Raised or Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet

white shaker cabinets with flat panel doors

Kitchen cabinet door styles are frequently oversimplified, leaving homeowners with an imprecise understanding. This appears to be the case with raised panel cabinets as well as their flat panel equivalents.

When shopping for the greatest kitchen cabinet doors, consider your personal style and preferences. Both raised panel and flat panel kitchen cabinet doors complement certain kitchen styles.

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In this article, we’ll look at the advantages and disadvantages of flat panel and raised panel cabinet doors, as well as how they may be used in various settings. We hope that we will to provide you with all of the information you require to successfully choose the right cabinet doors for your next kitchen makeover.

What Is Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet?

Raised kitchen cabinet doors

Raised panel cabinets to have a center panel that is taller and somewhat raised than the rest of the surface.  These cabinet doors are built with a panel affixed to a door frame using adhesive grooves or carving, providing an overlay or an exterior rim.

The middle panel is curved and slopes towards the edges, giving it an elevated appearance. This gives it a stunning appearance as if it were built from one big plank. Because they come in a variety of patterns and styles, these cabinet doors may be used in both contemporary and classic kitchens.


  • Raised-panel kitchen cabinets are more ornamental than flat-panel cabinets due to their a raised door and drawer fronts with raised surfaces.
  • They are more ornate than flat-panel cabinets, making them appropriate for formal dining rooms and other spaces with a more conventional look.
  • The raised surfaces can be shaker-type, with horizontal grooving flowing through them, or they can have different looks, including chamfered edges.
  • The raised surfaces are normally painted, but alternative finishes may also be used.
  • Raised panel kitchen cabinets are more hard to remodel than flat-panel cabinets and hence tend to be more expensive.

Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Raised panel kitchen cabinet

These wood-tone raised panels will add value to the distinctive qualities of the color selection of your kitchen. These doors will offer your new kitchen cabinets a distinct and classic appearance that you will appreciate for many years.

All-white kitchen

Classic kitchens are lovely, magnificent, and filled with individuality. Shaker doors are a classic choice that will complement any home design, from modern to traditional. In an open-plan design, this all-white kitchen is clean, simple, and airy. These raised panel cabinet doors are particularly eye-catching and lend a touch of refinement to the environment.

Pros and Cons of Raised Panel Cabinets

Pros include:

  • The major advantage of raised panel kitchen cabinets is that they are more ornamental than flat-panel cabinets since they have elevated door and drawer fronts.
  • Simple to set up.
  • Raised kitchen cabinets have a very appealing appearance that complements the décor of your kitchen.
  • Additional features such as wine racks, decorative glass, and other storage solutions that can be built into the cabinets are also available.

Cons include

  • Its challenging to keep the additional ridges, features, and edges clean, polished, and sealed
  • Raised panel doors are more costly than shaker or flat cabinet doors.
  • It is difficult to strike a balance between the ornamented kitchen cabinets and the attractiveness of your kitchen design.

What Is Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet?

Flat panel kitchen cabinets

Today, flat panel cabinet doors are a must-have in kitchen design. These cabinet doors are typically basic in form, with a recessed panel enclosed by a frame. This cabinet door type is ideal for paint or stain treatments.

Flat-panel cabinets are well-known for their well-crafted and polish woodwork with a utilitarian and austere design.  These flat panel cabinets are basic in style and form, with little adornment and modest dimensions, squared corners, and obvious straight lines.


  •  It has a more classic appearance since the drawer fronts and doors are entirely flat.
  • It is a less expensive option than raised panel kitchen cabinets. It needs fewer resources to build than a raised panel kitchen cabinets flat-panel door makes cleaning easy. A flat-panel door does not accumulate as much dust as a raised-panel door.
  • Because it has less of an influence on a space’s decor, it may be employed in any room where aesthetics are less significant
  • Flat-panel doors are normally painted, but they can also be stained or coated with wood veneer.
  • Flat-panel kitchen cabinets are less difficult to reface than raised-panel kitchen cabinets.

Flat Panel Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

The stunning modern farmhouse kitchen has white lacquered cabinets, waterfall countertops, and a white marble backsplash. The white flat-panel cabinets that span the entire wall give this interior design a tranquil and clean appearance.

Grey flat panel kitchen cabinets

The dark grey kitchen cabinets include a floor-to-ceiling cabinet design and handleless flat panel doors for a minimalist appeal. The dark grey cabinetry contrast beautifully with the lighter kitchen décor, and the central island’s Waterfall marble surface gives consistency.

Pros and Cons of Flat Panel Cabinets


  • They appear to be more conventional.
  • Lower in price than raised panel kitchen cabinets.
  • Allow for customization, such as adding ornamental glass, is simple and inexpensive.
  • Because there are no grooves to collect dust, it is ideal for cleaning.


  • Cost-effective. It has less of an influence on a space’s décor, therefore it may be employed in any place where aesthetics are less important.

Final Word

Given the numerous alternatives available, selecting the best Kitchen Cabinet for your needs might be difficult. However, if you understand your alternatives and why one style of cabinet is preferable to the other for your purposes, it doesn’t have to be daunting.

At Oppolia, we customize both flat panels and raised cabinets based on your kitchen design. Get in touch with us for more inquiries on the same.

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