Our Team

Experienced Sales Team

With more than 16 years of foreign trade experiences, our sales teams are familiar with foreign trade procedures, from receiving the order to delivery. We have 3 sales teams respectively serving retail customers, commercial project contractors and franchisers. Inside each team, different sales representatives are responsible for different countries and regions. We are experts in our respective fields in order to meet different type customers’ needs. 3 sales teams come together in a collaborative effort to provide an excellent experience for our customer. While we make it look easy, our staffs of professionals work with an impassioned quest for finding solutions daily. Such knowledge has been patiently acquired and zealously maintained so that we continuously improve our systems and services.
With more than 16 years foreign trade experiences
We have 3 sales teams respectively serving retail customers
Professional Design Team
Italian design team
Since OPPEIN set up its Milan office in 2012, OPPEIN has been collaborating with Italy designers and suppliers so as to enhance its global competency. We combine the updated aesthetic with functionality, in order to create exciting space tailored to customers' wishes, and bring the lasting living pleasure.

Headquarter design team
OPPEIN headquarters design team has ample design experience, regularly researches and learns design styles, concepts from different countries and regions, always pays close attention to and follows international trends, and is committed to providing customers with integrated home consulting services.

Professional design tool

Professional design tools are adopted to assist for perfect art effect, including CAXA, CAD, 3D MAX, KD MAX, etc.
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