Small Kitchen Design Tips

In the kitchen of every family, the key component is the cabinet. The area of the small kitchen is very limited, once the position of the cabinet is not arranged properly, the kitchen will appear particularly crowded and detrimental to our future use. OPPOLIA can solve this problem very well. Below we will explain what factors should be considered in the design of small kitchen cabinets.

1. What are the factors need to be considered?

When designing, we should decide the size of the cabinet according to the size of the space. And we also need to decide the cabinet height according to the height and usage habits of the users. For the choice of countertops and panels, we must not only consider economic budget, but also the overall decoration style. The placement of sinks and stoves is also very particular, and we can decide according to our own usage habits.

It is suggested to choose a closed type modular kitchen with a panel, so that the pots and pans stored in the cabinet are not easily stained. So the kitchen will be more neat and clean. In addition, we can install some partitions or hooks on the wall. It makes best use of the wall space and can store some small cooking utensils for more conveniently use.

2. How to plan for the placement of kitchen appliances?

If you plan to buy kitchen appliances such as ovens and dishwashers, it is recommended to plan ahead and reserve an appropriate position to integrate these appliances with the cabinets. In this way, you can saves kitchen space and also keeps the countertop neat and clean. Since there are many types of frequently used kitchen appliance, you can reserve more sockets when designing a kitchen.

3. How to choose kitchen cabinet color?

For a small kitchen, we should not choose too bright colors, such as red and orange, especially cannot use for large area. You can choose light colors such as white, beige, and light yellow, which can not only keep the kitchen bright and spacious, but also make the kitchen look cleaner.

In general, due to the limitation of space, it is better to make a custom integrated kitchen cabinets set. It can not only maximize the space utilization, but also make cooking more convenient and fast. The quality of the small kitchen design is directly related to the user’s comfort, and OPPOLIA has been working hard for this.