Sunroom for All Seasons ESR130N

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Sun room for All Seasons

All season sunroom is a room with as many windows as possible to let mass natural light in all year. It is an ideal space for people to escape life’s stress and rest and relax here. A sunroom has the following advantages:

  • Increasing indoor sunlight
  • Providing a beautiful view of the surroundings
  • Bringing fresh air like in the open country

Sunroom for All Seasons

Product Features:

1. Sealed glass platen

The top of the sunroom features a highly sealed glass platen to ensure the tightness between the glass and the profiles and prevent water leakage.

2. Waterproof strip

It adopts aviation-grade EPDM tape with good waterproof performance.

3. Diversion groove

The design of the diversion groove is added to the surface of the profile of the sunroom to prevent “condensation water.”

4. Drain baffle

Prevent rainwater from splashing on the sunroom profiles, create a better water-blocking effect, and achieve secondary waterproofing.


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