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At OPPOLIA, we work with interior designers, builders, architects, real eastate developers and private individuals. We have sent our products to 128 countries and accomplished 10,000+ worldwide projects. 


Full Customization

We offer a wide range of cabinetry, with flexible customisation - 250 colors and finishes are available.

1mm Precision

Manufacturing systems from HOMAG allow extremely accurate customization with precision to 1mm.

On-Time Delivery

Five factories can produce 10,000 cabinets per day. Streamlined process for fast shipping out.

Professional Team Support

Experienced team with expertise in design, budget consultation, R&D, quality control, and after-sales to assist you at every project stage.

10,000+ Projects Experience

We have completed over 10,000 projects over the last 28 years. We work well with famous companies, such as Hyatt, Lodha, Multiplex, Built, and Handle Architects.

Comprehensive Service

We provide a range of local services, including on-site measurement, budget consultation, package distribution, package acceptance, installation, and after-sales.

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What we do is make sure that your project is well supported!

1. Site Visit

Plan discussion

2. Production

Imported Germany Machinery

3. Quality Test

Strict Quality Control

4. Packaging

Pre-assembled or Flat Pack

5. Ready to Ship

Intelligent Warehousing System

6. Customs Clearance

Freight Forwarding Services

7. Delivery

Sea Shipping

8. Installation

Local Installation Service

9. After-sales

Timely and Satisfactory Service

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