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What Is a Wet and Dry Kitchen?

A traditional kitchen plan is no longer attractive.

Nowadays, an increasing number of homeowners choose to divide their kitchen into two distinct zones: the wet kitchen, where all intense cooking takes place, and the dry kitchen, which is normally kept for lighter duties like slicing vegetables and preparing bread.

This layout not only helps to maximize the utility of the space, but it is also great for individuals who prefer to entertain and convene friends at home. And with the proper amount of planning and organization, your next kitchen remodel will be a breeze. Let’s discover more about them and what they have to offer.

If you’re wondering how to split this elegantly, these examples from Oppolia might help.

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What Is Wet Kitchen and Dry Kitchen?

contemporary kitchen

The wet kitchen is so called because it is where much of the culinary and ‘messy’ prep work takes place. Slaughtering and cleaning non-vegetarian foods such as fish and meat, as well as deep-frying or preparing things with strong odors, are often done in the wet kitchen. This is where the faucet and dishwasher, as well as culinary appliances like the gas stove, are located.

The wet kitchen takes more work to clean and maintain than the dry kitchen considering the nature of the activities here. Therefore, in the wet kitchen install easy-to-clean backsplash tiles made of ceramic or porcelain, and choose matte finish laminates for the cabinets.

The “lite” kitchen is the dry kitchen. It has worktops and sinks like any other kitchen, but it serves a more communal role. Most dry kitchens include more bar area for chairs or stools, smaller sinks, and smaller total sizes. The flooring may also be more ornamental, such as wood or carpet, rather than the functional tiles of the wet kitchen.

The dry kitchen on the other hand is solely used for making light breakfast, snacking, chopping fruits, and heating meals, the dry kitchen requires less cleaning than a wet kitchen. As a result, the dry kitchen may be built with high-end materials such as solid surface and quartz for the worktop and acrylic finish for the cabinetry.

Because dry and wet kitchens are parallel kitchens, they should be close to one another so that there is no transit time between these two regions. Both of these kitchens should have convenient access to shared appliances such as the blender, microwave, grill, and toaster that are utilized on a regular basis.

Why Do People Choose to Have a Wet and Dry Kitchen?

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets

A growing number of homeowners are dividing their kitchen into two different zones: the wet kitchen and the dry kitchen. This is done primarily to increase the kitchen’s functionality. It allows for meal preparation as well as a relaxed gathering of friends and family.

Most people perceive the wet kitchen to be quite unclean, which causes a lot of wetness, greasiness, and an untidy sense to the modular kitchen. This notion has led to the creation of customized modular kitchens in such a way that the wet kitchen is isolated from the dry kitchen if space allows.

Design Tips for a Wet Kitchen

Matte grey wet kitchen

As previously said, the wet kitchen is often used for heavy-duty cooking. When designing a wet kitchen, use surfaces that are simple to clean because this area will be soiled with oil and filth after cooking. This will keep your damp kitchen in great shape. Tiling your walls and ceiling, adding a kitchen hood to reduce strong odors and enhance air circulation, and elevating kitchen cabinets will all assist greatly.

You may also choose an industrial kitchen design since it makes extensive use of stainless steel surfaces, which are considerably simpler to clean than other materials.

The wet kitchen should be divided from the dry kitchen by a wall made of materials such as concrete, plywood, or toughened glass. Furthermore, the wet kitchen should be accessible by a hinged or sliding door made of wood or glass. This conceals the filthy utensils and cooking clutter.

Dry kitchen ideas

Contemporary White Dry Kitchen

Contemporary white dry kitchen

Everything about this white kitchen makes it appear ultra-polished. Adding visual depth with patterns and textures is one approach to achieving the monochromatic style.

The use of white, dramatic wall panels in the dry kitchen makes a significant effect. A white kitchen island with a white quartz stone countertop that continues down the end panels sits in the center. The kitchen has plenty of drawers for storage.

Even though the backsplash appears plain, the concealed LED lighting brightens it and combines well with the other pieces. This dry kitchen is every homeowner’s dream come true!

Luxury Dry Kitchen

Luxury Dry Kitchen

Some people believe that a kitchen should be vibrant and colorful (but not too colorful!). and here is a brilliant example of a kitchen that doesn’t go crazy with rainbow colors.

The clean color of the kitchen cabinets and countertops links all the colors together smoothly, despite the use of three primary colors — red, white, and green — to create outstanding components.

The dry kitchen is located in the center of the kitchen and is adorned with white high-back seats on one side of the island to provide additional sitting and dining space. Full-height cabinets are used to store serving ware.

Of course, you may choose different colors to make your dry kitchen stand out, such as pastels or navy blue!

Matte Black Dry Kitchen

Matte black dry kitchen

This dry kitchen feels and looks like it belongs in a movie, with its sleek and harmonious blend of black and oak. The bar counter is constructed with varied segments so that you may stand and prep meals on one end while dining on the other.

Even though the backsplash appears dark and brooding, the concealed LED lighting brightens it and combines well with the other pieces. This kitchen uses black tiles for a clean and timeless aesthetic in the dry kitchen.

Wet kitchen ideas

All-White Wet Kitchen

All-White wet Kitchen

The use of black ornaments in an all-white kitchen creates a simple yet modern kitchen interior design.  The use of an all-white color palette in both zones creates a smooth and homogeneous appearance.

As for the wet kitchen, we have a sink and plenty of countertop space for easy meal preps. To maintain uniformity in this little kitchen, the countertop also has white quartz stone. Since it is non-porous and stains resistant you don’t have to worry about the white countertop being difficult to maintain or clean; all you need is a clean cloth dampened with water to wipe it clean.

High Gloss White Wet Kitchen

High gloss white wet kitchen

Don’t be fooled by the seeming minimalism of this wet kitchen; every aspect has been precisely planned and constructed, even down to the millimeter. Not only to beautify the area but also to make it more practical.

For example, the seamless integration of the oven into the kitchen cupboards, as well as the one-of-a-kind double cooker that is as functional as it is fashionable: that’s one way to make a small kitchen stand out!

Aside from the intricate decorating, this kitchen has a one-wall plan that is ideal for flats, hotel kitchens, and office kitchens. If extra room is available, the kitchen may be converted to a U shape.

Wood Tune Modular Wet Kitchen

Wood tune modular kitchen

This modular kitchen design features a one-of-a-kind wood grain kitchen countertop. It has a modular design that is both useful and visually appealing. This is a fantastic complement for both traditional and modern styling since it combines wood grain with a metal structure.

This feasible alternative puts everything in the wet kitchen within arm’s reach, with kitchen cabinets done in an artistic black and white. This open area wet kitchen’s usability is enhanced with an in-built oven and microwave, as well as additional cabinets.


Ultimately, whether you choose to have a dry and wet kitchen or have them separated will entirely depend on your lifestyle demands. If you eat out frequently, a wet kitchen is definitely unnecessary.

For more wet and dry kitchen inspo and advice, contact us, at Oppolia.

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