Top 10 Italian Kitchen Cabinets Makers

Italian Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is regarded as the heart of the house since it is where we spend the majority of our time cooking, tidying, and interacting with our family and friends. A kitchen must be both useful and visually appealing.

If you want the finest kitchen, you’ll need to know which Italian kitchen furniture manufacturers are reliable and available. To help you with your research, we’ve compiled a list of the best 10 Italian kitchen cabinet makers for you to pick from. Let’s get started.

1.  Oppolia

oppolia company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter.
  • Year of Establishment: 1994
  • Headquarters: Guangzhou, China

Oppolia is a reliable custom brand focused on making useful and modern simple custom home furnishings. Oppolia with over 28 years of experience supplying high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets all over the world, they have steadily become a renowned supplier to the European market. Oppolia is a world-class kitchen cabinet manufacturer with a focus on longevity, innovation, and elegance, as well as attention to detail.

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2.  Arclinea

Arclinea company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1925
  • Location: Italy, Southern Europe

Among the top Italian kitchen, companies is Arclinea, a historic firm formed in 1925 as a modest carpentry factory that has expanded through time to become one of the world’s leading Italian brands.

Arclinea is well-known for producing high-quality raw materials and finished goods. Arclinea’s cabinet style mixes both traditional and modern touches. Arclinea kitchen cabinets are designed to suit the demands of both creativity and functionality.

3.  Valcucine

Valcucine company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1980
  • Location: Pordenone, Italy

Valcucine was established in Pordenone, a northern Italian city in 1980. Valcucine is regarded as a pioneer in the field of Italian kitchen cabinets, and they are well known for the dedication in providing high-quality cabinets.

This company is well-known for developing the first recyclable kitchen cabinet made completely of aluminum and glass. Their cabinetry is classified as cutting-edge, eye-catching, long-lasting, and utilitarian.

4.  Schiffini

Schiffini company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1920
  • Location: Linguria, Italy

Schiffini is an high-end Italian kitchen company founded in the 1920s, originally supplying equipment to the Italian military. It wasn’t until the 1950s that they began to focus on kitchen designs. Schiffini manufactures modular style Italian kitchen cabinets, including the renowned Cinqueterre design, which is entirely made of aluminum.

5.  Snaidero

Snaidero company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year of Establishment: 1946
  • Location: Udine, Italy

The first shop opened in 1946, and the brand has been at the frontline of changing kitchen ideas ever since. Their designs have been regarded as unique, with gently updated dynamics that include ergonomic, elegant, sleek, and modern features. Snaidero’s most recent collection offers a custom-made kitchen at an accessible price and is touted as having “affordable quality.”

6.  Pedini

Pedini company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year of Establishment: 1957
  • Location: Lucrezia di Cartoceto, Italy

Pedini, which was founded in 1957, is widely regarded as the industry pioneer in curved kitchen designs. Their headquarters are in Lucrezia di Cartoceto, Italy, and their slogan is “beauty is a goal.” This Italian company specializes in curvy and minimalist kitchens made from ecologically safe components and materials.

7.  Poliform

Poliform company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
  • Year of Establishment: 1942
  • Location: Via Monte Santo, Italy

Poliform is an Italian furniture and design firm that experiments with various aesthetic and arrangement alternatives. Poliform’s designs are defined as practical, modern, stylish, and modular, and the business concentrates on matching its designs with these characteristics. Their designs use a variety of materials, and the treatments and finishings result in high-quality Italian kitchen cabinets.

8.  Aran Cucine Inc

Aran Cucine company logo
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1962
  • Location: Italy, Southern Europe

Aran Cucine is a  reputable manufacturer of kitchen furniture. It is constantly concerned with the design, is always exploring material quality, and explores the utility and reliability of each model.

9.  Poggenpohl

  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Year of Establishment: 1892
  • Location: German.

Poggenpohl is one of the largest kitchen companies and top kitchen cabinet makers in the world. Every Poggenpohl kitchen cabinet is a unique work of art, built and designed to meet the unique needs and tastes of each customer.

10.  Boffi S.P.A

Boffi S.P.A
  • Business Type: Manufacturer
  • Location: Italy.

Boffi is a worldwide recognized brand associated with the arena of designing bathroom and kitchen cabinets, with collections that have a distinct style to complement different homeowners’ personalities.


Whatever your style is, one of these brands will offer something for you. Contact Oppolia for a free quote, to make an order, or for bespoke kitchen cabinet assistance.

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