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Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

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Are you ready to finally bring the Scandinavian kitchen of your dreams to life? Come along and let’s explore some Scandinavian kitchen ideas to help you get it right.

What Is a Scandinavian Kitchen?

Modern Kitchen Ideas

Scandinavian decor is a balance of beauty, simplicity, and minimalism. It originates from European countries and their cultures. It thus also prioritizes modern appliances and highly functional spaces.

Subsequently, a Scandinavian kitchen design is characterized by:

  • Neutral or pastel color tones.
  • Warm design accents (like using more wood than metal finishings).
  • Textured surfaces like tiling or textured paint to add character.
  • Modern appliances
  • Orderliness i.e well-organized appliances and storage to avoid clutter.

Benefits of Scandinavian Kitchen Design

Contrary to common belief, Scandinavian kitchens are not just cold functional spaces. They offer lots of lifestyle benefits and general value to your home. Such benefits include:

Longevity and Flexibility

Scandinavian kitchen designs are not tied to a specific era or trend. You can, therefore, enjoy the design for many years after installation without feeling like your kitchen is outdated.

Moreover, even when you do feel that you are ready for a change, a Scandi-style kitchen is easy to transform. You can make a major transformation by changing subtle details like color, furniture, light fixtures, and appliances, or installing new kitchen cabinets.


Scandinavian kitchen design

Scandinavian kitchen design prioritizes your lifestyle needs and how to make them work in your space.

For example, when it comes to storage, typical kitchen cabinets may be complemented by innovative storage solutions like compartmentalized drawers or cupboards. Pantries concealed as custom cabinetry are also not uncommon.

An efficient kitchen layout is also central to this type of design. Storage, sinks, work surfaces, and cabinets are all carefully positioned to ensure that you can easily access everything and move around unencumbered.


white and grey Scandinavian kitchen

Scandinavian kitchen designs are suitable for both large homes and compact apartments. You only need to pick out and customize the design to match your needs.

For example, if you have a small kitchen space, you can still implement a Scandi kitchen style but opt for custom cabinets with sliding doors for easy opening or pantry-style cupboards to increase storage space.


During installation, the minimalist scandi style only requires you to spend money on what you need. Its modernism and functionality also inspire you to invest in quality fixtures and appliances that will serve you long-term.

You also get to save on maintenance costs because:

  • Less clutter makes it easy to keep the kitchen clean.
  • You can touch up the design without having to gut the entire kitchen.

Tips for Creating a Scandinavian Kitchen

Explore Your Options

The Scandinavian kitchen design is like a tree with branches. While the basic concept is shared across Nordic countries it is interpreted differently in different countries.

The Danish approach, for instance, is very minimalistic while the Finish approach is a bit more homely.

So, feel free to explore different ideas and customize your design to your liking.

Research Different Material Options

The materials you choose will impact your budget and the quality of your kitchen. It is thus wise to understand what your options are so that you can identify those that fit your budget and quality standards.

This is especially important when it comes to fixtures like cabinets where solid wood is no longer the only option. Materials like quality MDF or layered plywood can be just as good and more affordable if you are working on a budget.

Set High Quality Standards

Scandinavian kitchens are significantly toned down. Their beauty is only evident if the design is well-implemented. This requires high standard finishes and quality features.

Therefore, it is better to invest in quality work and fixtures than to lower your quality standards and end up with a plain and drab kitchen that does not showcase your original idea.

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas

When creating a Scandinavian kitchen we recommend that you aim for:

A Suitable Layout

Your Scandinavian kitchen layout dictates how your appliances, fixtures, and cabinets will be arranged. Aim for a layout that:

  • Matches the amount of space that you have
  • Allows easy movement
  • Suits your needs i.e storage, hosting, adequate work surfaces, etc.  

Proper Storage

First, consider how much storage you need and then choose Scandinavian kitchen cabinets that can provide it. The cabinets should equally match the color and overall aesthetic you would like to have in your kitchen.

The Right Color Palette

Neutral colors like gray, white, blue, and earth tones are ideal for a Scandinavian kitchen design. You could, alternatively, work with pastels like pink, yellow, or orchid, if you prefer a more cheerful, homey look.

The most popular approach is to use one color and break its monotony by having accents of other colors in the kitchen.

For example, you can have blue as the dominant color on your cabinets and balance it out with white or gray backsplash tiling.

Overall, try to use colors that either blend well or create a balanced contrast. It is also advisable to stick to only a few colors so as to create the hallmark serenity of Scandinavian decor.

Decorative Accents

Minimalism does not have to be boring. You can liven up your Scandi kitchen with decorative accents like:

  • Wooden floors
  • Stylish stools or furniture pieces
  • Greenery i.e potted plants
  • Colorful backsplashes

Good Lighting

white Scandinavian kitchen

Strive to have as much natural light as you can in your Scandinavian kitchen. It helps the colors stand out. On a functional note, it makes it easy to cook, eat in, and generally enjoy the space.

Additionally, invest in beautiful creative light fixtures that add a decorative feel to the room. They should be well-positioned so that the space remains well-illuminated at night.

In Conclusion

If you enjoy no clutter, high functionality, and great aesthetics, this is certainly the design for you.

Not sure where to find the right cabinets or do you perhaps just prefer to delegate your kitchen project to reliable professionals? Then we are the one-stop shop you have been looking for. Reach out to us with your design ideas and let’s get your kitchen project started. 

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