating a flush and seamless outlook. OPPOLIA can provide a custom complete kitchen cabinet set, including cabinets, countertop, accessories and built-in appliances. You do not need to worry about buying accessories or appliances in the wrong size.


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