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U-shaped kitchen is a practical kitchen layout due to its large operating area and strong storage capacity. However, many people feel that it is not suitable for small apartments. In fact, as long as it is designed properly, you can easily enjoy it whether your kitchen is 4㎡ or 12㎡. Let’s take a look at the tips for U-shaped kitchen design.

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Basic U-shaped Kitchens Design Principles

Flexible moving lines and clear partitions

U-shaped kitchen means that the cabinets are unfolded in a U shape. It distributes the sink, cooking and operation area on three sides. The moving lines are clear and ergonomic. In addition, the functional divisions are well connected, and multiple people can operate at the same time. It doesn’t look cluttered.

The total length of the triangular moving line composed of the sink, cooking and operation area should not exceed 6 meters, which can greatly reduce the back and forth movement and operation time.

Allocate functional areas according to your own hand habit to save more physical strength and maximize the value of the “Golden Triangle”.

Reasonable size, not tiring to cook

The size of the cabinet mainly depends on the height of the countertop, the height of the wall cabinets and the depth of the high cabinets.


The common countertop height on the market is between 75cm to 85cm, but in fact, the scientific height should be based on ergonomics. Otherwise the height is just right when cutting vegetables, but you have to bend your head and raise your hands when washing vegetables and cooking. That is not good for the health of your cervical and lumbar spine. Therefore, the height of the countertop should be determined according to the user. The formula is: countertop height=height/2+5cm.

Use scenarios for countertops with unsuitable height
Use Scenarios for Countertops with Unsuitable Height

Wall cabinet

The height of the wall cabinet from the countertop is generally about 50cm-60cm. If the wall cabinet is too near to the countertop, it is prone to bumps in actual operation. In the other side, if it is too high, it will be inconvenient to handle items.

High cabinet

For high cabinets, the depth is generally between 60 and 70 cm. Therefore, kitchen appliances (such as microwave ovens, ovens, refrigerators, etc.) can be fitted in design to make the storage space of the kitchen more flexible.

When designing a kitchen, you can first determine the home appliances, record the specific size of each home appliance, and then carry out the specific design of the cabinet size.

Functional accessories solve storage problems

The biggest difficulty in modular cabinets is the corner design. For the two corner spaces of the U-shaped kitchen, the corner pull-out basket can solve the problem of inconvenient access, and increase the kitchen storage space.

The base cabinet can be designed with drawers of different sizes to scientifically classify and store more items to ensure that they are not stained by oil, and the countertop will not appear messy due to many bottles and jars.

pull-out basket
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U-shaped kitchen designs for different sizes

After learning the basic design principles of U-shaped kitchens, let’s look at these 3 designs for different kitchen sizes.

4㎡~7㎡—conventional U-shaped kitchen layout

4㎡~7㎡ is the most common kitchen area in small kitchens, and the U-shaped layout is the main solution.

Design interpretation: Utilize the three walls of the kitchen to form the most perfect “wash-cut-cook” golden triangle moving line. The functional area layout is reasonable. So it is easy to go to the next step by turning around. The operation process is efficient and greatly shortens the cooking time.

For the wall cabinets, three walls can be used, and they can be arranged flexibly according to the specific use requirements. For example, the closed cabinet can be used to store infrequently used kitchen utensils. The open cabinets can be used to store commonly used dishes and condiments, very convenient for cooking.

7㎡~12㎡—U-shaped kitchen layout + extended bar

The kitchen area of ​​7㎡~12㎡ is relatively abundant, and the bar counter design can be added to the conventional U-shaped layout to enrich the functionality of the kitchen.

kitchen cabinets with bar table

Design interpretation: A functional bar is added on one side, which can usually be used as an operating table to add more operating space. It can also be used as a partition between the kitchen and other spaces, making the space more layered.

It can also be transformed into a dining table and a work table, providing a place for family and friends to gather together, enriching the social functions of the kitchen. It realizes both beauty and practicality coexist.

Above 12㎡—U-shaped kitchen layout + island

Large kitchen with a size of more than 12 square meters will be more room to design. The design of U-shaped layout and a kitchen island is a good choice.

Design interpretation: The center of the kitchen is a fashionable island, and the wall-mounted cabinets greatly increase the storage space and meet the daily storage needs. The whole space looks very elegant and beautiful.

In addition, the stylish and beautiful kitchen island can greatly add to the social function of the kitchen. At this time, the kitchen is no longer just a cooking space, but also a social place.

The charm of the U-shaped kitchen is endless, and you don’t need to be worry about the problem of apartment layout, because OPPOLIA designers always have a solution. If you also want to have the same kitchen, just contact us.

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